Best Ways to Unlock Android Phones

10 Best Ways to Unlock Android Phone

Wondering which are the Best Ways to unlock an Android phone without using a password or a pattern? Follow these simple steps to unlock Android smartphones. For privacy, the majority of people probably use a screen lock pattern or password on their smartphones.

To prevent unauthorized access to your mobile device and personal data, it is critical to configure a screen lock password or pattern. The built-in pattern lock feature provides an additional layer of security for the Android smartphone.

It is necessary to configure the handset’s pattern lock to protect personal files from prying eyes. However, technology has advanced, and now mobile phones with fingerprint sensors are available. However, those phones also include an option to unlock them via password or pattern.

While the pattern lock protects the device from unauthorized access, the primary issue arises when the pattern lock is forgotten.

You must have encountered some harrowing situations when you accidentally forgot the pattern lock or password that was recently set on your Android device.

If you already know how to unlock Android phones without a password, that’s great; otherwise, you’ll need to learn the best tricks for unlocking Android phones without a password or pattern.

Best Ways to Unlock Android Phone

Nowadays, there are numerous lock apps for Android smartphones designed to maintain privacy. However, it has been discovered that people frequently forget their unlocking passwords and patterns.

You do not have to be an expert to unlock the locked Android device using your enchanted fingers and technological prowess! How to unlock Android phones without having technical expertise if you’ve forgotten the password or pattern? It is a frequently asked question on the internet.

These individuals would undoubtedly prefer to learn how to unlock Android phones rather than pay mobile repair professionals. Would you like to learn the best methods for unlocking an Android phone that has been locked? You have arrived at the correct location!

1. Using the Android SDK to disable the lock screen

Save, install, and extract the appropriate Android SDK’s contents and files. This trick will work if the device’s developer menu has USB debugging enabled.

This is a trick that requires extreme concentration and a keen understanding of the process. After following the step-by-step procedure, you must disconnect the USB cable and restart your phone.

You can conduct exclusive research to determine the most appropriate trick for your device and situation. The methods mentioned above are tried and true methods that experts use to unlock Android-powered smartphones.

2. Unlocking Samsung Android-powered devices

If you own a Samsung device that runs Android, you can utilize the Find My Mobile feature. Visit Samsung’s website at This trick is valid for devices registered with this tool.

The device must establish an internet connection. Log in with your Samsung account information. You’d be able to obtain a list of available options. You must select the Unlock My Screen option from the Protect My Device header.

3. Unlocking an Android Phone without ID and Password

If your Android phone becomes locked after attempting the incorrect pattern more than 20 times, you will be prompted to enter your Google account ID and password. If you are unsure of your ID/Password, simply switch off your phone. Y

ou must now hold down three keys simultaneously, namely the menu key, the power key, and the ‘+’ volume key. When the brand’s name appears on the screen, simultaneously press the three keys!

On the screen, you should now see Android system recovery. Using the volume keys, select the option—wipe data/factory reset. When you select the ‘Yes’ option, the device will be reset and unlocked.

4. Unlocking an Android device without the Internet

Switch off the Android device and simultaneously press the Power button and the volume ‘+’ key. Select factory reset/wipe data from the ‘Choose recovery mode’ menu. Select ‘Yes—delete user data.’ Now restart the device; it is now unlocked!

5. Recover data from an Android device without unlocking it

How to easily unlock Android phones without erasing their data? It is not simple, but it is not difficult either! Install the Android phone’s USB driver on the computer.

You must flash a custom recovery image onto the device, such as Cwm, Twrp, or Ctr. Reboot the device and save the ADB fast boot drivers from the manufacturer’s website. You must extract it from a folder of your choice.

Once the device has successfully rebooted, configure the device’s custom recovery by selecting the Mounts and Storage option. This step transfers the Android device’s data folder to the PC’s storage location. Simply restart the phone now. Without erasing any data, your phone reboots and the device unlocks.

6. Pattern Lock Bypass

If the above method of unlocking Android phones using simple steps does not work for you, try bypassing the pattern lock. The locked Android device must have an active data connection.

After five incorrect patterns, you will receive a notification to try again in 30 seconds. Following that, you’ll see the option ‘Forgot Password,’ which you must tap.

The final step of this trick is to enter the locked device’s Gmail address and password. Create a new pattern lock by logging in!

7. Unlocking an Android phone after the number of attempts exceeded

While you’re learning about the best methods for unlocking Android phones if you’ve forgotten the password or pattern, you can’t afford to overlook this method.

When a user forgets the unlocking pattern, it is natural to attempt unlocking the device, but these attempts may be futile if the maximum number of pattern attempts is exceeded.

With this trick, you can simply avoid exceeding the device’s maximum number of attempts and attempt as many times as necessary until the device is unlocked.

Hold down the power button and select the reboot option, which will cause the device to reboot automatically! This trick is simple, and you can enter the possible unlocking patterns without erasing the device’s data.

8. Using ADM to unlock a locked Android phone

If you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without performing a factory reset, you can use ADM! ADM- Android Device Manager enables anyone to quickly unlock a locked Android device from a desktop or laptop computer.

Open the Android device manager website in the web browser on your desktop computer. Log in with your Google credentials. Select the lock option that appears on the site.

Replace your current password with a new one and confirm it. Reset the new password on the locked Android phone by rebooting it. You now can unlock your phone!

9. Increasing the size of the Password Lock Screen

You can use this trick if you have an Android device running version 5.0-5.1.1. This technique enables you to bypass the password lock screen.

Additionally, this method does not apply to devices that are protected by a PIN or pattern. Additionally, this method is inapplicable to devices running earlier versions of Android.

10. Resetting the Android phone to factory settings

The simplest method of unlocking any locked Android phone is to perform a factory reset! Turn off your Android phone and wait a few seconds. Simultaneously press the ‘+’ volume key and the power button. Your Android device’s screen will display the recovery mode.

Choose the Factory reset option from the menu. You will be presented with a menu of options from which you must choose Wipe Cache Partition to Clean Data. Once the process is complete, you can turn on your phone. It has been unlocked!

This method will undoubtedly unlock the device, but the downside is that you will lose all of your saved data in the phone’s memory, as this method will delete everything. However, if you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without a Google account, this is it.

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