Best Face Cream with Urea in 2021

Best Face Cream with Urea in 2021

If your skin is dry, it is worth choosing a face cream with urea. To make it easier for you to choose the right cosmetic, we have prepared a ranking of this type of product. It was created based on a thorough analysis of opinions issued by consumers. We also took into account the composition of individual cosmetics.

The best face cream with urea turned out to be Amaderm Urea 15%. The preparation does not contain parabens or artificial dyes, which translates into safety of use. It is worth mentioning that the cosmetic is fragrance-free and does not cause allergic reactions. After the first application of the cream, you can notice a significant improvement in the condition of the skin.

However, if for some reason this product does not fully convince you, see our other proposals. The second place in the ranking was taken by the Ziaja Med face cream with urea, sold in a set with a body lotion and hand cream. The skincare product is efficient. It only contains ingredients with proven effectiveness.

3 Best Face Cream with Urea in 2021

1. Amsterdam Urea 15%

If you care about proper skin hydration, we recommend you to buy Amsterdam Urea 15%. It is a very efficient preparation with a capacity of 50 ml. As a result, this product is very efficient and lasts for a long time of use. This cream is intended for oily skin that requires nourishment. It is recommended that it be used on the surfaces of the hands, legs, and knees.

The presented cream has a good effect on the hydration of the skin, making it soft, smooth, and more aesthetic. The composition of the preparation does not contain chemicals that are hazardous to health. Specially selected ingredients will protect against dryness and dehydration of the skin. Additionally, the skin is softened and exfoliated. The product soothes hyperkeratosis and restores elasticity. The greatest advantage is the delicate, creamy texture that is easy to spread.

Consumers very positively assessed the composition of the preparation, which significantly improves the appearance of the skin. In their opinions, many people emphasize that this efficient face cream with urea at a good price is a product worth recommending as it is completely safe.

Amaderm Urea 15% is a very good face cream with urea up to PLN 15. The cosmetic is intended for the care of very dry skin.

2. Ziaja Med

If you want to buy a good-quality preparation, we recommend Ziaja Med. It is a special face cream with urea, which was created with the cooperation of many specialists. Thanks to this, the operation of the product is completely safe for our health, and most importantly, it does not cause undesirable effects and does not irritate the skin.

The pack size is 400 ml, which makes the cream very efficient. It can therefore be used for a long time. The preparation is dedicated to sensitive, allergic, rough, flabby, and low-cohesive skin that needs quick regeneration and renewal.

The composition includes ultra-moisturizing substances that immediately hydrate the skin. Besides, the preparation has physiological lipids that rebuild the damaged epidermis. The creamy texture is very easy to spread and then penetrates the deeper layers of the skin.

In their ratings, users appreciated the quick operation of the product. What’s more, the use of the cream is completely safe for our health. Ziaja Med is a set containing a face emulsion, hand cream, and body lotion. The product is especially suitable for very dry and sensitive skin.

3. Isis Pharma Urelia

We would like to recommend you invest in Isis Pharma Urelia. It is a very modern and efficient face cream that contains urea. This element is responsible for the rapid softening of the calloused epidermis and its subsequent irrigation. The capacity of the package is 40 ml, so it will last you for a long time. Because the creamy consistency is very easy to spread, so the minimum amount of preparation is enough to moisturize the face.

The product is dedicated to dry and cracking skin. Ultra-moisturizing substances quickly hydrate the skin, and then improve its color and smooth it. This makes the face more flexible and soft to the touch after just a few uses.

It should be emphasized that numerous tests have confirmed that the cream is completely safe for our health. Because there are no chemicals or silicones in their composition that can irritate our skin. Instead, the preparation contains AHA acids, shea butter, and urea.

In their reviews, consumers emphasized that it is a very efficient and completely safe preparation that has a positive effect on the condition of our face. The Isis Pharma Urelia 50 urea face cream is available in a 40 ml pack. The preparation can be used both day and night.

Best Face Cream with Urea in 2021

Which urea face cream should you choose?

