10 Best Chinese Smartphone Brands | Chinese Phone Brands 2021

Best Chinese Smartphone Brands in 2021 

There are some Chinese mobile brands that are the most liked, that are among the tech giants, and that has brought more innovation. We leave you a list of the most famous ones, by clicking on them you can access the best smartphone of each Chinese brand of the year 2021 Although if we have to choose the top 3 brands we are left with the popular Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme in India.


Best Chinese Smartphones Brands – 2021


  1. Oppo phones
  2. Realme phones
  3. Huawei phones
  4. Xiaomi phones
  5. Honor phones
  6. Vernee Phones
  7. Umidigi mobiles
  8. Oukitel phones
  9. Wiko phones
  10. Motorola phones (Lenovo)


What characteristics should the best Chinese mobile have?

The eastern market offers medium quality and a price that is practically unattainable for brands from the rest of the world. Which makes it possible to get a good (or the best) phone for half the cost of high-end phones from companies like Samsung or Apple. But this does not mean that any Chinese mobile is good, before we look at a series of characteristics and technical specifications, these are:



To choose the best Chinese phone, we rely on the technical characteristics of the devices: first, we want the processors to have excellent performance and keep us away from experiments with poor results. In this case, the price component is decisive: the more expensive a processor is, the more fluid the system is, and therefore, the better performance.



We should try to combine a good basic sensor with other secondary sensors that can increase your creativity with wide-angle, zoom, or depth sensors for the Bokeh effect. Huawei’s quality is definitely higher than the average of its competitors when it comes to the best Chinese smartphone if we only consider the camera.



From a Full HD panel (1920 x 1080 pixels) of the cheapest models to Quad HD + OLED screens (3040 x 1440 pixels) designed for those who use the phone for multimedia content and to watch streaming movies and television series.



We must be comfortable using mobile phones with good batteries. The truth is that current smartphones have become multipurpose devices, and this has gone against batteries, which have been forced to carry a huge load of components and use. We must look for a good battery (above 4000 mAh), and that is well optimized.