10 Best Vibrating Oscillating Platforms

10 Best Vibrating Oscillating Platforms

The vibrating platforms offer several training programs and are very helpful in keeping the body in good physical condition. If your schedule is busy, they are perfect for practicing at home.

There are a large number of models on the market. Out of all the products, here are the top 10 best vibrating platforms and machines to help you choose the right one for you.

Best Vibrating Oscillating Platforms

1. ISE SY-328 Vibrating Platform

ISE SY-328 Vibrating Platform

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ISE Vibrating Fitness Platform, Large Surface 67x36cm, 99 Speed ​​Levels with Bluetooth / USB / Remote Control, Ideal for Fitness and Bodybuilding | Rapid Weight Loss, Max 150 KG, SY-328 Silver. It is a vibrating platform with dimensions of 67 x 36 cm supporting a maximum of 150 kg.

Its integrated LCD screen allows you to view information such as vibration speed, calories, and time of use in real time. It has a 200 W motor, 5 training programs, 99-speed levels, and a remote control that makes it easy to set up.

2. ISE SY-329 Vibrating Machine

ISE SY-329 Vibrating Machine

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ISE Fitness Oscillating Vibrating Platform with Bluetooth, USB, Remote Control, Large Anti-Slip Surface 74×42 cm with 2 Resistance Bands, 5 Programs & 99 Speed ​​Levels, Max 150KG, SY-329 With dimensions of 74 x 42cm, this device has a non-slip surface and supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.

This model of ISE, unlike the SY-328, allows you through Bluetooth mode or the USB interface to listen to music while exercising.

The 5 predefined workout programs will allow you to have more synchronized workouts. It also has 99-speed settings and an LCD screen on which you can check the speed level and the time.

3. Bluefin Fitness Oscillating Platform

Bluefin Fitness Oscillating Platform

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This vibrating platform allows you to lose weight, and increase your muscle mass while eliminating calories. This model is not bulky, it has dimensions of 40 x 68 x 15cm. A vibrating platform with a motor, it weighs 17 kg and supports up to 150 kg.

The vibrations produced per second are between 5 and 12. The device has 180 levels of vibration intensity and 5 pre-configured automatic modes.

4. Sportstech VP200 Vibrating Machine 

Sportstech VP200 Vibrating Machine 

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Sportstech is one of the best high-performance and silent mid-range vibrating platforms to buy. With this vibrating platform, you will be able to improve your physical condition optimally.

Its 500 W motor stands out not only for its performance but above all for its ability to produce as little noise as possible. It comes with pull-up ropes that give you various options to train yourself focusing on arm and back exercises. Oscillating technology is the major asset of this platform.

The Sportstech VP200 is a machine that combines performance, technology, and power. You need to take 10 minutes of your daily time to devote to physical exercises on this platform. Weight loss, better blood circulation, and increased energy are the effects you will notice the fastest.

5. JUFIT JFF139C-Gold Vibrating Machine 

JUFIT JFF139C-Gold Vibrating Machine

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The power of the motor used in the device is 200 W. You can work several parts of your body with this machine. It admits a maximum load of 120 kg. It offers 30-speed levels and a timer allowing you to choose between 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Its LCD display allows you to visualize the level of your training as well as its duration. The oscillating technology of this model implies that the first results will take less time to manifest. Its dimensions are 61 x 33 x 12cm.

This vibrating platform is a model that allows relaxation and massage sessions that can be carried out, particularly on 3 parts of your body. It’s a stylish piece of equipment with decent dimensions which means it won’t take up enough space. Since the design materials are ABS and iron, the machine has a good service life.

6. Bluefin Fitness Vibrating Platform Pro

Bluefin Fitness Vibrating Platform Pro

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Bluefin Fitness Vibrating Platform Pro is one of the best-performing vibrating platforms on my list. It has interesting features such as its silent motor, its 180 intensity levels, and even integrated speakers.

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the performance of this platform. It weighs 29 kg with dimensions of 70 x 74 x 128cm and supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.

With regular and serious use for a few days, you will enjoy the benefits offered by this fitness equipment.

It will ensure you lose weight quickly enough and fight cellulite while strengthening your muscles. This model was made exceptionally to target difficult fatty areas while promoting the growth of your muscle mass simultaneously.

7. Sportstech VP300 Oscillating Machine 

Sportstech VP300 Oscillating Machine

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The best versatile vibrating platform, a model for all ages Sportstech Oscillating & Vibrating Platform VP300 3D Rocking Vibration Technology, Motor Power 2X1000W Max (Refurbished) It is a piece of equipment with large dimensions (80 x 45 cm) which will allow you to have more freedom to easily do certain exercises that you can also preprogram.

There are 120-speed settings to choose from, split between 60 levels horizontally and 60 levels vertically. The platform supports a maximum weight of 120 kg and is equipped with Bluetooth speakers for listening to music while exercising.

8. Bluefin Fitness 3D vibrating platform

Bluefin Fitness 3D vibrating platform

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The Bluefin brand platform combines 3D vibrations and oscillations for better efficiency. It offers you a way to burn calories using advanced technology.

The other particularity of this platform is that it has a dual-engine system. The dual motors are powerful and capable of providing a high-frequency drive.

In addition to being powerful, they are silent. The device offers 180 levels of vibration intensity, enough to leave you a good margin of choice whether you are an experienced athlete or not.

9. Sportstech Oscillating & Vibrating Platform VP300

Sportstech VP300 Oscillating Machine

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Like most vibrating platforms of the Sportstech brand, it is positioned among the best models through its quality and efficiency. It stimulates muscle growth by means of targeted vibrations.

High frequencies cause a lot of muscle contractions and therefore cause muscle development.

It is a piece of equipment equipped with two powerful motors of 1000 W each. It offers a large area of ​​800 x 450 mm to perform your exercises safely.

120-speed levels are optional for greater maneuverability. The device’s double motors guarantee better performance.

10 – Sportstech VP400: Vibrating Platform

Sportstech VP400: Vibrating Platform

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Sportstech VP400 Professional Fitness Oscillating Vibrating Platform with 4D vibration technology, frequency up to 40Hz curved design, 2 powerful motors, remote control, and touch screen. Offering a maximum frequency of 40 Hz, the Sportstech VP400 vibrating platform ensures optimal muscle activation.

Indeed, the low frequencies (5-12Hz) favor the training of mobilization, relaxation, and balance. The half frequencies (12-20Hz) allow muscle coordination training, elongation, and muscle relaxation. And the high frequencies offered by this platform help increase performance, and endurance and restore muscle strength.

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