Taking care of the appearance of the face is very important. Not only does it affect our health, but we must remember that it is one of the most important parts of the body. Because a damaged and unsightly complexion may alienate a potential employer. For this reason, caring for the condition of the skin is important.

We know, however, that deciding which preparation to choose is not easy for everyone. If you belong to this group of people, we recommend that you read our guide. You will learn how to choose a good and effective preparation. Also, we present a list containing the best face creams with urea.

Before you buy such a preparation, you should know why urea products are so healthy. This compound ensures that the skin is properly hydrated. Thanks to this, we will restore its elasticity and elasticity. Besides, it reduces mycosis.

It is worth considering now what concentration of urea should our cream have to moisturize the skin well? If the product is from 1% to 10%, it will not only moisturize our face but also improve the protective barrier. If you have very calloused skin, we recommend preparations where the concentration of this element is up to 30%. If you have problems with dry skin on your elbows or heels, we recommend creams with a urea concentration of over 50%.

However, remember to choose the cream well for your skin. Urea can be found in creams for normal, combination, and very dry skin. If you are interested in the best face cream with urea in 2021, you should always have such preparation at hand. Because even a pretty complexion, if it is exposed to too frequent peels or polluted air, will start keratosis. Because the skin will not be able to exfoliate itself, which will result in the overlay of many layers of the epidermis. As a result, a horny plug is formed.

For the purchased preparation to work, its composition is also important. It is worth making sure that the cream has a lot of vitamin A, which is responsible for regeneration. Also, this product allows you to lighten acne discoloration.

What are the properties of urea?

We devoted the previous part of this article to urea face creams, in this we wanted to focus on the area itself. Do you know what properties it has and since when is it used in the production of cosmetics? If not, this article will definitely interest you.

Urea – what is it?

The chemical urea is produced in the human body and is a by-product of protein metabolism. Urea is found in our urine and sweat. As it has moisturizing and soothing properties, some dermatologists advise lubricating skin lesions with warm urine.

Unfortunately, for most of us, this is an impossible, even disgusting activity. Fortunately, we don’t have to do it, because there is no shortage of urea creams in drugstores and pharmacies.

This chemical substance was isolated as early as 1828 by a German chemist but was not used for a long time in the production of cosmetics. It was only a dozen or so years ago that urea became very popular and widely used, although the first preparations with its addition appeared in the 1940s.

What are the properties of urea?

Most of all, urea perfectly moisturizes the skin, which is why creams with this substance are recommended for people with dry skin, not only of the face but also of other parts of the body. With age, the human body produces less and less urea, so the hydration and tightness of the epidermis weaken, which is why it is recommended to use creams with urea. However, it should be remembered that the concentration of urea in the preparation affects how the cosmetic behaves. The higher the concentration, the more the product exfoliates the epidermis, and not only moisturizes it, and not every person needs such a treatment.

Urea concentration

Which urea cream is recommended in terms of the concentration of the active substance? If you only care about hydration, the urea concentration should not be more than 2%. Regular face creams have this concentration of the active ingredient.

In moisturizing and softening preparations, the concentration maybe 10%. If the skin needs deep hydration and softening, a concentration of 30% will be needed. Preparations containing more than 40% of the concentration of the substance strongly exfoliate, so their use should be controlled by a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

Urea – what is its name?

For most people, understanding cosmetic labels is a problem. The names of the substances are written in Latin or English and apart from the terms Aqua or Alcohol, others may be incomprehensible to buyers. Therefore, let’s stop for a moment at how urea can be called on cosmetic labels.

Most often it is under the name carbamide, as well as carbamide resin, the popular term is also carbonyl (diamide) carbonyldiamine (carbonyldiamine), sometimes urea is referred to as an acid (carbamimidic acid). All of these names begin with the element carbon. There are also products in which the name of urea is associated with the definition of urine, i.e. it contains the urea element. Among them, we distinguish ureaphil, isourea, pseudourea, ureaphil and urevert.

Of course, many products contain information about the urea content in the main part and we do not have to look at the composition, but it is worth verifying which position it is in (in cosmetics, the order depends on the amount of substance used in the production of a given preparation, so most of the ingredients start with the term Aqua ). You should also look for information


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