17 Best Soccer Balls Of 2021 | Best Footballs of 2021

Best Soccer Balls You Should Buy in 2021 

Football is today the most popular sport in the world, the choice of the ball, meanwhile, has become more and more technical. Beyond its round shape, it must meet certain standards. Its weight, material, and dimensions are carefully studied to ensure good punching power and precision in the trajectories. Here below we have mentioned the best soccer balls and footballs of 2021.

Choosing a soccer ball is no easy task. You should not only go for the one that is best suited to your level, but also the one that best suits your needs. High-level competitions, simple training sessions, or just moments of pleasure, the market is teeming with soccer balls for all categories. However, below are the models that really stand out.

17 Best Soccer Balls and Footballs of 2021


1. Nike Ball Club Team Number 5

Ideal for professional use, this Nike soccer ball allows you to have fun on all types of surfaces: asphalt concrete, hall, lawn … Made of polyurethane with a rubber exterior, it is greatly appreciated by players for its high resistance and its consistent performance. The panels are also sewn by hand to create a very round shape, which is maintained by its butyl bladder.

Nike has also integrated its famous GEO Balance technology into this soccer ball, which allows it to rebound well and provide players with spectacular shots from a free-kick. At the same time, the interior has been reinforced to better retain air.

2. Nike HG Acuto Team Football

Size 3, this model is perfect for games with friends. The main goal of the brand is to give the little ones a ball of excellent quality which will provide them with the best conditions for their game. For this ball, Nike has in fact used cotton, polyamide, polyester, polyacrylic. The weight has been well thought out to accommodate the strength of children under 8 years old.

This Nike football is also characterized by its simple and elegant design. Its circle patterns in the middle of which the brand’s logo has been drawn have attracted more than one. The house has shown great ingenuity in designing this model because it must be recognized that here the simplicity is grandiose. In addition, this ball is not expensive, compared to other products in the same category.

3. Absis Ballon FFF

The standard type size 5 and the polyurethane material combine to form a quality item with this FFF ball from Absis. Although not suitable for bitumen, strength is guaranteed just as much as durability on other surfaces.

For good reason, we have a high-quality shiny PVC coating and a hard rubber bladder. The interior is not likely to deteriorate anytime soon even under heavy pressure. The 2 layers also keep the air and the shape. Football fans of all ages will be delighted to have a sample from the official France team collection. Children will especially appreciate the FFF badge and color.

4. Adidas 2018 World Cup Soccer Ball

A little nostalgia for adults and a reminder for toddlers, this Adidas ball will make you relive the 2018 World Cup. The brand designed it on the basis of the one used at the time. Since kids are also entitled to their share of joy, she adjusted it for users aged 8 to 12. She chose a size 4 medium. However, she respects professional standards and her convictions with a quality model, ideal for improvised ball catches.

On the design side, this specimen is more beautiful. We have kept the classic and characteristic aspects of soccer balls. The finish with the Adidas logo and the inscriptions of this international competition still apply. The unique inserts, larger than on the original item, prove the ingenuity of the manufacturer.

5. PSG Ball Player Signatures

For your solo or team training, PSG has produced this professional type ball. This under license protected by the official brand of the team even enhances the collection of 100% Parisian items. In short, football fans of all ages will be won over. One reason to make the most of games with friends and training!

The functional side also remains. Size 5 and covered with polyurethane, practicality and manufacturing quality come together. Everything proves that the resistance has been worked on. Indeed, the reinforced bladder designed from hard rubber retains the air without confining it, so that the ball can be used in all seasons.

6. Paris Saint-Germain Ballon Official PSG Collection

This official PSG Collection Ball has no shortage of assets to seduce football enthusiasts but above all club fans. Its successful red finish with the PSG logo immediately reflects the jersey of this great team, in which exceptional footballers play.

At the same time, this ball is accessible to everyone because of its very low price which makes it a good choice in the list of best soccer balls of 2021. The brand has indeed designed this inexpensive soccer ball so that all fans of this legendary club can access quality.

7. Adidas Tango Glider Ball Men’s

Adidas remains true to its principles and reputation with this Tango Gilder model. A natural training ball, it has been fashioned with resistant materials. The surface and the interior are made of composite.

The butyl bladder is a choice that will confirm the tenacity of the product on the lawn. The finish looks most characteristic with machine stitching and the weiß design. This specimen will also fly over the terrain at full speed after a good kick. Adidas is keen to keep all of its practicality and build quality with a soft, yet firm exterior.

8.Adidas Pro Ligue 1 Official Match Soccer Ball

This league 1 soccer ball brings a combination of power and control, adding a professional touch to your game. Used in many official matches, it has impressive technical characteristics to ensure the impeccable quality of play from all angles.

