Azizullah Fazli Re-Appointed as Afghanistan Cricket Board ACB Chairman

Azizullah Fazli Re-Appointed as Afghanistan Cricket Board ACB Chairman

Azizullah Fazli, former chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), returned to his old post after two years and re-appointed as new Chairman. He replaces Farhan Yousafzai after a board meeting with the Taliban. This is the first major change in the ACB since the Taliban seized power. Azizullah Fazli was elected chairman of the board for the second time.

The ACB board meeting was held on Sunday (August 22). Representatives of the Taliban government were also present. After the meeting, the Afghan Cricket Board tweeted that Azizullah Fazli would be the chairman.

Azizullah Fazli took over after the resignation of ACB chairman Atif Mashal in 2016. He was removed from the 2019 World Cup after being blamed for Afghanistan’s downfall. After that Farhan Yousafzai took charge.

Azizullah has been associated with cricket for the last two decades. He played a leading role in establishing the cricket team in Afghanistan. He also served as Vice President and Advisor to the Afghanistan Cricket Board. He has also played a great role in regional and domestic cricket.

Azizullah Fazli will have to face many challenges from the beginning with the responsibility of ACB. The government of Sri Lanka has imposed a lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. The one-day series between Afghanistan and Pakistan is scheduled to be held there. The series is in doubt in the lockdown.

Countries have also suspended international flights to Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power. Going from Afghanistan to play a series in Sri Lanka is also quite challenging for them. He must be in a lot of trouble with the matter.

The ACB has planned that the Afghan team will travel to Pakistan by road. From there they will fly to Sri Lanka. The board president also has to think about the preparations for the T20 World Cup in this situation of the country.