What is Home Automation System, its Functions, and How it Works

What is Home Automation System and How it Works

Home Automation System: Why and How to Install it in Your Home?

A home automation system brings together different techniques to control, program, and automate a home. In recent years, home automation has invaded more and more homes. But what does a home automation system really consist of, what is its role and functions, and how do you install it in your home? This is what we will explain in detail in this article!


What is a home automation system?

Home automation can be defined as the set of techniques that centralize the control of different devices in the house or in a building. More precisely, home automation thus brings together the different techniques for controlling, programming, and automating a home. It brings together the fields of electronics, IT, telecommunications, and automation.

For example, thanks to home automation, you can program most of the appliances and electrical devices in your home, whether they are lighting, heating, audiovisual equipment, and appliances, or even window opening.

In other words, a home automation system is the set of information and telecommunications electronics technologies used in homes that aim to provide security, comfort, energy management, and communication functions.

What are the 5 functions of home automation?

Home Automation ensures multiple automatic functions and is reasoned in your home. These functions combine control, comfort, security, energy-saving, and communication. These are thus integrated and managed by a single intelligent technology that adapts to your needs.

Precisely, to best meet our needs, home automation must be able to manage 5 essential and essential functions: lighting, temperature, security, energy, and remote control.


1. Lighting

Lighting control is one of the key elements of home automation. Home automation lighting effectively improves the comfort of residents because it allows you to create pre-programmed lighting atmospheres but also to reduce your electricity bill since your energy consumption will automatically be reduced. The light in unoccupied rooms will be effectively switched off by the system.

In other words, you can centralize all your lights on the remote control or on a control box. No need to go back and forth to switches to turn a light on or off. Home automation lighting allows you to save energy. The investment in a home automation system will quickly pay for itself by the savings made on your electricity bills.


2. Temperature

The second area where home automation can greatly simplify your life is temperature. Indeed, thanks to home automation, you can enjoy smarter heating, much more advanced than a simple thermostat. The heating home automation system makes it possible to program the start-up and the temperature of the electric radiators according to pre-established scenarios and by device thanks to the central control.

Currently, some radiators are equipped with sensors that detect the presence and opening of windows. Some installations are even equipped with regulators smart enough to define by learning the best conditions that will ensure optimal comfort.

You are probably wondering what are the advantages of home automation heating. Know that it will already allow you to improve the thermal comfort of your home by allowing you to regulate the operation of your heating. Plus, you can be sure you’re saving money on your energy bill. Thanks to home automation, you can interact with central heating, auxiliary heating, the heat pump, and your other heating equipment.


3. Security

Another popular home automation application is smart home security. Indeed, many hesitate to go on vacation without worrying about the safety of their accommodation. But with home automation, you can leave with complete peace of mind. Why? Because home automation allows you to simulate a presence at your home to avoid intrusions. Thus, the lighting and the opening and closing of the shutters will be managed as if you are at home, while you are sunbathing at the beach!

For example, if ever an individual breaks into your home, or if a danger is detected, then a home automation alarm will be triggered automatically. The system will also send a silent signal to the security company to alert them of the home invasion or danger. In addition, home automation can also initiate emergency measures if necessary. For example, if a flood is detected then the water supply will be automatically cut off.

Home automation thus allows you to make your home as secure as possible thanks to various systems, in particular alarms and automation. Concretely, the home automation system will improve the security of your home by integrating different systems such as sensors, alarms, video door entry units, and connected locks.


4. Energy

As we pointed out to you previously, home automation solutions allow you to better manage your energy consumption, which will allow you to achieve significant energy savings. By opting for a home automation system, you will reduce your electricity consumption in heating and air conditioning ( heat pump ), lighting, and for the operation of most of your electrical devices.

You thus avoid a lot of wasted energy thanks to programming and automation. Thanks to home automation, you can control your consumption of electricity, water, and gas. More precisely, home automation would make it possible to save on average between 10 and 40% on the energy bill.


