Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair

7 Best Shampoos For Color-Treated Hair

After you have dared to change color, the real dilemma begins: What is the best shampoo for color-treated hair, and how do you take care of your hair to maintain this color? It is not as difficult as you think, especially since we have left a unique selection of the best shampoos for colored hair.

After dyeing it, your hair will need a boost of hydration and intense care. That is why your shampoo for dyed hair must nourish it. It must be composed of quality ingredients; the more natural, the better. The idea is to stay away from heavy chemicals. Do not forget to always take into account your hair type.

7 Best Shampoos For Color-Treated Hair

1. Best with UV filter: L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vive Color-Treated Hair Shampoo

Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair

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Did you know that the sun can also fade or dull your color? That is why it is a good idea to use a protective shampoo with UVA and UVB filters, like this one.

It is a formula specially designed for colored or highlighted hair. Thus, it washes the hair thoroughly, but with the gentleness it needs. Its ingredients, such as red algae, coconut oil, glycerin, and many others, nourish and protect hair color and fiber.

2. Best for Hair Repair: Wella Fusion Color-Treated Hair Shampoo

Best Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

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The dyed hair is most prone to damage. In fact, it is exposed to heavy chemicals that can break it down in the coloring process. For this reason, we need our shampoo to help maintain the color and repair it in depth.

For this reason, it has a place in our comparison. Its formula is specially developed to create 95% more resistance to breakage, penetrating the crust’s interior and restoring from within.

3. Best for Volume: Pantene Pro-V Color-treated Hair Shampoo

Best Shampoos for Colored Hair

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Goodbye to ethanol, artificial colors, and mineral oils; none of that favors your hair, much less if it is colored. Its formula is designed for delicate or weak and colored hair; it is also valid for highlights and oily hair.

Its added value is that, in addition to protecting the color to extend its durability, it also gives the hair much more volume without frizz—that is, zero frizz! In addition, it repairs and hydrates.

4. Best With Keratin and Argan: Color-Treated Hair TRESemmé Shampoo

Best With Keratin and Argan: Color-Treated Hair TRESemmé Shampoo

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If there are many of you at home or you want to make a lasting investment, this pack can be the least expensive in the long run because in a single purchase you get three 700ml bottles of dyed hair shampoo.

The joke here is not only its fabulous value for money, but its formula enhanced with keratin and argan oil helps maintain color and hydrates, cares for, and smooths, preventing frizz for up to 72 hours.

5. Best With Professional Formula: L’OREAL EXPERT Vitamino Color A-OX Dyed Hair Shampoo

Best With Professional Formula: L'OREAL EXPERT Vitamino Color A-OX Dyed Hair Shampoo

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When looking for the best shampoo for color-treated hair, maintaining color is just as important as caring for your hair, and this professional formula precisely addresses both needs. That is why it is one of the most used in beauty salons and by hair professionals.

It is a complete line dedicated to dyed and dry hair. The shampoo stands out for its softness on the hair, its pleasant fragrance, and how radiant the color remains after each use.

6. Best to Restore Shine: Color-Treated Hair Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Shampoo

Best to Restore Shine: Color-Treated Hair Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Shampoo

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If you are wondering how to shine your hair, a good idea is to start choosing a shampoo for color-treated hair that restores vitality, as this will make your hair look and feel healthier, and the color will have more life.

This micellar shampoo helps restore your hair’s shine and vitality because it is free of sulfates and parabens. It is gentle and helps to restore the pH of the scalp.

7. Best Vegan Formula: Maui Moisture Color-Treated Hair Shampoo

Best Vegan Formula: Maui Moisture Color-Treated Hair Shampoo

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It’s not a bad idea to feel like we’re on a tropical island all year long, and that’s essentially the impression that this coconut water-based vegan shampoo leaves. It also has aloe vera, minerals from the sea, and seaweed.

Its formula is designed to protect the colors of dyed hair and take care of bleached highlights. Being free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones, it is highly gentle and deeply nourishes the hair while softening it.

What shampoo is recommended for colored hair?

Dyeing your hair, changing your look, and taking a little risk is always fun. What is not advisable is to let that emotion take us away from all the considerations we have after a coloring treatment.

Yes, after we dye our hair, our responsibility to keep it beautiful begins, like when we leave the salon. The first thing is to say goodbye to your regular shampoo and get a gentler formula that reduces the oxidation of color and nourishes the hair fiber.

  • Hair type

Sometimes, in this search, we tend to focus on our new reality, our painted or bleached hair, and we forget that before, that hair already had its characteristics, texture, and needs.

Just as if you were looking for regular shampoo, you should also consider your hair type—if it is straight and fine, oily, rough, dry, and curly—all this counts.

The joke is that besides retaining the color in your hair, the formula can take proper care of it and keep it in good condition. So, if your hair is curly, you should look for a shampoo for curly and colored hair.

  • Sulfate-free

For a long time, most shampoos on the market, regardless of brand, have been chock-full of sulfates. Fortunately, today, we know neither sulfates nor parabens are suitable for your hair, whether or not it is colored.

And we are talking about a potent chemical that is aggressive for the scalp and hair since it indiscriminately cleans everything, destroying even the natural and essential oils our body generates to moisturize.

As a result, it leaves hair dry and spoils the color because it fades before its time. In short, you don’t need it!

