5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus Vacuum Cleaner

Reasons to Buy Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus Vacuum Cleaner

We have studied the characteristics of this robot vacuum cleaner and found out that it is the best robot vacuum cleaner for five main reasons. You need the Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner if you recognize yourself through these five types of people.


5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus


1. Double-Sided Brushes Effective Even on Animal hair

Many of us are the proud owner of a hairball at home. Even though our pet is a real member of our family, its name of “furball” isn’t always cute, affectionate, or even figuratively speaking. Indeed, when you are both a neat freak and an animal lover, the hairs of your protégés can quickly give us a hard time. Because they can indeed put it everywhere in the house.

Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus can clean pet hair quickly and effectively. It will also free you from cleaning worries or a possible allergy. It features double-sided brushes that clean dust and hair, a squat waist (3 inches tall) to slide under beds, and sofas where hair collects. LDS 4.0 laser navigation and intelligent path planning to ensure you never miss a job and a deodorant particle generator that sterilizes dust mites, bacteria, and viruses in the waste every time it passes.


2. Remote Control: Have a Good Time 

If you don’t want to come back from a trip and find a pile of dust at home, the Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus will be more than a precious ally. Indeed, it can be operated remotely to vacuum, wash, remove waste, and even self-clean. To sum up, you can control it remotely or set a schedule on the APP while you are having fun.


3. A Powerful and Efficient Suction

People who value cleanliness without being unfairly demanding. Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus solves all these problems: powerful suction, scheduled cleaning, automatic dust removal, and cleaning the dust station!

A 2,700 pa suction, wide nozzle, V-shaped roller brush, and dual side brushes allow it to pick up trash from fine dust to orange peels on floors or carpets. By traveling a Y-route, the robot can suck up and wipe off encrusted dust and stubborn stains from the floor. The deodorant particle generator removes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and odors from the waste. And the dust bag is closed, you will not spill and see no waste when you replace it.


4. An Autonomous and Hygienic Vacuum Cleaner

For those who are soon to have a child, it is already difficult to bend down and even more so to clean stubborn stains or under furniture. But given the sensitivity of most of them to the environment, it’s important to clean the house often and keep it hygienic. Some self-draining robovac models claim to completely free people from cleaning tasks, without revealing the great risk involved. Waste that remains in the disposal station for so long will result in bacteria and a foul odor that will threaten the safety and health of sensitive pregnant women.

Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus suits them perfectly with its automatic cleaning, powerful deep cleaning, automatic disposal, remote control and voice control, cleaning and deodorizing of waste, etc. No manual work is involved from automatic cleaning, dust removal to sterilization. Do you want to schedule the cleaning of a certain area? You just need a few clicks on the APP. If that still sounds complicated, a word to your smart speaker will trigger the magic.


5. Smart Laser Navigation

Taking care of both children and work is no easy task. However, in reality, parents also have to deal with cleaning the house, especially the constant mess that children can cause. Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus can also be of great help here with powerful scheduled cleaning and automatic dust removal. Just set in APP the time and cleaning area (with three types of virtual walls available in APP). The robot will get the job done on time and without encroaching on the children’s playground. It has strong suction and cleaning power.

The 250ml electric reservoir lets out just enough water to prevent water spots. It features LDS laser navigation, intelligent path planning, and excellent obstacle dodging performance to keep children running safely. And the sterilization of the waste makes the environment more hygienic for everyone in the house.