7 Best Activity Trackers for Women | Best Fitness Women’s Trackers 2021

7 Best Fitness and Activity Trackers for Women in 2021 

Do you want to be more active, feel younger, improve your physical shape and your health? With the best fitness and activity trackers for women in 2021 you will know how many calories you lose, the distance you travel, your heart rate, your fitness level, the quality of your sleep. And day after day you will be more motivated to increase your physical activity until you achieve healthy lifestyle habits.

But to feel slimmer, more agile and in better physical shape, it is important that you find the smart band for women that best suits what you need, otherwise, it will end up in a drawer in your house and you may have spent good money.


Best Activity Trackers for Women To Buy in 2021

To help you choose the best fitness tracker for women that suits you and will improve your health. We have selected the smart bands best valued by women who already use them and the best sellers, to make an analysis, a comparison, and a buying guide.


7. Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5

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An unbeatable price for women who want their first sports and daily activity bracelet. This fitness bracelet is one of the cheapest on the market but with high-quality levels and a good number of functions. In addition, Honor is a Huawei brand so it is superior to the rest of the cheapest bracelets.

It can fit women with 14-15cm small wrists. The Honor Band 5 bracelet is available in several colors and with interchangeable straps to combine it with any type of casual style. Measures 24-hour heart rate, number of steps, distance, and calories burned. If you have been inactive for a long time or it detects some strange signal in your heart rate, it will warn you by vibrating.

The measurement of the quality of rest, it will inform you each morning of the hours that you have slept with an unstable sleep and with a stable one. It also analyzes your sleep patterns to provide you with tips that will help you rest better and wake up with more energy.

As for the faculties for sports activities, it is also very complete, it has 10 pre-established sports with training plans, objectives, and measurements of the most important data for those sports. Sports functions include running, cycling, rowing, or elliptical. And in swimming, it records speed, distance, and even the SWOLF index. Submersible 50 meters but best used only for swimming and diving on the surface.

To get an idea of ​​your physical condition and analyze your evolution, measure the level of oxygen in the blood ( SPO2 ) when requested, although the data is not the most accurate. Compatible with iOS and Android although some functions such as screen customization, music management, or the shutter of the mobile camera, with Apple devices, are not available.

In order not to miss anything that happens, you will be able to read the messages you receive on your mobile from your favorite applications but without being able to reply to them.

It connects with the Huawei Health App that the truth is not the best in terms of information provided and ease of use. You also can’t sync it with other external sports apps like Strava.

Screen AMOLED 0.95 inch, color, touch, and customizable. Good viewing outdoors thanks to the 5 brightness levels . The battery life is 7 days with the basic functions (steps, distance, calories, and clock). It does not have Near Field Communication ( NFC ) technology to make payments.


6. Huawei Band 4 Pro

Huawei Band 4 Pro

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It is a bracelet with a beautiful design, ergonomic, thin, and very comfortable. Available in various colors and with interchangeable straps to combine with any type of casual style clothing. For women with a wrist of any size. It measures 24/7 heart rate, the number of steps, distance, average speed, and calories burned.

In the event that it detects an abnormality in your heart rate or when you have been inactive for a long time, it will vibrate. Capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) to know your fitness level and thus better plan your sports activities and control your efforts to avoid overshooting.

It incorporates several sports modalities both indoors and outdoors, highlighting cycling, running, elliptical, and rowing. It is submersible 50 meters and one of the best options for swimming since it collects data to correct your swimming posture, the type of stroke, the distance, number of lengths, speed, and SWOLF index. In the water, it does not register the pulsations.

If you are especially interested in knowing the route you have done and the distance with total accuracy, you will not need to carry your mobile because it has an integrated GPS. The only thing missing to be a super complete smart band for sports is the altimeter, a shame that you cannot know how many floors you have climbed or the accumulated meters of elevation made during your physical activity.

When it comes to knowing how you have rested to better regulate your training, the Huawei Band 4 Pro takes specific data in each of the 4 phases of sleep (deep, light, REM, and awake). It analyzes rest patterns to identify up to 6 types of sleep problems and proposes recommendations so that you can get a good night’s sleep and that you are radiant and full of energy during the day.

It connects with all types of mobile phones and has the Huawei Health App, which, as I told you before, I don’t particularly like it because of the information it has and how it is presented, it is also not easy to use and it does not synchronize with any application of external third parties such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal or Strava. If you have an iPhone it would not be the best option because there are some functions such as screen settings, music control, or shooting the camera on your mobile that is not available.

The AMOLED screen has a good resolution and the brightness is adjustable for good outdoor viewing. It is color, tactile, and measures 0.96 inches to receive notifications from social networks, mail, SMS, or WhatsApp. If you are one of those who exercise with wireless headphones and the music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube … you can control it from the bracelet.

The battery lasts about 9 days using basic functions (5-7 hours with GPS) and has a USB charging system built into the screen which is somewhat cumbersome. And if you forget to charge it and want to use the smart band, no problem, it has a fast charge of 15 minutes to use it for 1 day. You have no excuse for not doing sports!


5. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

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It is an elegant and sophisticated bracelet to wear with your work clothes and to attend any party or event. Available in various colors, with interchangeable straps, and in 2 sizes. Women will have to choose a small size.