5. Remote Control

Control your house remotely? Is this science fiction? Well no. This is already available nowadays and you can even take advantage of it right now. The evolution of technology has effectively increased the potential of home automation by now allowing you to control your home even when you are not inside. Whether you are at work, on vacation or on a stroll outside, you can control your home from anywhere just by connecting to a PC, tablet or smartphone.

You will be able to close all the shutters of your house with the press of a single button or an application. The control unit, in other words, the box that connects all the elements of the house, serves as a receiver and constitutes the nerve center of home automation. It is via this central that you can perform actions automatically, and remotely.


What are the elements that make up a home automation system?

You should know that the home automation system consists of a wired or wireless network, the home automation box, sensors, actuators, not to mention, elements of the house to be automated. If you have a connected homework project, here is the equipment you need to buy.


Wired or Wireless Network

We must indeed make the difference between wired home automation and wireless home automation. The wired home automation implies a convergence of all electrical departures to the central switchboard. This central panel has several elements such as a power circuit that connects different loads to the control circuit. This technology is both stable and secure and although the distance between devices is great, it will not be a problem. In addition, wired home automation does not emit any waves and does not require changing the battery.

Wireless home automation integrates different technologies and protocols such as infrared, WiFi, or radio waves. This wireless home automation system is a scalable installation that makes it easy to equip a smart home without doing heavy work. Wireless can also be adapted to your current installation and offers simplification of cables and allows secure data transmission. Wireless home automation provides communication comfort and its price is relatively affordable depending on the brand and the product you choose.

One of the best home automation solutions of the moment is based on the Z-Wave Plus WiFi radio protocol.


The Home Automation Box: Transmitter Module

Home automation works like a circuit made up of several essential components. A central computer is linked to the transmitter, detector, and receiver modules. The transmitter module receives and transmits the commands from the central computer to the receiver module. Depending on the home automation system you have chosen, the home automation box can also act as a controller.


Sensors: Detector Modules

Sensors are various recognition devices. These sensors detect information and send it to the pilot who, in turn, will trigger the reactions of the actuators. These sensors can be cameras, microphones, or even various measurement tools. They can thus be logical, physical or chemical analog, digital, digital, or, finally, biometric.

The detector module contributes to the security of the house. This module detects unusual events, for example, intrusions, incidents in the house, and transmits this information to the central computer.


Actuators: Receiver Modules

Actuators are the devices that receive commands from the pilot device. They can thus turn on or off the devices concerned and are the apparent manifestation of home automation. Receiver modules plug into an electrical outlet. They receive plugs from household appliances and perform tasks.


The elements of the house to be automated

Home automation systems can be grouped into four categories: openings, security, entertainment, and energy saving. The openings bring together the roller shutters, the gates, and the garage door. Security includes fire alarms and extinguishing in particular. Entertainment is the devices to be operated by voice commands such as television, consoles, etc. Finally, energy saving regulates heating and lighting issues.


What are the main electronics brands specializing in home automation?

There are many brands of electronics offering connected home automation solution equipment. We have selected the best that offer quality products. Among the most popular brands are Apple, Castorama, CPL, Delta Dore, Google and Google Home, KNX, Lenovo, Leroy Merlin, Logitech, Microsoft, Philips, and Philips hue, RTS, Samsung, Sony, Technologie, Toshiba, Vmc, Rexel and Zigbee.


What is the cost of a Home Automation System?

The price of a home automation system varies from 5,000 euros to 20,000 euros depending on the home automation system of your choice. Note that the installation of a home automation alarm is also around 5,000 euros. The cost of installing a demonized electric roller shutter also varies from 230 euros to 270 euros. Also count around 500 euros for 10 switches in a home automation lighting network, and around 400 euros, the price of automated gates.

The automated garage door also varies by structure. The assembly of a steel door varies between 300 and 4,000 euros, an aluminum model is estimated between 300 to 4,500 euros, PVC doors are accessible from 250 euros, and a domotized wooden garage door costs 700 to 3,000 euros.

