Benefits Of Aerobics And How It Affect Your Body

What is Aerobics, Benefits of Doing Aerobics and How it Affect Your Body

Aerobics is a discipline that began in the 60s. It is highly recommended for maintaining the body in good health. There are numerous benefits of doing Aerobics which eventually affect your body and keep it in a good shape. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, this gymnastics is perfectly suited to any age.


Benefits of Aerobics 

Aerobics is very popular since it allows to work in particular the muscles of the legs and those of the arms. If you want to reproduce the movements correctly, it would be better to rely on professional coaches. For those who do not have time to travel, we advise them to take courses on the internet.

These are generally led by experienced people. To practice aerobic gym, you must first start with a simple, but fast-paced aerobic exercise. Then the movements become more and more difficult. The more you move, the better!

The principle of the aerobics class is entirely based on the continuity of the exercises. For example, you may work on a step in place, swinging your arms. This technique was designed to decrease the heart rate and allow you to regain your strength without stopping.

Then come the more complicated movements. No matter what actions are taken, the muscles will always be used. Note that the price of annual aerobics subscriptions for one session per week can range from 150 to 200 euros.


How does aerobics affect the body?

Aerobic dance is a great cardiovascular exercise. When you go through the movements, your breathing rate increases, and of course your heart is pounding. This helps promote your blood circulation. This will make it easier for the body to get rid of the wastes embedded in the body. Be aware that aerobics, however, requires a recovery time after the secretion of lactic acid.


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Practicing aerobics is very beneficial for your health. This discipline is especially recommended for individuals who want to lose weight effectively. Not only does it improve endurance, but it also helps to structure the silhouette.

By doing these gymnastics, you will help strengthen your muscles. It is also known for its ability to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and lower blood pressure.

As a result of your aerobics session, the body releases the happiness hormone also called endorphin. If you want to have a better result, we advise you to practice this discipline for 2 h 30 min per week or in 1 h 15 min (intense).

Do not hesitate to do 30-minute exercises every day. To follow up on your progress, you can let yourself be assisted by a cardio watch. Also, remember to wear shoes and clothes that optimize your comfort to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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Although aerobics can be practiced at any age, there are however some contraindications that should not be overlooked. This discipline is not suitable for people who are overweight as well as those who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, make sure to check with your doctor beforehand if you have tendon or joint pain.