Best Cooking & Restaurant Games for Android

6 Best Cooking and Restaurant Games for Android

Looking for the best cooking and restaurant games for Android? So check out here what’s best in terms of games where you’ll be able to manage a kitchen or restaurant.

Instead of the realistic simulation of cooking recipes here, you’ll spend most of your time managing restaurants. Which involves assembling dishes required by customers in the correct order and in the shortest time possible.

Thus, in these titles, you find casual elements of puzzle, strategy, arcade, and simulation. So, without further ado, check out our compilation of the best mobile restaurant games and have fun! 

Best Cooking & Restaurant Android Games

1. Star Chef 

Star Chef - Be the Culinary Master!

Star Chef is a casual cooking and restaurant game for Android phones. In this game, you’ll have to cook and serve the most different dishes for your restaurant’s growing clientele. In addition to creating and customizing your star restaurant, you can grow fresh produce in your own backyard. 

Throughout the game, you will be able to acquire and equip yourself with the most powerful kitchen appliances. You can also cooperate and trade with your Facebook friends’ restaurants. 

Star Chef >>

2. Sponge Bob: Cuisine Cascada 

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off Launch Trailer (Brazilian Portuguese)

SpongeBob: Cooking Shell is a fun casual restaurant game for Android. Having a theme the universe of Bob Esponja and his gang, you’ll have to cook and serve the most demanding customers in the shortest time possible. 

And, of course, in addition to delicious fast-food snacks, such as pie pancakes and barbecues, you can assemble the famous Siri Burger. The more satisfied your customers are, the better your tip, which you’ll use to buy new, bigger, more powerful furniture, decorations, and kitchen equipment. 

SpongeBob: Cooking Shells >>

3. Rising Super Chef 

Rising Super Chef2 : A super fun cooking game!

Rising Super Chef is a fun casual arcade cooking and restaurant game for mobile. In this game, your mission will be to cook and serve over 1000 real dishes and recipes, at the right time, to your hungry customers. 

The faster and more efficient your service, the greater your tip, so you can improve your food truck. It is also possible to plan the model of your kitchen, as well as dress your character in the outfits of your choice. 

Rising Super Chef >>

4. Good Pizza, Great Pizza 

Good pizza, great pizza - official Brazilian trailer

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fun casual arcade restaurant game for Android. With cartoon-style graphics, you’ll have to fulfill the different pizza orders of your more than 80 different customers. 

And thus, sell enough to keep your pizzeria open and upgrade your equipment to better serve. In addition, you will also have to keep an eye on your competitors, serving your customers and retaining them better than they do. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza >>

5. Cooking Mama: Let’s cook! 


Cooking Mama is one of the most complete cooking games ever released for mobile phones. In this title, you will find mechanics in which you can handle food in more detail. For example, you can slice an onion into cubes, put them in a pan to brown and stir them. 

Cutting meat, peeling carrots, putting spices and other ingredients in the pan. In addition to taking care of the fire, stirring and preventing the food from burning. There are also many other tasks, such as managing restaurants, growing food, caring for animals, and more. 

Cooking Mama >>

6. Burger Shop FREE 

Burger Shop Trailer

Burger Shop is a free casual Android game where you serve burger shop customers. In this title, you’ll have to assemble hamburgers, and sandwiches and make milkshakes, fries, and other snacks to satisfy your customers’ requests.

Throughout the game, you’ll improve your kitchen to serve snacks as quickly as possible. Altogether there are 80 levels in Story mode, in addition to Challenge and Relaxed modes. You will be able to manage 8 restaurants, serving more than 60 different items. 

Burger Shop >>

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