3 Best Inversion Tables of 2021 To Relieve Back Pain

3 Best Inversion Tables To Relieve Back Pain

Physiotherapists use the inversion tables for their patients. An inversion table not only relieves back pain such as a herniated disc but also allows the luxury of working your abdominals. Here you will find the best inversion table you should give a try that can be useful to relieve back pain.

Best Inversion Table

1. Sportstech IT300 Mixed Inversion Table

Sportstech IT300 Mixed Inversion Table

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Sportstech IT300 Multifunctional Inversion Table 6-in-1 Traction, Back Muscles, Pull-up Bar, Foldable, Simple Assembly, 0 ° – 90 ° Weight Bench Smart Lever. The Sportstech IT300 table was created by a company recognized in the field of back pain.

Sportstech offers for sale several models of tables and table equipment with generally high prices but with an irreproachable quality of comfort. The brand is the only current inversion table manufacturer to have made its devices versatile (inversions, dips, push-ups, leg exercises, push-ups, and pull-ups.)

It is a good table to relieve the back but not only! They took care to put the latest technologies on this table. It is a table that is extremely good and relieves the back. It adapts to its user, is stable, and relieves sciatica, herniated discs, back pain, and muscle tension.

2. Bh Fitness Zero Mixed Inversion Table

Bh Fitness Zero Mixed Inversion Table

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For a lower budget, the Bh Fitness inversion table is part of our top 3. It is a device that relieves the back and that is mainly what we ask of it. The foot grip is practical and allows once tilted to stretch the spine to release disc pressure.

The table adjusts to the size of its user so there is no need for help from another person to use it. In addition, it is foldable to be stored while waiting for its next use but still takes up a lot of space. Remember to handle the board gently, this is not a game, you have to take your time to use it safely.

3. SixBros 06B / 260 Inversion Table

SixBros 06B / 260 Inversion Table

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This inversion table is a professional-grade entry-level model. I was amazed by the quality of the asking price which seems inferior to the services provided. It is one of the top-selling inversion tables on Amazon.

The SixBros 06B is equipped with practical ergonomic handles for tilting. The structure is solid and you feel safe. You can of course adapt it to your size. However, it is not foldable and takes up an important place in the room. Count 1.5m x 0.8m on the ground. This is to be taken into account in your choice of purchase.

The table helps reduce the effects of gravity on your back and thus reduces the strain on the spine. The SixBros adapts up to a height of 1.90m and 136Kg according to the manufacturer but according to a buyer, it is mentioned a 150 on the device.

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