7 Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Website

Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Website

What are the important and must-have Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Website?

Now that consumers are increasingly moving towards a digital space, small companies are wanting to consolidate their online presence to keep their current customers and attract new ones. But Do you know what are the essential and must-have characteristics and qualities of a good website? if not here below you will find them.


7 Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Website

Faced with this need, GoDaddy wants to help small companies, that are feeling the need to build their online version and for this, it provides the seven keys to take into account to create a website successfully when starting with the first time:


1. Intuitive Navigation Through Website:

What is the most interesting information to highlight? What is the first thing customers should see? Although they are only the first steps of a small company through the digital universe, a web page should have simple navigation, facilitating the use of it for users and customers.

The main page must have an adequate structure and potential for growth. For all those small businesses that are thinking of digitizing their business, GoDaddy offers Web Pages + Marketing, a tool that combines simple website creation, with online sales and marketing tools, all included.


2. Unified Brand Colors:

In this aspect, moderation is the key and is a fundamental element for a successful website. Choosing a color palette that expresses the colors of your company will give a more professional and unified image to customers.


3. Featured Images:

Although images give a better appearance to a web page and provide a large amount of information to the products for sale, it is not convenient to saturate the spaces with them for the simple fact of filling in. The main thing at this point is to carefully select the images and photographs that express the general lines of the business and the brand.


4. Have a Presence on Social Networks:

If you want to have visibility of the business and stand out from the competition, it is currently essential to create profiles on social networks. Using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are essential for an online business. Furthermore, if we add links to these profiles on the web, allowing content sharing, small entrepreneurs will reach more potential clients and attract a greater number of visits.


5. Company Information:

The details of the brand will always add value to a business website. Creating a beautiful website and omitting relevant information is the last thing to do. Data such as the contact, the payment methods that are accepted, opening hours, if the purchases are sent to a home or if they have to be collected in the store. These are some of the data that help make the website more useful.


6. Responsive Web Design:

More and more users are looking at everything through mobile phones, tablets, or different digital devices. In fact, Google gives priority to web pages that have a design that is adaptable to different devices and with an efficient design. What is known as responsive design?


7. Trusted Web Hosting:

The foundation of a good online version of a small business is the web host where you are. Keep in mind that it must be a provider that grows at the same rate as the small business, and that has the possibility of improvement as the website needs it. A good hosting platform will provide the strength and confidence that any entrepreneur who takes his first steps online needs.