About Us


In our project One Sports Live, we started to share Sports-related News and products from the Global world. We have finally brought you our project “One Sports Live” which started broadcasting in January 2021, which has been considered for many years, but due to some financial and global issues, it delayed.

We will try our best to inform you about technology news as much as we can and to convey the details you missed. Our most important goal is to provide you with better service by continually improving our site. We hope you support us on this path.

How We got on the road

Technology as one who strictly follows technology news all over the world, we set out with the goal of getting accurate and detailed product reviews and information about technological developments.

Our Mission

To present all the news about Sports and games based products in the most accurate, most detailed, and eye-catching way. The answer to every end you wonder about is on onesportslive.com, and you can meet all your requests in this field.