12 Best Netflix Comedies Movies to Watch in 2021

12 Best Netflix Comedies Movies to Watch in 2021

Among the best Netflix series, there are always options to have a laugh at, but here we are going to help you with a more exact list: the best comedies movies of 2021 to see on the Netflix streaming platform.

It is always a good time to laugh and the audiovisual market is the scene of constant launch, but in a catalog as wide as that of the red leader, many times we can get lost without knowing what to choose.

That is why we recommend a selection of recent productions and some classics that you cannot miss to laugh alone or accompanied by the best comedies on Netflix in 2021.


Best Netflix Comedies Movies to Watch in 2021

Many stories and situations with which we will feel identified, some films for adults and others for the family, but in this small selection, the laughs are guaranteed.

Netflix became a platform for original films and with the acquisition of several licenses we have a lot to choose from, so it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with your smart device because life is for dramas.


1. The worst week (2018)

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock come together again to bring a family history where everything gets complicated. In this opportunity, we will meet Sarah and Tyler, a young couple who are about to get married, but her unconditional and stubborn father is a middle-class worker determined to pay for all the cats despite the offer of the wealthy father of the groom.

During the week the parents of the couple will have to put aside the differences to avoid all the obstacles and tangles that will arise in the cheap facilities where they intend to carry out the event.


2. Being a father (2021)

Kevin Hart cannot be absent from the best comedies on Netflix 2021 and this time he stars in a funny and moving story where he plays a widowed father who, together with his friends, faces one of the most difficult jobs in the world: raising a little baby.

It will be fun and hard years of learning until finally, our protagonist has the time and willingness to give way to love and find a female model for his daughter after so much dedication.


3. Until the wedding do us part (2020)

The recent Spanish production has become one of the subscribers’ favorites and a sure selection of the best comedies on Netflix 2021. The story follows a rampant wedding planner who, after various adventures, thinks she has someone special.

Everything becomes tangled when she discovers that the person she likes is the boyfriend of a childhood friend, who, to top it all, starts her wedding preparations after mistaking a business card for a bridal proposal.


4. The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

The platform’s recent original animated film is not only one of the best comedies on Netflix 2021, it has also been a worldwide success, an original story where the whole family plays a leading role.

Katie is an aspiring filmmaker with a difficult relationship with her father, one day before leaving for college, the patriarch decides to take her with the whole family in the car as a last bonding experience. Everything gets complicated when in the middle of the trip the robots begin to capture all the humans, now the Mitchells must work as a team to turn off the artificial intelligence behind the technological apocalypse.


5. Pitching the Note (2012)

One of the comedies turned into new classics and that has given rise to several sequels. The original story follows Beca, a friendless, self-sufficient college student who is forced to join a disparate female singing group.

The beginning of the singing competitions will help her to conform to her peers and will awaken in her the feeling of doing something different. A unique adventure where a group of friends will each learn to cope with their hobbies and demonstrate their talents through popular songs.


6. Perfect Strangers (2017)

On the platform, a simple premise can generate many laughs and problems at the same time. The Spanish production focuses on a quiet dinner between four pairs of friends who decide to try an interesting game: leave their mobile phones on the table and read out the incoming messages and calls.

Many secrets will be revealed when everyone must expose their private life, generating laughter, tension, and entanglement every time the phone rings. An adaptation of the Italian film “Perfetti sconosciuti” has become one of the jewels of the best comedies on Netflix 2021.


7. Super nerds (2019)

A teenage comedy that has also become a mandatory reference when talking about humor on the Internet. Two excellent students and great friends on the eve of their graduation realize that they have never violated a rule or had fun like their classmates.

Their four years of faultless conduct will come to an end when they decide to spend a crazy night doing everything they never did during their study days. The epic evening will become the adventure of a lifetime and one of the best comedies on Netflix 2021.


8. I am Dolemite (2019)

The platform’s original film marked Eddie Murphy’s return to stardom with the characterization of Rudy Ray Moore, an actor who was a precursor to the genre of black exploitation (Blaxploitation) during the 70s.

This biopic of the best comedies on Netflix 2021 chronicles the way Moore created the character “Dolemite,” from his humble beginnings as a Los Angeles record store manager to becoming a filmmaker for productions starring black actors for an audience of the same color.


9. Crazy, stupid, love (2011)

A romantic comedy that uses all the traditions of the films of the genre, although it is approached in a different and fun way. Cal Weaver tries to make a new life after separating after 25 years of marriage due to infidelity.

Cal enlists the help of Jacob, an expert in seduction, to turn him into a real heartthrob, starting a series of relationships of different ages that involves his daughter, his son’s teacher, and even the babysitter. Several situations that stop being parallel stories to join in love.


10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

A cult film in the geek world that looks the same despite having been released more than a decade ago. Scott Pilgrim is a young and apathetic rocker who finds another purpose in his life after meeting the enigmatic Ramona Flowers, unfortunately, to stay by her side he will have to fight against the seven evil ex-boyfriends.

An unparalleled audiovisual experience inspired by the comic of the same name and that thanks to streaming becomes one of the best comedies on Netflix 2021.


11. The story of Fire Saga (2020)

One of the best comedies on Netflix 2021 that takes us into the Eurovision universe and shows some of the most characteristic aspects of the European contest through the hilarious experiences of its protagonists.

Lars and Sigrit are two unknown musicians from Iceland who have before them the opportunity of a lifetime: to represent their country in the most important festival in the world. Both of you will discover that there are dreams worth fighting for regardless of the comments and failures along the way.


12. My Best Friend’s Wedding (2011)

Weddings and romantic movies go hand in hand in the best comedies on Netflix 2021. Another new classic is the story of Annie, a single and failed-in love whose best friend is getting married and has the important job of being the maid of honor.

Annie will forget all her worries to focus on her role and forget her precarious situation, becoming the snobby friend of the group. Meanwhile, another friend of the bride will do everything possible to snatch the role from the inexperienced maid of honor.

We hope that with these options you will find a guaranteed evening of laughter when it comes to watching your favorite movies online.