Best Perfumes For Women

11 Best Perfumes For Women To Buy in 2022

Best Perfumes For Women 2022

If you want to know which are the best fragrances for women, you are in the right place. Being the most expensive never meant to be the best, as we compiled the Top 10 Best-Rated Perfumes for Women in 2022 that are not expensive in price but in scents.

Choosing the perfect cologne can be very difficult and frustrating. Perfume shops at the mall can be a nightmare. Intrusive sales assistants make you try many different fragrances and try to push their favorite perfume on you by giving you all sorts of false advice, just to get you bought. Instead, we have created our list by inserting the best-rated perfumes, with an incredible smell, that lasts a long time and are perfumes that men love!

We have tested various types of fragrances, from famous perfume brands to super-exclusive niche brands. From cheap and affordable perfumes to the most expensive perfume and we have concluded that it is not the price of a fragrance that determines how good it is and how long it lasts.


11 Best Perfumes For Women To Buy in 2022


11. Elie Saab Girl of Now

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If you want to have a scent that is different from all, try this one. As the name suggests, “Girl of Now”, this perfume is aimed at the younger and more modern girl. It is fun and easy to wear.

This has a DNA of creative fragrances. A truly unique white floral scent, sweet and sugary, but not cloying. Now, to be clear: This isn’t your typical teen bubble gum scent, it’s a very composed, sophisticated, and well-composed fragrance.

It smells of pear and orange with a creamy and fresh atmosphere of toasted pistachio. Very sexy! Ideal for fall and winter, but you could wear it in spring if you are careful and go very light with sprays. Performance is huge with this one and lots of compliments await you.


10. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat EDP

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This is the orange blossom superstar. A sweet, fresh, seductive fragrance. This is the newest, freshest, and lightest version of the already extraordinary original Eau de Parfum La Vie Est Belle. But this is much better and more unique.

By the way: “La Vie Est Belle” in French means “Life is beautiful” and this is certainly a beautiful perfume. It has a semi-fresh and fruity vibe with sweetness and light flowers. Very sensual and engaging.

The best part? This is very long-lasting. Suitable for everything, everywhere, everyone likes it. The office, an appointment, club, etc. A sophisticated and clean-smelling perfume that won’t offend anyone. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous.


9. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP

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The best perfume for the office for women on the market. This just smells great. Coco Mademoiselle is the best professional daytime fragrance for women. A beautifully fresh and classy white floral that lasts long and will earn you many compliments.

Think about it: This has been a best seller for many years. Because? Simple. Women keep buying it because it’s so good! Ideal for spring and summer, but can be worn all year round. For all ages. Lasting freshness!


8. Perfumes by Marly Delina

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A fresh and unique fruity floral. This fragrance is an absolute stunner. What it is: An extraordinary blend of fruity notes, sweet notes, and floral notes with the addition of vanilla.

It smells like a velvety sweet. A combination of rose and lychee, mixed with a very particular note of rhubarb, gives it a hint of acidity. Sweet, sexy, and addicting. By the way, if you love rose perfumes, be sure to check out our best rose perfume list. This leaves a nice olfactory trail.

Delina is super long-lasting and incredibly versatile. You can wear this in the daytime, nighttime, cold weather, hot weather. It can be worn by teenagers up to mature women. Even better: Men go crazy for it, crazy reactions and compliments. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


7. Lancôme La Nuit Tresor EDP

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A sweet, fruity, and captivating female masterpiece. This is a rich and exquisite feminine scent. It smells like raspberry with pink vanilla caramel, so seductive, dark, and sweet at the same time. A gourmand for adults.

La Nuit Tresor is not a daytime fragrance, this is definitely only for the nights (hence the name, La Nuit, La Notte.) More appropriate for the colder months. Perfect for evenings, dates, the club.

Now, just a caveat: Don’t spray too much for best results. Less is definitely more with this. It has incredible lasting power, you can still smell it when you wake up. If you want compliments from boys, girls, everyone, then wear this.

In a nutshell: The best women’s perfume on the market if you want something sexy.


6. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

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This is the best version available for the Viva La Juicy line. This Gold Couture version gets a sweet caramel added into the DNA of the sexy fragrance Viva La Juicy, to produce an absolutely gorgeous seductive scent.

It smells of caramel, vanilla, and sweet berries. This stuff has an edible smell! But be careful, your better half may want to eat you. Perfect for winter and can also be worn in spring and autumn. By the way, don’t wear it in the summer or you will suffocate people.

Great for dating, night out, party, nightclub. Now, I should point out something: This is more of a feminine scent, not really suitable for a mature woman. Huge compliments with this one.