  • Moisturizing

Whatever your hair type, if you need something, it is hydration. Therefore, it is important that, when making your selection of shampoos, you always check that they have good-quality ingredients that provide hydration and nutrition to your hair so that it is healthy.

We know that by coloring your hair, we expose it to damage that certain artificial chemicals can causels, so now is the right time to give it a hydration boost. Look for natural ingredients that reinforce it so it is not in danger of breakage and damage.

  • Moisturizer

The challenge is that these nutrients do not escape and that the hydration that we have given does not evaporate by magic, for that we must always have moisturizers. A good shampoo will include hydration and moisturization as a powerful duo.

Moisture will help retain vibrant color. Natural moisturizers like aloe vera, for example, are worth thinking about. So don’t forget to check the ingredients table and ensure your shampoo can also moisturize.

  • Color protection

This is the protagonist and why we are changing our usual shampoo. We want the color to stay in our hair longer, minimizing touch-up sessions and making it look beautiful for longer. For this to happen, it is recommended that your shampoo have even more emollients and proteins.

Your shampoo must be able to seal the cuticle of the hair, of each of the strands, only in this way the pigment leak is obstructed and the color does not lighten in an accelerated way, which results in the same vibrant and vivid color for longer.

  • Color enhancement

Sometimes, it is not enough for the color to stay; we need it to look the same or better than when we first left the salon with our fresh coloring treatment. Therefore, the formula of your shampoo must allow the color to become more vibrant and powerful with each use.

It is also important to add shine to the hair itself because dull and dry hair cannot reflect a beautiful color. How do we verify this? Well, in the description of the shampoo, you must specify it or check the back label of the shampoo and indicate that it enhances the color.

  • UV filters

Hair color suffers greatly from direct exposure to the sun, UV rays, and other harmful pollutants. Your shampoo and conditioner should have UV filters for efficient protection to prevent color fading.

  • Color deposit

A formula that deposits color in the hair with each wash is the key to maintaining and enhancing the color in your hair for longer. It works by leaving a tint that works to revive the color, saving regular touch-ups. They are generally called color-treated shampoos because they come in different shades.

  • Dry shampoo

If you don’t wash your hair too often because you don’t have the time or because it’s your trick to keep it healthier, then you may be familiar with dry shampoo. It is an eventual option to get out of trouble and have your hair clean without rinsing with water, sulfates, or anything that shortens the useful life of your hair color.

  • No harsh chemicals

As well as sulfates and parabens, there are many other heavy and aggressive chemicals, such as alcohol, salt, or artificial fragrances, that are unnecessary in our hair and can damage the color. This is why it is becoming a better idea to purchase a color shampoo that is natural, organic, and chemical-free to get the best results.

Tips to Keep the Color in Your Hair Longer

Besides choosing the best shampoo for colored hair, what else can you do to care for your hair color?

  • Wait before the first wash.

After dyeing or bleaching the hair, some cuticles remain open, which means that, if we wash the hair immediately afterward, the color is more prone to fading, it is best to wait about 72 hours before washing for the first time. In addition, generally, when we undergo a coloring treatment, we wash our hair in the salon.

  • Avoid washing whenever you can

It is the hair wash that causes the color to fade. If your hair is not too oily and you can afford not to wash it daily but to intersperse the washes a little more, then do not hesitate to do it.

  • Keep a good time interval between two shampoos

Even if your hair type allows you to wash it daily, it is not better not to. Not only because of the color, but because this can significantly dry your hair.

If you exercise or sweat too much, you can help keep your hair clean longer between washes by using dry shampoo.

So you skip having to use water so often. With this, you could reduce the number of complete washes with water to only two per week.

  • Water temperature

Yes, hot water is very comforting after a hard day and it feels delicious when the weather is cold, but the truth is that it is one of the main enemies not only of color but also of your hair, in general. Hot water makes the hair cuticles more vulnerable to abuse and will make the color fade faster. From now on, use warm or cold water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you need to apply a shampoo when you have colored hair?

The less you wash it, the better. In general, those who have to wash the scalp more frequently have it oily. The discoloration makes it drier, which will help you delay washing your hair.

What is the harmful substance for colored hair?

Sulfate is the main enemy of coloring and bleaching, but in the opinion of specialists, sulfate is harmful even to your virgin hair. So the sooner you get away from him, the better.

But don’t panic; there are far more sulfate-free shampoos today than you might think, even without silicones. So if you start your search for a sulfate-free one, you can get it both high-end and cheap, depending on what you need.

What kind of product strengthens colored hair?

Look for your shampoo for colored hair to have hydrating and moisturizing ingredients; only then will it be nourishing enough not to turn gray and be able to face any damage. Remember that now it will be much more prone to damage.

Is there a shampoo that lightens colored hair?

Yes, there are shampoos for colored hair that are precisely lighteners, but that must be specified on the labeling. They are ideal for blonde hair since we will achieve that the color lightens a little in each wash.

Let’s not immediately expect to see it too clearly, but we will notice it much more as time passes.

Can I use a regular shampoo on color-treated hair?

Yes, you just have to know that the color will likely fade faster. Although it can always stay a little longer if we choose formulas without sulfates or detergents that truly hydrate and moisturize the hair,

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