Benefits and Effects of Sleep on the Skin

What are the Benefits of Sleep on the Skin

No premium cosmetic product is worth a good night’s sleep for glowing skin. It’s no longer a secret to party-goers and young parents. Find in the following lines what are the benefits, effects, and relationship between sleep fatigue and the condition of your skin!

Benefits of Sleep on the Skin

The beauty of the skin and especially that of the face is related to your quality of sleep. Skin chronology indicates the rate at which our skin lives day and night.

For a whole day alone, the skin does not work the same way. It also works depending on the light to which it is exposed. This explains the difference in its operation during the day and at night.

During the day, our skin tissues work together to ensure our defense by tightening. They ensure that we can be protected from the sun, wind, and other external aggressions.

It is only during the night that they relax and are in regeneration mode. The skin gradually repairs the damage suffered during the day and through a process of cell division, it regenerates itself.

A good night’s sleep is favorable to this regeneration. By sleeping, you give the skin time to regenerate and the creation of collagen is promoted. If these processes take place, it is thanks to hormones that our body secretes while sleeping.

If your nights are short or if you hardly sleep, this process is disrupted, hence the direct impacts on your skin and especially that of the face. As you now know, to have beautiful skin naturally, you need to sleep well at night.

Fatigue and Aging of the Skin

After a whole night of partying or after a problem with insomnia, you seem to look bad. What is the reason? Well quite simply, because you are tired and so is your skin. The Estée Lauder Cosmetic Institute has established this relationship between the condition of the skin and fatigue.

Skin tissue becomes less elastic, reacts less to hydration, and causes wrinkles and pigmentation spots to appear on the face when they do not have access to the benefits of sleep.

Cells find it difficult to regenerate. This results in slowing down the healing of damage caused to the skin surface.

Although a large number of cosmetic products are able to remedy this problem, sleep is a fundamental factor that influences aging.

Chronic poor quality of sleep ages the skin faster. To have the opposite effect, it is necessary to have a truly restful sleep on a daily basis. Find ideas on the sleepy sleep site on how to sleep better. It also provides access to various tips and tricks for getting a good night’s sleep.

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Skincare for a Good Sleep

While some people can enjoy restful sleep every night, others are not. Here are some tips on the beauty routine to adopt, whether you are a good sleeper or a bad sleeper.

Cleanse your skin well in the evening, before sleeping. Chemicals and pollution that have stuck there all day must be removed properly.

The same action should be performed when you wake up in the morning because cell regeneration has necessarily left residues of dead cells on your skin.

After cleansing, moisturize your skin by applying a treatment, both day and night. Also, pay attention to the cleaning product used. Make sure he’s not aggressive.

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