5 Best Basketball Shoes Brands

5 Best Basketball Shoe Brands

Basketball shoes stand out from other types of shoes for their various specificities such as their design and soles adapted for the floor. While it is not difficult to spot the best basketball shoe brands with our guide.

5 Best Basketball Shoe Brands

1. Nike 


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Without any surprises, Nike is one of the Best Basketball Shoe Brands all over the world. Nike is present in almost every sport, and basketball shoes are among its most popular products. Even the big stars fight to be equipped and sponsored by it.

It seems logical if we consider the quality of their shoes which are the most beautiful but also the most pointed with unimaginable innovations with each release of new basketball shoes.

2. Adidas


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Adidas basketball shoes are among the top-selling basketball items in the world. With many series and models that will be remembered by fans of this very popular sport, Adidas seems to be one of the best brands when it comes to basketball shoes.

More and more great NBA champions are drawn to Adidas, and their collaboration results in unique and beautifully designed models that help players improve their performance on the court.

3. New Balance 

New Balance

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Perhaps the least known of all in the world of basketball, New Balance still has a huge influence in this discipline. Their shoes have special characteristics that set them apart from others.

And just by the look, New Balance has managed to get out of the fairly common design of basketball shoes.

Many great teams have adopted it to become their equipment supplier and it is not surprising that the brand is exerting more and more influence among young fans of the sport.

4. Jordan 


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Created for and by American and world basketball legend Michael Jordan, the Jordan basketball shoe brand is the most legendary of all.

Embodying excellence and the rage to win, Jordan is not just a brand, it is a real culture in the world of basketball. A self-respecting basketball fan should have at least one of the many Air Jordan models that have made basketball players happy since the first model was released.

5. Asics


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Asics is a brand that is famous among basketball fans. This brand has stood out from the crowd by offering shoes that are not very conventional but quite adapted to the practice of one of the most famous sports in the world.

The price of Asics basketball shoes is lower compared to others, this is the great advantage that it has over its competition. Asics is therefore a real brand for a very wide audience and which tastes less classic than most people.

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