5. Dior Miss Dior EDP

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A sweet, fresh, super versatile fruity floral. Miss Dior smells amazing. This smells like rose candy with some citrus on top. Delicious juicy, a little sexy, but not over the top. “Make me a perfume that smells of love.” Christian Dior, click to tweet

It’s not cloying like most girl perfumes, it has class, but it stays young. So well blended that it exudes sophistication. Even better: This is extremely versatile, it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of Perfumes, you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and it also has good lasting power. The bottle is also gorgeous.


4. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany EDP For Women

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This is a masterpiece. A fantastic release from Tiffany & Co. Much better than the original Tiffany. Tiffany Intense is a clean perfume that has super unique scented DNA that attracts.

It opens with a faint citrus note and turns into a smooth floral blend, mainly the dusty vibe of the iris. Very stylish. By the way: It has a great lasting performance for a fresh scent and the bottle is stunning.

A beautiful fragrance is suitable for spring, evening outings, appointments, elegant events, or even as a characteristic perfume.


3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

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Light Blue Intense is a more fragrant and longer-lasting version of the original version. Can you say you hit the jackpot? Light Blue Eau Intense is a very refreshing, uplifting citrus scent that has a fruity apple vibe mixed with some soft flowers. Very soft and extremely pleasant. It smells like the original version but creamier and thicker. Absolutely amazing!

By the way: This newer version has a stronger concentration of Eau de Parfum, which makes it perform and lasts much longer than the original version of Eau de Toilette, which suffered from longevity issues.

Perfect for the summer heat. Ideal for daytime use. It also works well in spring and autumn. Use it every time, great for dating and casual use. Every age. A very safe and captivating scent that is sure to turn heads.


2. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

Best Fragrance For Women

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An explosion of honey. Sensual, sweet, and delicious. This is a honey fragrance with the addition of blood orange and a unique note of peach and licorice. It has a light touch of chypre with a whisper of white flowers.

Men love it. The scandal is so incredibly sweet. If you don’t like sweet scents, this is definitely not for you. This is more for the younger crowd but could be worn by all ages. More suitable for cooler weather, do not wear it during the summer.

A playful perfume perfect for evenings, discos, appointments, parties. Super long life. In a nutshell: If you like honey, Scandal is for you.


1. Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDP

Best Perfume For Women

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The perfect perfume for women. Classy, ​​elegant, and sexy. Guerlain has finally got on the bandwagon of great perfumes. Mon Guerlain is a very sophisticated oriental vanilla gourmand with a floral fruity touch. You get a blend of lavender, amber, and vanilla with a hint of tonka, which has a lovely sweetness.

It’s sweet, but not overly so. By the way, if you love vanilla be sure to check out our best vanilla perfume list. The use of sandalwood in the base makes it a little creamy, so you get a nice dry semi-gourmand. Very captivating and almost “mouth-watering”.

The best part?

This perfume is super versatile. This is not a huge head-spinning fragrance and is very easy to wear all year round for any situation. A perfect perfume for going out, a working perfume, and beautiful designer perfume.

There is no doubt: Mon Guerlain is a splendid fragrance that will garner an incredible number of compliments.


Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best perfumes for women and that this list was helpful. If so, we’d love you to share it on your favorite social networks!


Things to consider before choosing the best women’s perfume

Some important things to consider before choosing a perfume are the season (temperature) and the situation in which the perfume will be worn.


Why is it so important?

Fragrances designed to be worn in cooler temperatures (winter season), such as a vanilla perfume, are stronger and sweet-smelling. If you apply this type of perfume in the summer, it will quickly become cloying and you will have everyone around you gagging! Choose your scents wisely.

A fresh scent that is designed for warmer weather (summer season) such as a coconut-based scent will typically not work as well in the colder winter months and may only last a few hours on the skin.

By the way: Some perfumes are more suitable for casual wear, some for the office and some for romantic dates.

In addition, perfumes can also be designed for day and night use. That said, many perfumes can be used for all seasons and all situations. These types of perfumes could create a perfect perfume for you.

Confused? Don’t be.

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of choosing the best women’s perfume. We will show you the best.


How to choose the best feminine perfume?


The rules for our selections are simple:

We just wanted to select perfumes that lasted a long time, that were of high quality to justify the price, and, most importantly, they had to smell great and be attractive. All of our top picks fit our standards and have gotten extremely positive reactions. These are the perfumes that men love.

“The most expensive perfume is not always the best perfume.” Some of the more expensive perfumes we tested smelled awful, one even smelled like a fragrance from grandma (sorry, grandma.)

And some, even though they smelled great, only lasted an hour on the skin before disappearing into thin air! We think a good perfume has to last a long time to justify the price. That’s why any fragrance we tested that had a poor shelf life was immediately excluded from the list, even if it smelled surprising.

On the other hand, some of the more affordable designer fragrances we tested smelled amazing, had high-quality ingredients and were long-lasting. Many world-class perfumers are the same “noses” who create both the super expensive niche fragrances and the cheaper designer fragrances. So you can’t just expect to pay more to get you a better-smelling perfume.




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