First, Pro Ligue 1 Match Officiel has been developed with six equal panels and small pins that make all the difference. Its dimpled surface gives it high precision flight. It also allows players to have better control.

9. Freestyle Energy Ball Football

Combining gymnastics, acrobatics, and juggling, freestyle football is a very technical discipline and requires a suitable ball. Freestyle Energy then designed the Energy Globe, a size 5 soccer ball to ensure all the technical gestures of this high-level activity.

This model was made of rubber in order to offer better grip and to ensure quality services. Indeed, by its rubbery material, you will be more able to block the ball and control your figures.

10. Adidas Beau Jeu Euro16 OMB

This Euro 2016 soccer ball offers both quality and durability. Designed by the Adidas brand, it was made of 100% polyurethane and features heat-sealed seams. This ball brings new life to synthetic models with a seamless surface for a better touch. It is also a size 5 ball that was used during Euro 2016 matches.

To ensure optimal performance, the ball has been tested on all points: weight, circumference, rebound, water absorption, and pressure loss. She successfully passed all the tests imposed by FIFA. Whether for corners, free kicks, penalties, or long clearance, this ball demonstrates unmatched performance from all angles.


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11. Adidas FIFA World Cup Soccer Ball

Adidas FIFA Football Ball is the new model that enriches the high-end collection of Adidas. Made with 83% Polyurethane and 17% Polyester, this 2018 World Cup soccer ball will delight all football lovers who want to indulge their passion for all seasons.

Officially licensed by FIFA, it contains exceptional technical characteristics allowing it to ensure precision in trajectories, power in strikes, and great air retention to maintain its round shape.

This ball was inspired by the Telstar model which was used during the 1970 World Cup. Its elegant design, highlighting the colors white, black, and red, sets it apart from the rest. In addition, this ball incorporates a butyl bladder which allowed it to successfully pass the FIFA test in terms of pressure loss.

12. Olympique de Marseille Ballon OM Official Collection

Embellished by beautiful blue and white colors which symbolize the club, this football is the ideal gift for all lovers of the round ball, especially those who love Olympique de Marseille.

In addition, it is an excellent choice if you want to prioritize quality as much as design. Made in polyurethane, this model fits into the big leagues and ensures you unparalleled performance in your game.

If there is one thing that users appreciate about this model as well, it is its competitive price. It is precisely a model less expensive than the others and whose quality remains very present.

13. Nike SC3233-451 Unisex Soccer Ball

If even today you are wondering where to buy the best soccer balls of 2021, we recommend this France soccer ball which you can find in online sellers. One of the halves is dominated by black and the other by white. A rather atypical mixture that allowed it to emerge from the lot on the market.

Solicited during the World Cup, this model allows you to play more inspired and recreate the greatest moments of this major competition. It has a butyl bladder for better air retention and improved shape.


14. Nightmatch Luminous Soccer Ball

NIGHTMATCH lets you play soccer even after the sun goes down. Indeed, with this bright soccer ball, you will be able to play a game with your friends or family, all in a fun atmosphere. Nice innovation, this ball has two LED lights inside that will automatically turn on once it bounces or is hit. These will turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity, ensuring a dynamic and fun match.

If it has the appearance of an entertaining toy, this ball incorporates the same qualities as a high-end soccer ball, that is to say, a weight, a size, a bounce that conforms to the demands of the federation. It is very strong and does not get damaged easily even after multiple uses.

15. Nike Pitch Team Mixed Soccer Ball

The older ones will be able to remind the younger ones of their childhood memories with this classic model from Nike. The traditional 12-panel configuration, seniors will inevitably remember.

It makes it possible to bring precision to the shots and to direct the trajectories at your convenience. Malleability is also boosted. On the design side, the graphic patterns shine. The contrast and reflect under the light. You will be able to follow the ball better this way.

16. Chelsea FC Football Signature Mini Unisex

This is a mini soccer ball that will serve you well for your matches outside as well as inside. Decorated with the signatures of the club’s players, it will undoubtedly delight undisputed fans of the “Blues”. Much smaller in size than normal, this ball will adapt to all desires. Whether you’d like to master your touches of balls or develop your other skills, she stays true to the quality and performance she promised herself.

17. Adidas Real Madrid Fbl Ball Men’s

With more than 10 league championships won, Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, if not the whole world. Adidas footballs are one of the best soccer balls of 2021 which gives you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a legendary club and designs this Real Madrid soccer ball. The latter can also be declined as an ideal gift for all lovers of the club, who today are more and more numerous.

Providing optimal control, it will make you play like a real pro. Adidas also offers countless models in this category, each performing well. If you have a fairly limited budget, therefore, the ideal would be to use online price comparison to make a better investment.

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