10 Best Midfielders in the World | 2021

Best Midfielders in the World 2021

The midfielder is that player on whom an entire team pivots. That footballer manages to unite defense and attack, making the whole team play and bringing balance to the game.

For this, it is necessary to have a series of essential virtues: a vision of the game, management of game times, quality (reception and pass), ball handling … We come with a list that brings together the best midfielders in the world today.

How do we rank the best media in the world?

You have to make a balance between the different virtues of a midfielder to be able to classify the best players in this position. We are based on the following criteria to make the ranking of the owners of the medullary.

Statistics (% good passes per game, assists, goals, balls recovered): 50%.

Leadership: 50%.


Here are the 10 Best Midfielders in the Football World | 2021


  1. Daniel Parejo


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The former Valencia CF player and the recent signing of Villarreal is one of the footballers who best manages playing times on the green. Despite the irregular season of the Ché team, the Coslada midfielder is among the best in the world on his own merits, being the helm of a team that has reached the second round of the Champions League although he has not been able to get into European positions this season.

The departure with the Valencia letter of freedom says very little about Meriton’s management in the Turia capital. Getting rid of the team captain, after ten years defending the colors and overcoming initial criticism, is very unintelligent and diminishes the team’s sporting potential. Di Stéfano’s right eye will continue his career in Castellón, despite the Valencian fans.

Skills: Flawless free-kick and penalties. Top game vision.


  1. Christian Eriksen


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The Danish midfielder was one of the soap operas of the last winter transfer market. His change of air from the Premier League to Serie A has slightly devalued Eriksen’s game although he is still a great footballer. Tottenham’s departure did not like a newcomer José Mourinho (one of the highest-paid coaches in the world ).

Under the orders of Antonio Conte, he has established himself as a fundamental pillar at Inter Milan. His influence on the game is total, perfectly understanding the idea of ​​the Italian coach and helping the team build from possession and attacking football.

Skills: Last pass with vision, good punch, and second-line arrival.


  1. David Silva


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The ‘Mago ​​de Arguineguín’ sneaks into this list of the best midfielders in the world after more than ten seasons performing at the best level. David Silva has once again been one of the best of his team, facilitating the attack game and channeling the connections towards the front. With an exquisite left foot, he nurtures his passing teammates in the form of assists, as well as providing danger from set-pieces.

In his last season as ‘sky blue, he has once again been amazed at brilliant goals and memorable matches. The ‘citizens’ will remember the canary as one of the most brilliant footballers who have passed through Manchester City in recent years. From now on, he will continue his career at Real Sociedad covering the loss of Martin Odegaard.

Skills: Direct free hits with square and bevel. Exquisite mid-range shooting. Movements between the lines like nobody else.


  1. Miralem Pjanić


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Miralem Pjanić has been one of the most controversial signings on this summer market. The FC Barcelona fichó to the Bosnian barter with Juventus by Arthur over 12 million euros. Even though the player is already a top midfielder, letting the Brazilian go has not finished convincing the culé fans.

Beyond the exchange of stickers, the footballer will contribute a lot of play immediately. He is a proven player who has performed at a very high level in recent seasons. The ability to create game and time management allows his teammates to be able to position themselves both in defense and in the attack. In addition, he has a good hit from set-pieces although he has Leo Messi as the main direct free kicker.

Skills: Millimeter free-kick. Short pass and between the lines very precise. He is a very regular player.


  1. Luka Modric


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Luka Modric is still one of the best. The 2018 Ballon d’Or is no longer a promising youngster, but it continues to distill top-level football. The Croatian has been one of the best of Real Madrid in this season in which they have been proclaimed champions of LaLiga. The duo with Toni Kroos is possibly one of the best on the planet, with an exceptional Casemiro behind.

Modric is synonymous with class. The handling of the ball, as well as the vision of the game that he offers so regularly, make him essential in Zidane’s scheme. Indeed, he is no longer at the level of two seasons ago, but that does not prevent him from being a benchmark in the white midfield and being among the best in Europe.

Skills: Ball handling, short dribbling, and shooting from a medium distance. A very arriving midfielder.


  1. Thiago Alcantara


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Thiago Alcántara is the Spanish midfielder who picks up the witness of the 2010 tiki-taka. The footballer is one of the most talented media in the Bundesliga, although his days could be numbered at Bayern Munich. The Spanish-Brazilian went to Liverpool to continue his career under Jürgen Klopp.

The canterano culé has a magnificent class when it comes to getting the ball out, with a short dribble at the height of very few. It also stands out for the capacity for association and the arrival from the second line.

Skills: The highest quality midfielder in the world. Although it can be called excessive driving, it is one of its great virtues.


  1. Paul Pogba


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Paul Pogba, the eternal intended by Florentino Pérez, is another of the footballers who perfectly dominates the times in the MC position. The Frenchman is the engine of Manchester United and achieving a creditable third place in the Premier League, ahead of Chelsea.

The class of the French midfielder cannot be doubted, although the lack of regularity prevents him from leaping to become the best in his position. On a physical level, he may be the most complete player, with strength, speed, quality, and vision, he is perfect to lead the core of any team.

Skills: It could be said that it is the definition of ‘box-to-box with the added quality that every team would like to have. If he can be more consistent, he could become the best in his position.


  1. Toni Kroos


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Toni Kroos is Real Madrid’s metronome. The German player is one of the most regular in his position, being a fixture for Zidane and always providing judgment both in defensive work and in the attack. Despite the elimination of the Champions League against City, the German season has been more than acceptable.

Although his game is not very showy, he is terribly effective, always getting his decisions right. His hit percentage is impressive, as is his mid-range shot. He has managed to score real goals by bringing out his right hand.

Skills: Regularity in his game, with a percentage of successful passes that can hardly be improved. Good hitting from outside the area.


  1. Frenkie De Jong


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The young Dutch footballer has fallen on his feet in Barcelona. De Jong has come to mark an era at Can Barça and he has all the qualities to do so. His youth makes him one of the players with the greatest projection in the world and FC Barcelona will seek to build its team on the former Ajax midfielder.

His position should be as close to that of Xavi Hernández, who created the game alongside the DCM. In the Catalan team’s game, he already provides a clean ball exit despite pressure from the rival, although the arrival of the second line allows him to see the door more easily.

Skills: Very elegant ball handling, a lot of quality on long trips. Clean ball out.


  1. Kevin De Bruyne


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Kevin De Bruyne has become the best Mid-fielder in the football world as of 2021 by growing and believing in his talent. The Belgian footballer is a tremendously complete player, even on a defensive level. Under the command of Pep Guardiola, he has managed to become the helm of his team, distributing the game, giving the last pass, and seeing the goal quite frequently.

The Manchester City has not been revalidated for the third consecutive year the Premier League, which has been conquered by an unstoppable Liverpool after 30 years of drought. Despite this, De Bruyne’s season has been very good, adding numbers of a true world star.

Skills: He has been the top assistant in the history of the Premier League, equaling Thierry Henry’s record. His medium-range shot is fearsome across Europe.


Final Words

Do you think we have left a midfielder off the list? Leave us your comment so we can include you among the best on the planet and don’t forget to vote in the poll on the best midfielders in the world.


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