5 Best Vegan (Cruelty-Free) Perfumes 2022

Best Vegan-Friendly Perfumes 2022

Vegan colognes are natural fragrances that do not have, among their ingredients, any animal derivatives. Some brands can be considered vegetarian but not vegan, as they continue to use ingredients like honey or beeswax, for example. So this is a point of great importance if you want to buy completely vegan-friendly perfumes.

The main characteristic, of course, is that the fragrance does not contain ingredients of animal origin. After that, the perfume must be of quality, and at this point, it does not differ too much from when we search for a traditional perfume. This should have a pleasant aroma, of your taste and that lasts with the passing of the hours. You should also consider the practicality of the container, dispenser, and price.

Vegan cosmetics have made their way and every day more companies join this initiative that goes far beyond being a simple fashion. However, as cosmetics have advanced, the fragrance area has been a bit relegated, so there are not as many vegan alternatives as we would like. Hence the need to define which are the best vegan and cruelty-free colognes and thus be able to contribute to a much better world but without sacrificing looking good and smelling delicious all day. 


5 Best Vegan-friendly Perfumes & Fragrances to Buy in 2022


1. Yardley London Freesia & Bergamot – Sweet Fragrance

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Among the many organic perfume options, this option from Yardley London is ideal if you are looking for a powerful and citrus fragrance that lasts on the skin for many hours afterward.

This perfume stands out for having a long-lasting, youthful, and sensual aroma. In addition, 90% of the ingredients are natural derivatives, so you can be sure that it is completely free of animal cruelty. Another advantage of this product is that it has an excellent value for money.

2. Jean & Len Alchimiste – Classic Fragrance

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If you are looking for cruelty-free perfumes but with a classic and unforgettable fragrance, you cannot stop trying Alchimiste by Jean & Len. It has a very soft, balanced, and natural floral aroma, making it a great option to use at all times, both during the day and on more formal occasions.

Your skin will feel and smell amazing after you use this subtle fragrance that combines magical aromatic molecules that will transport you to the best moments of your life. Jean & Len, on the other hand, is synonymous with quality and durability.

3. VANDINI Sensitive Eau de Parfum – Sensual Fragrance

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Of the different vegan fragrances, this one, in particular, stands out for having a delicate, discreet, sensual and so light aroma that it is ideal for summer and also for any other occasion. Its ingredients are a combination of violet, sandalwood, and water lily.

Despite being a predominantly floral fragrance, it is not very sweet. On the contrary, the aroma is balanced, understated, and at the same time strong enough to stand out. A great advantage of this perfume, in addition to its sustainability, is its affordable price and durability. Although the container is not very large, it is enough to apply a little perfume to enjoy its incredible smell, so it is very durable.

4. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar – Exotic Fragrance

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This exquisite Pacifica fragrance has an exotic and fresh aroma, with coconut and vanilla being the main protagonists. One characteristic that stands out about this perfume is its presentation, since it is not like a traditional perfume, but comes in a roll-on, which facilitates a much creamier and longer-lasting application.

This presentation, on the other hand, is ideal to carry in your bag and has a seductive and exotic aroma at all times. Take advantage and at the same time you touch up your makeup, put on a little more of this exquisite perfume. It is important to note that Pacifica is one of the best-known and respected cruelty-free perfume brands in the world, so you can buy it with absolute confidence that its products meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

5. Jean & Len Lily of the Valley – Romantic Fragrance 

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Another excellent alternative from Jean & Len is this floral perfume that highlights your sweetness and femininity. Apply a little of this vegan perfume to your neck, face, and hair for a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

The packaging of this fragrance is simple but very beautiful, an excellent representation of the content. The aroma, on the other hand, is balanced and remains intact on the skin throughout the day. Hence, it is a great selection based on quality and price, in addition, of course, to the brand’s commitment to a world free of animal cruelty.


What is a vegan perfume?

The vegan cosmetic is continually growing but not the case with the perfumes area. In this case, the change has been constant but much slower. Many people tend to believe that all perfumes are vegan, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that many recognized brands still use ingredients derived from animals, such as honey, and in other cases, they continue to test their products on them.

The true vegan brands are those that do not use animals to test their products and do not use any ingredient, even in a small proportion, that is derived from animals. It is an important aspect to consider since any perfume that does not comply with the above described is not considered vegan.


NON-VEGAN ingredients that you can find in perfumes

Reading the label of a perfume is not enough to assume that it is completely vegan. However, it is very interesting to know what are those NON-VEGAN ingredients that you can regularly get in perfumes without knowing that they are ingredients derived from animals.

  • Musk: This ingredient is made from the glands of the musk deer. However, some vegan perfumes try to reproduce this substance in a synthetic way to imitate this aroma.
  • Civet: this substance is derived from the secretions that are collected from the perineal gland of the civet cat.
  • Ambergris: in this case, it is a substance that is formed in the digestive tract of sperm whales.
  • Castoreum: substance collected from the secretions generated by beavers.
  • Hyraceum honey: a substance obtained from the hardened feces and urine of the mammal Cape hyrax (Procavia capensis) also known as Dassie.

The cosmetic vegan is much more than a trend or fashion. It is the generation of awareness of our environment and the search for solutions and alternatives that can supplant ingredients derived from animals in favor of a better world.

Buying a vegan perfume requires commitment on the part of the interested party, especially since there are not so many options available on the market yet. However, making this decision is to contribute a small grain of sand for a better world.


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