The installation of lights with a presence detector could cost you around 60 euros and, finally, know that the annual maintenance of a home automation network varies between 100 to 500 euros.


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Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison 2021

Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison Which One to Buy in 2021

Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison Which One to Buy in 2021

Samsung has in its catalog two of the most valued wireless headphones today. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison. While the former we met last August, the latter broke in at the beginning of the year. The two models are among the best headphones of 2021 and are intended to offer good audio quality, with a comfortable and lightweight design.

However, many of the improvements introduced in the Buds Pro can be found in the Galaxy Buds 2. In any case, given that they are two different models, we are going to analyze their main differences so that you yourself can weigh which ones are best for you.

Galaxy Buds 2 Vs Galaxy Buds Pro

At first glance, the two headphones have a similar design. They are quite small and rounded, although the Galaxy Buds Pro has included an air outlet, which is responsible for releasing the pressure from the ear by allowing better airflow. This outlet also helps reduce the impact of the headphones on the ear canal.

We can say that the two models adapt quite well to the ear. Their design allows them to fit perfectly, avoiding unwanted movements while exercising or moving. Another thing they share is their two-way acoustic design. This means that inside them we find two speakers: a woofer, which is responsible for reproducing the mid frequencies and bass, as well as a tweeter to reproduce the treble. The quality in both is quite good, although we will talk more about it now.

In terms of dimensions, the Buds 2 measure exactly 17 x 20.9 x 21.1 mm and have a weight of 5 grams. For its part, the Buds Pro measure 19.5 x 20.5 x 20.8 mm and weigh 6.3 grams, so they are somewhat less light and a bit heavier.


Sound Quality and Active Noise Cancellation

Both the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro have active noise cancellation. This is a very interesting feature for those of us who like to isolate ourselves from the world from time to time. With it we can eliminate background noise almost entirely (up to 99% according to Samsung itself), being able to regulate it according to our needs. It is also possible to turn it off completely. In turn, this feature will improve the sound experience, which is exactly what we look for the most when we choose headphones of this type.

As we say, this cancellation is customizable, so we can choose how much noise we want to cancel, but the most striking thing is that it is also intelligent. This means that the headphones will detect when we are speaking, automatically switching to Ambient Sound mode. In this way, we can listen to our interlocutor without problems.

For its part, inside both headphones, there are two speakers included, something that is not normal to find in wireless headphones. As we explained a little above, we have a woofer (responsible for reproducing the mid and bass frequencies (up to 20 Hz). But we also have a 6.5-millimeter tweeter, which will reproduce the highest frequencies (up to 20 kHz).

It should be noted that the Buds Pro includes 360 ​​Audio technology, which will allow you to enjoy a more realistic sound. There is also no lack of Dolby Head Tracking technology. This provides them with an intelligent sensor, which allows them to detect the direction of the sound according to the position of the user’s head. Really the quality in the two headphones is spectacular. Both one and the other will give us a very satisfactory experience.



The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Pro arrive with a USB type C connection. They also boast the Auto Switch function. Thanks to it, when the headphones are linked with the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, they are ready to connect to one or another device depending on the context. In this way, if we are browsing on the tablet and a call comes in on the phone, we can answer it at that moment from the headphones without having to connect them to the mobile. It is done completely automatically.



Another aspect that headphones have in common is the battery. Both include a 61 mAh, more than ready to offer up to 5 hours of music playback. If they are in the case, they will stay charged for another 13 hours. If the noise cancellation system is off, then the playback time will increase, being able to enjoy 8 hours on a charge and 20 hours inside the case.

If for any reason you need to use the headphones and you have no battery, it is important that you know that they have fast-charged. Thus, in just five minutes you will enjoy an hour of autonomy. And with Wireless PowerShare it will be possible to charge the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro by placing them on the back of the device.


Buds Pro vs Buds Pro: Which one to buy?

