3 Best Travel Hair Dryers to Buy in 2021

Best Travel Hair Dryers of 2021

Among the recommended travel hair dryers, the Philips DryCare Essential BHD003 / 00 model is one of the best Travel Hair Dryers to Buy. It gained a lot of positive feedback from people who had the opportunity to test it.

The equipment has a durable ABS plastic housing that retains its original appearance for a long time from the moment of purchase. The dryer takes up little space in the suitcase, besides, it is possible to fold the handle. The device is very easy to carry and store.

The model is equipped with an air concentrator that facilitates efficient drying of the strands. The product is also appreciated for its simple, feminine design and high-quality power cord. However, if you did not like the presented model for some reason, we recommend that you learn about our other proposals.

The Remington D2400 tourist hairdryer also received a lot of positive opinions from Internet users. It has a foldable handle, so it fits easily even in a small suitcase or backpack. The set includes a concentrator that accelerates the drying of individual strands.

3 Best Travel Hair Dryers 2021

1. Philips DryCare Essential BHD003 / 00

The Philips DryCare Essential BHD003 / 00 tourist hairdryer is a device that could not be missing in our ranking. The device has a housing made of durable ABS plastic, which is not damaged by higher temperatures. The product has a delicate, feminine design.

The power of the travel hair dryer is 1400 W, and the length of the power cord is 1.8 m. It is made of durable materials, and also, it does not tangle. The 2-stage speed control allows you to adjust the device to your current needs. The dryer has a concentrator that facilitates efficient drying of the individual strands. Since the equipment has a foldable handle, it takes up very little space in the suitcase.

People who have tested this device have positive opinions about it, which prompts other consumers to buy it. The dryer effectively dries hair and turns out to be irreplaceable during trips. It is light, handy, and takes up little space. Philips DryCare Essential BHD003 / 00 is a travel hair dryer with a foldable handle. The power of the equipment is exactly 1400 W.

2. Remington D2400

The Remington D2400 has 1,400 watts of power and has 2-stage airflow and temperature controls. The foldable handle significantly facilitates the storage of the product. Since the dryer is light, it does not overburden your luggage. The power cord is 1.8 m long, so we do not have to worry that this element will adversely affect the comfort of use.

The product has a hanging bracket as well as a hub. This element makes it easier to dry and straighten your hair. The dryer can switch the voltage from 230 V to 240 V or 120 V. If we obtain a special adapter, we will be able to use the equipment in any country without any problems.

Power is considered the most important asset of the Remington D2400. The dryer works quickly and efficiently and is also extremely handy. Consumers also praise the presented product for its durability. Made of good quality plastic, the housing is resistant to mechanical damage, so do not worry that frequent use will negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of the equipment. Travel dryer Remington D2400 has a power of 1400 W. Model with 2-step power and temperature control.

3. Eldom HT99

Our list could not be complete without the Eldom HT99 model. It is a well-priced tourist hairdryer, the power of which is 1400 W. The product is distinguished by its attractive design. The white and purple casing features delicate flower decorations. Thanks to the 2 airflow speeds, we will definitely be able to quickly dry our hair and prepare it for going out.

Eldom equipment is very light and has compact dimensions, which means that it fits even in a small bag. Besides, the dryer is equipped with a foldable, well-profiled handle. The included concentrator can be extremely useful, especially for people who dream of smooth and straight strands. In turn, the overheating protection effectively prevents device failure.

According to the opinions issued by consumers, the presented model is ideal for people who travel frequently (especially due to their profession). The dryer is elegant and handy, and thanks to the hanging handle it is easy to store. The power of the equipment is 1400 W. The model has a white and purple casing.

Best Travel Hair Dryers of 2021

Which tourist hairdryer to choose from?

A tourist hair dryer will be useful for people who travel frequently. Having such equipment with us, we can be prepared for any circumstance. How to find a device that will not take up much space in a bag and will be comfortable to use? The answer to this question can be found in the guide below. We are sure that the tips in this article will help you make your choice, as well as the ranking of 3 models of popular brands at the end.

Anyone who dreams of the best travel hair dryer in 2021 should check a few basic parameters of the selected device. We are talking here, among others with power. The higher its value, the more effective the equipment will be.

The standard power of this type of product ranges from 1000 W to approx. 1500 W. The regulator of the airflow is also important. Touring models usually have 2-stage switches. Contrary to appearances, this is enough to quickly dry your hair and, if necessary, style it properly.

It is good if the purchased device allows us to change the temperature. Then we will be able to avoid scalp burns. Remember that too hot air supply hurts the condition of the bands. For this reason, the best travel hair dryers have two levels of temperature regulation.

Another, extremely important issue is the foldable handle. Thanks to this element, we can hide the device even in a small bag. Some models are additionally equipped with a special handle for hanging on a hanger. This type of solution also makes it easier to store the dryer and means that we can have it at our fingertips.

Often, together with the device, we get additional equipment in the form of a diffuser or a concentrator. These tips not only make it easier to dry your hair but also allow you to add volume and shape to your hairstyle. While on vacation, we usually do not want to spend time in front of the mirror, but such a functional dryer will definitely be useful, for example, when preparing for a romantic dinner.

An important advantage of travel dryers is that they can switch the voltage, for example from 230 V to 110 V. This means that we can use the device not only in Europe but also in the United States and Asia. For this purpose, it is enough to obtain a special adapter.


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