Despite having been on the market for many years, it is still one of the best sellers, an aspect that speaks very well of its quality and usefulness. This circumstance is partly due to having lowered its price to compete with the most modern models.

The Charge 2 measures your heart rate 24/7 and will allow you to set goals for a number of steps, distance, calories, minutes of activity or plants climbed, and will vibrate when you have been inactive for too long. It would be mainly for women who lead a sedentary lifestyle and who need extra motivation to be more active and thus, little by little, create habits of physical activity.

But do not think that it is a smart band only to measure your daily vital activity, in sports, it also gives its game, obviously, it is not the best, but it has very positive aspects such as automatically detecting the start of a sports activity. It does not have an integrated GPS but you can connect it with the mobile. It does not measure the oxygen level in the blood and it does not have the payment function with Fitbit Pay.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, the Fitbit application being one of the best on the market due to its simplicity, quantity, and clarity of the information presented in graphs and detailed reports. You can also synchronize it with other external sports applications such as Strava.

It has a 0.9-inch OLED monochrome touchscreen with adjustable brightness that allows good visibility outdoors. The battery life is 5 days using the basic functions (time, steps, calories, and distance).


4. Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

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This smart band has a simple and minimalist design. It is very comfortable to wear, it adapts perfectly to a woman’s wrist and this makes you hardly notice that you are wearing it. Available in black, lilac, and white, but you have straps of many colors to interchange. It would be for a casual dress.

The main differences apart from the design with respect to the Fitbit Charge 2 are those that I am going to explain to you here. If you play multiple sports frequently, this bracelet has 15 preset exercise modes highlighting running, cycling, elliptical, or yoga.

The Fitbit Inspire HR has the activity minutes function, which, based on your heart rate and body mass, calculates the time of physical exercise, allowing you to know your daily activity level.

It is 50 meters submersible and if you like swimming, count the number of lengths and measure time, calories, and rhythm. In the water, it does not register the pulsations and the data of distance and calories burned are not very precise.

On the other hand, this bracelet does not have an altimeter so that you know the floors that you have climbed or the accumulated unevenness meters that you have traveled during your physical activity.


3. Garmin Vivosport Women

Garmin Vivosport Women

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It is a light, thin, ergonomic, and very comfortable bracelet for a young girl. Available in various colors and in 2 sizes. You will have to choose the small size that best fits a woman’s wrist. The Vivosport would be for the most dynamic, active, and sporty women who like to practice sports outdoors. Good for runners, cyclists, and mountain and hiking enthusiasts.

Are you a woman with marathon days that you run all day from one place to another? If this happens to you with a certain frequency, I anticipate that this activity bracelet could come in handy.

The state-of-the-art sleep quality control system prepares reports with the time you have slept in the different stages of sleep and the oxygen levels in your blood. In this way, you will know which days you sleep better and you can squeeze your body a little more, and on which days it is better that you take it more calmly.

And if you are very interested in knowing your state of form and how you progress, it makes it easy for you. The pulse oximeter measures your heart rate, blood oxygen level (SPO2) and estimates the maximum volume of oxygen ( VO2 max ) that your body can process. It will also alert you to some respiratory diseases or sleep problems.

Intelligent system to automatically detect and start taking data without having to activate the different types of exercise such as climbing stairs, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, or elliptical. It is submersible 50 meters but does not have a swimming program.

For women who are more aggressive in the gym, it has a program for high intensity and strength exercises such as Crossfit or HIIT, in which it identifies the different exercises and counts the number of repetitions and series.

The battery lasts for 7 days, 8 hours with the GPS running. The screen is color and touch, with a good resolution and adjustable brightness for a good view outdoors. The size is 0.8 inches, maybe a little small although it is easy to handle. It does not have the Garmin Pay payments feature.


2. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3

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It is one of the most beautiful activity bracelets and with a more attractive design for women, it will allow you to use it in any circumstance and with any outfit, when you are more arranged or informal. The Charge 3 is available in several colors and you can interchange the straps. It is very comfortable to wear, it fits perfectly on the smallest wrists.

It has a sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) and the maximum volume of oxygen that the body can process (VO2 max), very useful for people with allergies or respiratory problems, also to detect sleep apneas and above all to measure your fitness level.

For women who exercise in the mountains or who overcome slopes in their sports activities, it has an altimeter that measures the accumulated meters of unevenness that you have traveled in training, as well as the floors that you have climbed upstairs in your day-to-day.


1. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

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We have already reached what for me is the best activity bracelet for women. It would be for those women who want to take care of their health with more detail and precision or the athletes who are more constant and committed to daily training.

The Charge 4 is available in various colors and with interchangeable straps. To be more arranged you can use a textile or leather strap that always dresses more than the classic plastic one. It has built-in GPS so you don’t need to carry your mobile to know the route and you can measure the distance with maximum precision.

With the minute’s function in high-intensity heart rate zones, it quantifies the time you exercise in the fat burning, cardio, and peak zones, to create a map of training intensity. This information will help you to schedule sessions in great detail to prepare for competitions and improve your fitness faster. If you like to listen to music with BlueTooth headphones while you exercise, you can control the Spotify songs that you have on your mobile.


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