As we have seen in this comparison, there are few differences between the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and The Buds Pro, except for the air outlet and the design. The audio quality and the most important features like noise cancellation, smart functions, or battery are the same in both.

The Buds 2 are slightly cheaper and you can find them on the official Samsung website at a price of 150 euros in four different colors. For its part, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is available on the Samsung website at a price of 189 euros in two colors to choose from.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 

Buy Now


Samsung Galaxy Pro

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imoo Z6 Watch Phone A Children Smartwatch Price and Features

imoo Z6 Watch Phone A Children Smartwatch

imoo Z6 Watch Phone A Children Smartwatch at Reasonable Price 

Buying a smartwatch for children is not an easy task: Beyond comparing models, you must take into account the safety of children. This is what imoo has focused on with the Z6 Watch Phone, a children’s smartwatch that entertains children, but with security options so that parents are calm. Here is the review of Imoo Z6 Watch Phone here we tell you our opinion about this children’s gadget.

And it is that in a world in which our children are surrounded by dangers, technology plays a very important role. This is how smartwatches for children are a good option if what you want is to have yours controlled. Or that it also helps you check notifications, make video calls, or simply wear it on your wrist.

The imoo Z6 Watch Phone is a clear example of what we have been saying. A watch that combines multiple functions, and will help parents to be calmer while the little ones are somewhat away. If you want to know more about him, do not stop reading. Here we review its five main keys.


imoo Z6 Watch Phone : A safe Children’s Watch

At first glance, the imoo Z6 Watch Phone is a watch that does not go unnoticed. It has a robust design, albeit with a futuristic aesthetic. It is a quality watch with German safety certification TüV SüD WT-Mark, which promises material safety, anti-fall safety, and water resistance (IP68). This is always appreciated in a smartwatch for children since they do not stop for a second.

The watch features a 1.41-inch touch AMOLED panel, which can be folded down for convenience. It is possible to place the screen at different angles and use it for example raised when making a video call. Its resolution is 320 x 360 pixels and is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass system.

Front and Rear Dual Camera

The imoo Z6 Watch Phone includes a 5MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera with f / 2.2 aperture and support for autofocus. The watch ensures sharp photos and video calls. In addition, the sensor is coated with sapphire crystal and an anti-fingerprint system, which makes it more durable even for the most active children.


Location with Google Maps and maximum security

If there is something that makes these watches fabulous, it is that we can have more vigilance over our children when we cannot be by their side. This particular model has satellite GPS, a base station (BS), acceleration sensors, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, and GLONASS. This means that we will know exactly where they are at all times, monitoring the status through the imoo app. Through this, we can find your location or know your state of movement.

Likewise, it is possible to configure predefined areas to receive messages when our child enters or leaves a place, such as a friend’s house or school. It should be noted that the connection is guaranteed at all times thanks to the integrated 16 frequency band 4G.

“Class mode” for distraction-free learning

Another key to this imoo Z6 Watch Phone is that it has the Class Mode function. By configuring it, we can define the time and duration of the class from the app so that the clock works like a normal clock with only urgent calls to and from the administrator. In this way, we will ensure that our child does not suffer interruptions or can be easily distracted. To all this, we must add a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor along with an 8 GB RAM, which will be responsible for making the watch work like silk.

Automatic Step Counter

Physical exercise is very important to ensure the good health of our children. In this case, the imoo Z6 Watch Phone includes a step counter with intelligent fitness tracking to monitor the level of activity. Plus, this counter goes the extra mile by allowing you to connect with friends to compare daily step ratings for increased motivation.

And if you are worried that so many functions can quickly drain the battery, nothing to see. The watch equips a 680 mAh, which promises several days of use. In any case, the duration will depend a lot on the use that is given to it, so if your child uses video calls a lot or the camera will have to charge it almost daily.


imoo Z6 Watch Phone Price and Availability

Buying a children’s watch involves studying all the advantages it offers, and also its risks. The imoo Z6 Watch Phone is available to buy now at a price of 219 euros in purple or green colors.

