Best Trekking Shoes 2021 – 9 Best Hiking Shoes for Men & Women

Best Trekking Shoes 2021: Wearing good Hiking & Trekking footwear is very important when you go to do activities in Nature or the mountains since your comfort and safety will depend largely on it. The choice will depend on the type of terrain you are going to cross or the weather conditions you will encounter.

In this article, we are going to present you with our selection of the Best Hiking and Trekking shoes for women and men in the United States (USA) to Buy in 2021, based on our experience and the opinions of other users. Compared to boots, hiking shoes are usually lighter and although some protection is lost at the ankle, they offer you comfort and a greater feeling of contact with the terrain you are walking on.


Best Hiking & Trekking Shoes for Men and Women in 2021


  1. Merrell Moab 2 GTX – Ideal for Difficult Conditions and Terrain.

The American company Merrell, another of the best companies in the sector, has as one of its flagships the Moab 2 GTX trekking shoes. The acronym “Moab” means, according to Merrell, “Mother Of All Boats” (that is, “the mother of all boots”) which gives us an idea of ​​the confidence they have in them.

The shoes have a Gore-Tex membrane that makes them waterproof and breathable so that your feet are dry and protected even in the most difficult conditions, with rain and mud.


Best Hiking & Trekking Shoes for Women and Men in 2021 - Merrell Moab 2 GTX - Ideal for Difficult Conditions and Terrain.

They are robust shoes and are made with quality materials that make them very resistant and durable. They also incorporate a Vibram rubber sole that will give you great grip even on difficult mountain trails. It should be noted, however, that according to some users they can slip on some smooth wet surfaces.

Another advantage of the Moab 2 GTX is that they are comfortable shoes. Thanks to their EVA rubber insole with heel support, they fit the foot wonderfully and help prevent the dreaded chafing. When buying them, it is recommended to order at least one size larger than the one we usually use so that they fit us well.

In short, the Merrell Moab 2 GTX are resistant and durable mountain shoes, and with a very interesting price considering that they are waterproof.


Waterproof (Gore-Tex) and breathable.

Comfortable and durable.

Vibram outsole with great grip on difficult terrain.



They may lose some grip on smooth wet surfaces.


  1. Columbia Canyon Point Waterproof – Best for all types of surfaces.

Columbia is another leading American company in the outdoor activities sector with more than 80 years of experience. As its name suggests in English, Canyon Point Waterproof mountain shoes are waterproof.

Columbia uses its own Omnitech technology to make a waterproof, breathable, and seam-sealed membrane that guarantees maximum comfort even in wet and muddy conditions.


Columbia Canyon Point Waterproof – Best Trekking Shoe for all types of surfaces. 

The North American brand also incorporates its best technologies, Omni-Grip and Techlite, to the sole so that it provides the best grip on all types of roads, even on ice. They also offer great cushioning to absorb the impacts of the footsteps and that your legs suffer less.

These shoes are robust but light and fit perfectly to the foot. They are quite wide last so, in general, your usual size should fit you well. It must be said that they are shoes designed more for winter, so in summer they could give some heat.

Its price is quite attractive compared to other similar models. If we also take into account that we are talking about a brand of Columbia quality, we can assure you that the Canyon Point Waterproof is among the best trekking shoes of the moment.


Waterproof (Waterproof).

Great grip on all types of roads.

They fit perfectly.



They can get a bit hot in the summer.


  1. Salewa Wildfire Gore-Tex – Best for Demanding Conditions

The prestigious Italian brand Salewa has been manufacturing items for mountain sports for more than 80 years. Their Wildfire Gore-Tex trekking shoes are designed to withstand very difficult conditions, both weather, and terrain.

They have a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Extended lining that prevents the entry of rainwater or mud. Its cushioned Ortholite insole is designed to wick away moisture and help keep your feet dry.

The technologies developed by Salewa have made the shoes adapt to the foot and provide great support for the heel and ankle, as well as being robust and stable. Thanks to this you can walk comfortably and safely through highly technical areas, alpine approaches, steep ascents, and descents, etc.


