Best Kelsey Berwin Perfumes For Women

Best Kelsey Berwin Perfumes For Women

7 Best Kelsey Berwin Perfumes For Women 

Through the years, their perfumes have served to achieve an enigma that is within the reach of few and that women best know how to define, so this article is dedicated to them, but so that you can obtain all the splendor of their aromas So deep, you must read the entire 7 Best Kelsey Berwin Perfumes For Women.

Perfumery is filled with brands that are the common denominator of the luxuries and styles marked by all the idiosyncrasies of having the largest number of followers behind their aromas, but now few opt to have the originality and unique asset to create flavors that define its core, one of those is Kelsey Berwin.


1. Kelsey Berwin’s Zeus Pour Femme

Few perfumes manage to achieve an appearance as strong and elegant as Zeus Pour Femme, a perfume that is linked to the Amber olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2018.

Its aroma is composed of notes such as pear, pepper, coffee, vanilla, and jasmine that give it a very sweet, feminine aroma, but also warm and strong, with wood as the protagonist. It is a perfume without a doubt for the winter and that has long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent.

This is a perfume that can be used perfectly daily, although we recommend that you use it in special situations such as appointments and others.


2. White Narcisse by Kelsey Berwin

Now, the delicacy usually defines the White Narcisse very well, a perfume that is within the highest standards of the brand and that curiously has a lot of flowers and fruit conformation. It was launched in 2017 and has not stopped selling since then.

Within its notes for example we can find raspberry, bergamot, leather, and cedar. This air so strong in its notes is the cause of perfume really with the aroma of fresh wood and also with light soft and sweet touches of fruits, just like a perfume for spring. In its longevity we find durability and in its wake the very heavy.


3. Kelsey Berwin’s Al Jawhara

Arabic touches make up a lot of this enigmatic perfume such as Al Jawhara, one that in turn is well linked to the Amber Woody for Women olfactory family and which was launched in 2015.

If we go to its notes, we find that it has mimosa, lavender, Oud wood as well as cedar and sandalwood. These very similar components are the ones that end up assembling an aroma full of wood, heat, and many spices, all together with a powdery air that gives it a lot of feminine pluses. Such a scent should be worn in winter and has moderate longevity along with a heavy trail.


4. Osmond de Noir by Kelsey Berwin

A little deep, a little darker, Osmond de Noir is a scent that finds its seduction in the Amber Floral fragrance family for Women and which was launched in 2014.

Everything is practically fruity in this perfume has bergamot, lemon, mandarin, orange, and jasmine among its most remarkable notes. Of course, its aroma must be entirely citric accompanied course by fresh, floral, and sweet. Osmond de Noir is unique for summer and has moderate longevity and a soft trail.


5. Kelsey Berwin’s Al Mazyoona

The Alma Yoona is a perfume that has much to offer girls who like intense aromas and warmth, it was launched in the year 2015 and finds its way to be in their sweet and fruity notes.

We can find within its components caramel, cedar as well as vanilla, and Oud wood. All these notes open a wide compass to give a smell that is always sweet-oriented, but that is hot at all times, ideal for autumn. On the other hand, this perfume has long-lasting longevity along with a heavy trail. Without a doubt one of the strongest perfumes of the brand.


6. Kelsey Berwin’s Zelimir

If you want to have a perfume adapted to the new times and the independent, we have Zelimir, a perfume that is made in the Amber Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2014.

You can have a lot of simplicity with you with this aroma, since its fragrance is quite fruity and sweet, where the accord of such striking flowers is not lacking either. This is the product of some notes where you can appreciate an apple, peach, raspberry, rose, and Oud wood.

The Zelimir is a perfume that offers its olfactory letters for the summer and has lasting longevity and a rather moderate wake.


7. Sheikh Al Shyookh by Kelsey Berwin

Another perfume with everything Arab at its feet is Sheikh Al Shyookh, a scent that was tailored to everything citrus and thick forests. This perfume was launched in 2015.

With its aroma, you can enjoy notes such as bergamot, citrus, orange, anise, wood, and vanilla. So it is quite citric, plus it has good fresh and wooden accompaniments where you will feel very good in summer.

The aroma in question has a good presence of spices and has very moderate longevity and a heavy trail, which makes it a really striking perfume for all tastes.


Final Considerations

By using Kelsey Berwin perfumes, you really get a splendid power of strong aromas, but they still work for her who likes to look elegant at all times, a strange mix that certainly continues to work in this century.



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