Buy Now


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Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad Price and Features

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad Price and Features

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad Compatible With All Android Phones 

The cloud gaming revolution has brought new and better devices, and for better performance, precision and convenience are necessary. If you are looking for a video game controller for mobile, Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad is one of the most interesting options for you at a reasonable price. And it is that the gamer market has evolved at a dizzying speed and the use of a mobile control is essential in our Smartphone that has become the protagonist.

Gamesir comes to update the experience after the success achieved with the X2 type-c controller with a new model whose features pro gamers will love. The Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad guarantees wireless connectivity with Android 8.0 and iOS 13.0 operating systems and has Apple’s MFi certification.

Gamepad Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Features

It is enough to align the ends of the Smartphone with the mobile control to turn our equipment into a game center in the best style of a portable console. The X2 fits phones up to 173mm in length, has a soft rubber grip that fits ergonomically in your hands.

The Gamersir improves the gaming experience thanks to its functions adapted to the requirements of modern platforms: classic ABXY design, improved D-Pad with e-sports buttons customizable to the user thanks to the company’s APP, in addition to customizable three-level turbo. If you’re interested in sending game footage, the mobile controller includes a built-in screenshot switch.

High performance leads to long-endurance, which is why switch microswitches have a lifespan of up to 3 million times. Its innovative design includes improved air circulation and rapid heat dissipation, and its 500 mAh battery will give you plenty of time to play on a single charge.


Price and Availability 

Quality has its price, so if you want to raise your level of play you have to pay the cost. Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad is available at an approximate price of € 54.95. Lovers of cloud games have a professional-level ally on their hand’s thanks to the potential of this mobile controller that is compatible with multiple popular gaming platforms and whose performance offers an exceptional experience on our mobile.


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Xiaomi Unveils Micro LED Smart Glasses Price and Features

Xiaomi Unveils Micro LED Smart Glasses Price and Features

Xiaomi Unveils Micro LED Smart Glasses Price, Design, and Features 

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses are official: It is a new smart wearable device that reminds us of the Huawei glasses presented a while ago. The new Xiaomi glasses combine an integrated imaging and sensor system in a simple and subtle design, thanks to MicroLED optical waveguide technology.

Weighing just 51 grams, Xiaomi Smart Glasses are capable of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, browsing, taking photos, and translating texts before your eyes. Let’s see its characteristics in detail.

To achieve the shape of ordinary glasses, Xiaomi’s innovation team has faced great challenges in terms of image and arrangement of internal components. The smart glasses Xiaomi adopt micro-led imaging technology to reduce the space required in structural design. The luminescent materials used in MicroLED ensure a long-lasting product experience, while offering great luminosity.

To fit the imaging system within the frame, MicroLED is certainly the perfect choice. Like OLEDs, the pixels of MicroLEDs are individually illuminated: thus, their emissive property allows for brighter screens and deeper blacks. But MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density and a longer lifespan while having a simpler structure. This makes a more compact screen possible, as well as easier integration of the same.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses incorporate an image processor that measures only 2.4 mm x 2.02 mm. Under a microscope, the screen is roughly the size of a grain of rice, with individual 4μm pixels, allowing the screen to fit snugly into the frame of the glasses.

In order for the light to pass through the optical structures before reaching the eye, even in direct sunlight conditions, Xiaomi has opted for an ultra-efficient monochrome screen solution, capable of reaching a maximum brightness of 2 million nits.

However, the light beams must be refracted before reaching the eyes. By adopting an optical waveguide lens that refracts lights 180 °, the MicroLED screen accurately transmits light beams to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens.

The grating structure etched into the inner lens allows light to be refracted in a unique way, safely directing it towards the human eye. The refraction process consists of diffusing the light countless times, allowing the human eye to see a complete image and greatly increasing the ease of use when wearing the complete position.