Best Hiking And Trekking Shoes 2021 - Salewa Wildfire Gore-Tex – Best for Demanding Conditions


The rubber outsole performs well on all types of floors, hard and soft, and does not slip in the wet. It has also been designed with a climbing zone on the toe that makes it easy to lean on edges and difficult points on the ground.

As is often the case with Salewa footwear, they have a truly eye-catching and innovative design that does not leave you indifferent. When buying, many users recommend choosing at least half a number more than usual so that they do not squeeze.

The Salewa Wildfire mountain shoes have the high quality to which the brand has accustomed us and will fulfill with note both in simple excursions and in complicated journeys.


Waterproof (Gore-Tex Extended).

Great grip and toe cap with the climbing area.

Support and stability.



Attention when choosing a size.


  1. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX – Ideal for Steep Surface.

The French company Salomon is a benchmark in mountain sports and a synonym for quality. In the case of the X Ultra 3 GTX hiking shoes, we find one of their best-selling models that has been updated. Its appearance is modern and sporty and, among its qualities, the Gore-Tex membrane stands out, which makes them waterproof, keeping your feet dry when you walk in the rain, in muddy areas, etc.

Comfort is one of its main virtues. Salomon’s SensiFit system makes the shoe fit perfectly to the foot safely, also on descents. This, together with the protection of the toe cap and the exceptional grip of the sole, will allow you to move safely on all types of terrain for a long time.


Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX – Ideal for Steep Surface. - Best Hiking Shoes 2021

It is also interesting to highlight the lacing system. They use Quicklace laces, with quick and easy lacing, which are practically “hidden” to prevent them from snagging or tripping over them.

An important issue to consider is that Salomon tends to carve down. This means that when buying them it is advisable to ask, at least, one more number than is usually used so that they are not narrow.

For their quality, the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX is one of the best trekking shoes on the market and few can offer such high performance on all terrains.


Waterproof (Gore-Tex).

Very comfortable.

Quick-release laces.



Choose the size carefully.


  1. Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry – Ideal for any season.

The Peakfreak X2 Outdry hiking shoes are another very interesting model from Columbia that is having great success. They stand out for their Outdry technology, a waterproof membrane built in a single piece and joined to the outer fabric without seams and without leaving gaps, thus preventing the entry of water into the interior. This also includes the instep area, where the tongue is attached without leaving any gaps.

At the same time, the Outdry membrane offers good protection against the cold and great breathability to prevent feet from overheating in summer. Therefore, the shoes can be used with confidence throughout the year as long as the temperatures are not extreme.


Best Trekking Shoes - Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry – Ideal for any season


Columbia has incorporated other common innovations of its own into its designs. On the one hand, the Techlite midsole, very light, which provides great cushioning and return of energy to the footprint to walk comfortably for longer. There’s also the Omni-Grip rubber outsole. Its multidirectional studs effectively grip all types of surfaces, dry or wet, providing traction and safety.

They have a modern and sporty design but without being too extravagant, something that expands their possibilities of use. As for sizing, generally, your usual size should fit well, but if you have somewhat wide feet, it may be advisable to order at least half a size larger.

Due to their style and versatility, the Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry trekking shoes are one of the best allies that we can find for all our adventures in Nature.


Waterproof and breathable.

Outsole with great traction.

Light and comfortable midsole.



No notable drawbacks.


  1. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX – Best for Great Grip.

The German company Adidas needs no introduction. When we hear its name, we already know that we are going to find sports equipment that stands out for its quality and innovation.

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX are truly off-road hiking shoes. One of its main virtues is that it incorporates a Continental rubber sole that offers great cushioning and grip on all types of surfaces, even on wet ground. Therefore, they help to avoid slipping and possible injuries, which is an advantage over other models and will allow you to use them also in the city.


Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX – Best for Great Grip.


We are facing very comfortable shoes that adapt quickly and also have an inner Gore-Tex lining that makes them waterproof while achieving good perspiration.

Another interesting fact about the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX is that the fastening is made using elastic laces with quick lacing that is gathered so that they are not loose. This system prevents easy unraveling, accidental snagging, and tripping. Again, safety comes first.

Some users find these shoes a bit harsh at first, although it is a problem that usually resolves in a short time. Regarding the size to buy, it is usually advisable to order at least half a size more than our usual number to avoid them being a bit narrow.

