3 Best External Gaming Graphics Cards, Top Rated External GPU

Best External Gaming Graphics Cards For Your PCs and Laptops 

In the world of video games, GPU is the star. The more powerful the graphics card, the more games can be installed with a capacity. For gamers, having a good graphics card is very important, there here below you will find the 3 best external gaming graphics cards that can give you an idea of which to choose. A graphics card, this term is very familiar to gamers. Its role is to make an image that can be displayed on the screen. The graphics card sends the image stored in its memory to be displayed on the screen in the correct format.


3 Best External Gaming Graphics Cards to Buy in 2021


1. QYWL GTX 780 Standalone Desktop HD Game Graphics 

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It is a dual fan QYWL brand gaming graphics card. It’s a black card, small in size that doesn’t take up much space in the computer. However, this can sometimes be an inconvenience since it cannot be adapted to all spaces.

Its lifespan can be up to 10 years. It does not give off great heat, it is immediately dissipated since it is equipped with two fans. It is equipped with Auto-Extreme technology which offers better quality and a better environment for games and multimedia. It offers the possibility of taking screenshots while playing thanks to the TWeak GPU and the XSplit Gamecaster. It is a graphics card of very good quality and has a good lifespan. It does not heat up and cools down quickly and this is already a great advantage.


2. MongKok RX560 4G Gaming Graphics Card for PC

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It is an external gamer graphics card that the MongKok brand presents to us. The brand is not very well known, but its products are of good quality. It is a single fan card. It comes with a 128-bit memory band and a frequency of 6000MHz. It is powered by a GPU Core 2.3 + 1 digital power supply.

This card is silent and does not produce noise. The noise problem is common in graphics cards, but not in this one. It has a high heat dissipation capacity and does not cause heat to other computer components. It has several output interfaces to meet several needs.

This card is light and compact and does not take up much space, it plugs directly into the motherboard. All these criteria make it a very good powerful and very practical graphics card with a good quality/price ratio.


3. ASUS Graphics Card ROG STRIX RTX 2080 TI 

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This is a graphics card from the Asus brand. It is a three-fan card in black color like most graphics cards. It is relatively large compared to previous models, but it is still very practical and compact. The frequency of its processor is 1350 MHz, the size of its hard drive is 11264 MB. Its RAM is 512 bits and has HMDI ports.

It is a very efficient graphics card with a very successful cooling system, its ambient temperature is 23 degrees. In addition, it does not make noise when in use although it has 3 fans. It offers very good performance in 4K.

The downside with this card is that it is excessively expensive, not everyone can afford it. But its quality is worth the price. For those looking for a quality product, this is the best external GPU card to choose.


How Do You Choose a Good External Gaming Graphics Card?

Like anything else, the choice of graphics card can sometimes be quite complicated. For a person who knows it, he knows right away how to spot the right one. On the other hand, if it is the first time, it is not always easy. If you choose anyhow, you could be wasting your money on a product that is not worth it. To choose an external graphics card you have to rely on certain criteria that we will mention in what follows. So let’s discover the criteria that must be followed to choose the right one.


The dimension of the external graphics card

The graphics card cannot be used outside the computer, it is not the same with an external hard drive. The latter can be connected to the computer via a USB cable, it is also used as a kind of USB key. However, the graphic must be inserted into the computer before it can be used. Graphics cards do not have a fixed or standard size, so you have to know which size to choose so that it can fit into the case.


The resolution

Each screen has its own resolution. When choosing your graphics card, you must choose a resolution compatible with that of your screen, otherwise, you will have a display error or poor image quality. The resolution is usually listed on the card’s spec sheet, but you need to know your computer’s to make sure it’s the right one. If your screen is 4K, do not take a 2K graphics card, as it cannot support the screen resolution.



The graphics card’s storage memory is used to store the images that will be displayed. This memory is instantaneous, but the larger it is, the better the quality and speed of display. So it is better to choose a graphics card with fairly large memory.


Display Port

When buying your external graphics card, favor the Display Port connection because it is the best for better video quality. You don’t have to choose it, you can choose another one, but it is the one we recommend.


The cost

First of all, you have to decide which graphics card you want to have, a very good one or a simple one. Because the price varies according to the quality. If you want a really good graphics card, you have to expect a pretty steep price. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your graphics card, you will surely get a lower-quality card. We must therefore try to have the best quality/price ratio, that is to say, to have the best possible card at an affordable price.


How to Use an External Gaming Graphics Card

In reality, we don’t really use a graphics card, since we just have to insert it into the computer for it to do its job. The graphics card is generally used for video games, it is also very popular with gamers. So when we talk about using a graphics card, we are directly referring to video games. Nevertheless, we are going to see some important points for its installation and all that it takes for it to work correctly, and the problems that you may encounter. So let’s find out how to use an external graphics card.


Uninstall the Old Graphics Card

To be able to install a new graphics card, you must first uninstall the first one. To uninstall the graphics card, go to the system than to hardware. Then click on device manager and finally on graphics cards. If you have only one card select there, if you have two for example select the one you want to uninstall and uninstall it. This step is very important, do not neglect it for the security of your system and your hardware.


Remove Graphics Card

Before inserting a new graphics card, you must first remove the old one. It is, therefore, necessary to open the computer after having turned it off. Unmount your computer to be able to access the graphics card. Disconnect the 6 or 8 pin PCI-E connectors. Then you can unscrew the screws that hold it and take your card. Dust off the graphics card slot before placing the new card.


Place and Install the New Graphics Card

Once the old card is removed, and the slot is clean, you can place your new card and engage the PCI-E slots until you hear a “click”. It is a sign that she is well placed. All you have to do is screw it on and reassemble the computer. Switch it on again, the computer will immediately detect new hardware. The pilots will be installed gradually. And you can start using your new graphic.


What are the Best External Graphics cards?

There are various good brands of graphics cards such as Asus, Mangkok… But in fact, there is no right or wrong graphics card, you just need to know which one is right for you. You have a technical sheet in front of you, you just have to choose the right criteria for the price that suits you. If you choose a graphics card that is not compatible with your computer, you could screw it up and screw up the card. So you have to choose which one works best with your computer.


The Best Brands of External Gaming Graphics Cards

Graphics cards are generally made by computer manufacturers. So a good brand of laptops is bound to be a good brand of graphics cards. We are still going to see brands that are not very familiar and that we do not often hear about, yet they offer quality products. So let’s find out about these brands.



Asus is a brand known throughout the world. It is mainly specialized in the creation of electronic and computer products. It is mainly specialized in the manufacture of computers of different ranges, low, medium and high range. The brand has distinguished itself over the years and is one of the best. Today, it competes with the biggest company on the first place in the world. The company has a very high sales figure which keeps increasing day by day.



It’s a brand we don’t often hear about. It is a big brand which is specialized in the production of several products, such as clothes, shoes, electronic products. This brand is growing day by day and gaining more and more place in the market. His circle of customers continues to grow.



It is a brand that may seem weird to you, yet it offers very good quality products with a very good value for money. This brand is not very popular with customers, yet it is one of the best existing on the market.


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