5 Tips to Save Storage Space on your iPhone

5 Tips to Save Storage Space on your iPhone

Sometimes to reduce costs we buy the iPhone with less memory: It is a matter of necessity. But nothing happens, to survive with little memory, it is necessary to resort to certain tricks that can help you free up your computer so that it can continue to work and allow you to stay updated. Here are some easy tips and tricks that can help you to save your iPhone storage.

iPhone Tips and Tricks: How to Save Storage Space on Your iPhone

If there is something that many Apple users suffer from, it is the storage capacity: the Cloud and some tricks to improve the memory of your terminal are the keys. And we are going to talk to you about this in detail below.

1. Control the space your applications occupy on iOS

Everyday applications take up more and more memory space. If you enter the Settings section of the device and you notice that there is little space available, it is time to take a look at the applications you have installed. Go to “Manage storage” to see the memory usage data for each application.

Although it is a tedious process, the best solution is to review the applications one by one. You can free up space by emptying the cache of some. You can also choose to uninstall and reinstall them to completely erase hidden data that takes up space in your computer’s memory. During that review, you will likely get applications that you do not even use, so proceed to uninstall them.

2. Use cloud services

Cloud services have come to save our lives. Yes, there is no better way to always have our files at hand, without having to occupy the space in the memory of the computer than the cloud. Upload everything you can to any of these applications and you will see how you will save space on your device.

Today many applications of this type allow you to store documents online. You can use the service that comes with the equipment that is iCloud. With it, you will have free storage space, but it is better to leave them for backup copies and for some applications that need to synchronize information because with a few photos and videos, you will already occupy all the space. It is recommended to use other free cloud storage applications.

3. Clean browsing data

Some data is being stored on our computer, of which we are not aware. One of them is the navigation data. Safari saves all the data of the pages you visit: cookies, history, and a long etcetera. If you are a person who regularly surfs with your computer, you cannot forget to clean your browsing data regularly.

Although it may seem harmless, when this data accumulates for a long time, it can occupy hundreds of megabytes on your computer. Therefore, it is essential to delete them from time to time. You just have to go to Settings, enter the Safari option and select Clear History and Website Data.

4. Delete temporary files

Indeed, Apple does not offer any service that allows you to erase the temporary files or the cache that accumulates on the computer. However, we have some applications that can help us in this task. Look for a mobile cleaner, an app that offers you diagnostics on the use of memories and helps you optimize the device.

You must bear in mind that although these applications are useful for cleaning the temporary files of the mobile, they do not usually delete the entire cache. For this reason, it is still a good idea to periodically uninstall and reinstall some applications.

5. Delete the conversations and empty the chats

All the conversations that you accumulate on your computer occupy part of the memory. Especially if a lot of videos and photos are shared through these messaging applications. For this reason, it is convenient that you regularly delete conversations, both from iMessage and from applications such as freeing up space from WhatsApp.

Having limited storage space on your mobile is a big problem. However, if you learn to manage it efficiently, you can save space and continue to enjoy the best user experience. Apply these tricks and you will see how your terminal has a better performance.

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