In conclusion, if you are looking for quality and safety on all terrains, it can be assured that the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX trekking shoes will be one of the best options to consider.


Waterproof (Gore-Tex).

Great grip even in the wet.

Quick lacing elastic laces.



Maybe a little stiff at first.


  1. Salomon Outline GTX – Comfortable Shoes for all types of surfaces.

Another Salomon brand model to consider is the Outline GTX, a very versatile trekking shoe ideal for a multitude of activities. These shoes stand out for being tremendously comfortable. The construction of its last is like that of trail running shoes, which makes them flexible and very light (only 300 grams).

It also has the Energycell padding system in the midsole, which offers great shock absorption, and the upper has been designed without seams to fit like a glove. They incorporate a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, a special Salomon insole designed to wick away moisture, and a reinforced tongue that prevents dirt and mud from entering. All this will allow us to keep our feet cool and dry for a long time.


Salomon Outline GTX – Comfortable Shoes for all types of surfaces.


The Contagrip sole has good traction on all terrains, whether hard or soft, thanks to the arrangement of its studs. For its part, the laces are not the famous Quicklace but the normal ones, but the knots are resistant. In general, in this case, it is also advisable to get a size larger than the one we use in our usual footwear.

The design of the Salomon Outline GTX mountain shoes is also very beautiful and simple, which makes them perfect both for walking for hours and hours on trails, as well as for more casual use daily.


Waterproof (Gore-Tex).

Comfortable, light, and flexible.




The laces are not Quicklace.


  1. Columbia Redmond V2 – Ideal for Excursions and Long Walk

Columbia’s Redmond V2 hiking shoes are one of the best-selling models of the North American company. They stand out especially for their comfort from the first moment and, unlike others, they do not need a period of adaptation to the foot. Its Techlite midsole is made to absorb shocks for a long time and that the legs are more rested.

The Redmond V2 has other common features of the Columbia brand such as, for example, its multidirectional lug sole that does not leave marks and adheres to all types of terrain, even wet ones.

Columbia Redmond V2 – Ideal for Excursions and Long Walk


The waterproofing is a development of Columbia and, although it does not reach the level of Gore-Tex, it does have very good breathability. Due to their characteristics, they will be ideal for long excursions of medium difficulty or for walks and trips such as traveling the Camino de Santiago.

This time the sizing is quite successful so if you choose your usual number they will surely fit you. This is a very versatile model that adapts very well to different conditions. The Redmond V2 trekking shoes also have a more than attractive price considering that it is a brand of Columbia quality, which makes them one of the best options for hiking shoes.


Very comfortable from the first moment.

Lightweight and breathable.

Great shock absorption.



Intermediate waterproofing.


  1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent – Best for Summer, Dry & Hot terrain.

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent trekking shoes are one of the best options to consider when you go hiking in the summer or when you do not expect the shoes to get wet.

They do not come with a Gore-Tex lining and, therefore, they are not waterproof but in return what you gain is that they are lighter and above all very breathable. So in hot conditions or on long walks your feet will stay dry and comfortable for longer.


Merrell Moab 2 Vent – Best for Summer, Dry & Hot terrain.


The Vibram sole is very resistant and provides great grip and stability, especially on dry ground, although care must be taken on the smooth wet ground since, as sometimes happens in this type of footwear, it tends to slip a bit.

In addition to this, the shoes incorporate a protective toe cap and an air chamber in the heel to reduce the impact of the tread. So you can travel miles and miles in comfort and knowing that your feet are protected. On this occasion, it is also advisable to choose a size larger than what is generally used so that they fit well.

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent is, in conclusion, ideal hiking shoes for summer or dry weather thanks to its breathable fabric. This, together with their more affordable price than the waterproof models, make them a very interesting option.


Lightweight and highly breathable.

Great grip on dry terrain.

Comfortable and safe.



They are not waterproof.



This has been our selection of the best trekking or hiking shoes that can be found currently in the US market to buy in 2021. We hope it helped you choose the right Hiking and Trekking Boots for making your adventurous trip and journey more memorable.


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