What are the Benefits of Oriental Wax on the Skin

Benefits of Oriental Wax on the Skin

Oriental waxing follows the same principles as classic wax, but with some additional benefits for the skin in terms of the result. Do you want to try the experience? Find in the following paragraphs the advantages to be derived from it.

Oriental Wax and its Origin

Oriental waxing is a natural method of hair removal that comes straight from the Middle East and dates back to the Middle Ages. It uses simple, easy-to-find, and inexpensive elements to compose the wax. This allows you to do it yourself at home.

In addition to being an economical and even ecological solution, the application of this method allows its followers to have silky and beautiful skin.

This has made oriental wax popular with women all over the world especially with European women to the point that many beauty institutes are adopting it.

Oriental wax consists of sugar, lemon, water, and honey. No additives or other chemical components are added to it.

This confirms the ecological aspect of its use. Economically, these items are easy to find and even exist permanently in a large number of homes.

Benefits of Oriental Wax on the Skin

Oriental wax is one of the less painful hair removal methods. You just need to take care of your skin by taking a shower and applying essential oil after waxing to feel good.

In comparison with other hair removal systems, it is effective on short hairs, always avoid attacking your skin when trying to get rid of it.

This wax is applied lukewarm. Therefore, there is no risk of burns while using it. It also prevents redness and irritation of the skin, especially since its ingredients are all-natural.

The sugar that makes up the wax gently exfoliates your skin. Its application also prevents you from frequently epilating, because the lemon which is among its ingredients burns the hairs at the roots.

Thus, the latter takes a long time, up to 3 weeks, to grow back. Moreover, lemon and honey work together to remove blemishes on your skin at the same time as waxing. Which results in soft, clean, and glowing skin.

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Preparation of Oriental Wax and Application

The preparation of the oriental wax is done in a few simple steps. Use a saucepan in which you will mix 500 g of sugar, the juice of half a lemon, 15 cl of water, and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Choose a low heat to melt the mixture until you obtain a caramel texture while taking the freedom to add a little water if necessary.

After obtaining a beautiful golden color, transfer the result to a flat surface. Make sure the resulting wax is neither too hot nor too cold before using it.

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Otherwise, either it is ineffective or it becomes complicated to handle. You will not need either a wax heater for the preparation or a spatula for the application.

You just have to form a ball with the lukewarm wax and apply it to the area to be depilated by extending it. Then pull the paste sharply against the direction of hair growth to remove it.

After application, the rest can be stored in an airtight box to then inserted into a refrigerator. This way, whenever you want to use it, just take it and heat it in a water bath.

Oriental wax can be used to treat different parts of the body even the most intimate ones. It allows you to get rid of hair on the bikini line, legs, arms, and armpits. For men, its application can be done on the torso and back in addition to these parts.

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