All of this is done within a single lens, rather than using complicated multi-lens or mirror systems as other products do. Optical waveguide technology significantly reduces the size and weight of the device and thus allows smart glasses to come close to the design of traditional glasses.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses, as you can see, they are not virtual reality glasses, but they integrate a large number of miniature sensors and communication modules, so they are not a simple “second screen” for your smartphone, but rather they function as a new terminal. intelligent with independent operation capability.

In addition to basic notifications, call display, etc., you can also independently complete functions such as browsing, taking pictures, and translating the text into pictures. Considering usage, logical key interaction has also been implemented to minimize interruptions at inopportune times, and display important information on time when it’s critical.

The camera on the front of the glasses can also take photos and translate the text of the photos taken, which is very convenient when traveling. The indicator light next to the camera glows when the camera is in use to indicate that photos are being taken.

To achieve this high level of functionality, the glasses are equipped with a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touch panel, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules, Android operating system, etc. Even with all these features, the device only weighs 51 grams. All this makes it possible for Xiaomi Smart Glasses to conform to the shape of traditional glasses, but to surpass other existing smart glasses in functionality.


Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price and Release Date

After Ray-Ban Smart Glass, Xiaomi introduces its new Smart Glasses, however, the company hasn’t revealed the release date of the glasses. Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price ranges from $200 to $300 USD.


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10 Best Vertical Mouse of 2021 to Reduce Wrist Strain

10 Best Vertical Mouse to Reduce Wrist Strain

Best Vertical Mouse to Reduce Wrist Strain in 2021

If your wrist is sore after a long day at the office, it might be time to invest in a vertical mouse. Although it takes some getting used to, vertical mice may offer a more natural sense of grip and a lower risk of pain and carpal tunnel syndrome than you would find with more traditional computer mice. But how do you know if you have the best verticle mice?

We’ve picked 10 of the best vertical mouse 2021 models and we’ve included detailed specifications, an analysis of the best features, and a detailed buying guide that can help you cut out the essentials and focus on what matters. Read on to learn everything you need to know.


10 Best Vertical Mouse / Mice of 2021


1. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Buy Now

With this mouse, Anker might come up with a simple design, but the $ 20 price tag speaks for itself, and the elegance at work here is textured by the solid quality of life features. The traditional two-button design is complemented by two thumb buttons that allow you to easily switch back and forth – a plus that can help you with everything from surfing the web to more serious gaming.

The three different DPI settings allow you to find the cursor speed best suited to your particular sensitivities. This vertical mouse is completely wireless, so you don’t have to worry about a tangle of cords.


2. DXT DXT02W Ergonomic and Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Buy Now

The Kinesis DXT2 features a somewhat unusual design for a vertical mouse – eschewing the traditional grip for something looser. But it’s all part of the plan. By consulting with psychotherapists, we were able to design a mouse that is comfortable while giving you much more precise control than a typical vertical mouse.

This design helps you get the most out of your DPI settings and makes it a suitable choice for left-handed and right-handed people alike. It may take some getting used to a fingertip grip rather than a full grip on the joints, but it pays off.


3. LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice

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Most vertical mice have a design that clearly sets them apart from traditional mice, but the LuguLake does things differently. Their vertical mouse is essentially a more traditional side-layered mouse, making it a solid choice for people who are still getting used to navigating with a vertical mouse.

And with a price of just 10 euros, the barrier to entry is practically zero. But just because it’s an inexpensive entry-level model doesn’t mean it’s disposable. Button switches are designed for 8 million clicks, which means they can meet your needs for years to come.


4. Rechargeable 2.4GHz LEKVEY vertical optical mice

Buy Now

If you need a vertical mouse that is well suited for productivity or even gaming, you might want to consider this model from LEVKEY. Six buttons give you the power to navigate more easily, and that includes forward and backward buttons to move around your browser more easily.

And thanks to the wide compatibility between Windows and Linux devices, you don’t have to worry about downloading drivers to get it up and running. Best of all, it uses a rechargeable battery instead of AAA batteries, which can save costs in the long run.


5. VM4R Scalable Vertical Mouse 4

Buy Now

If you want to buy a vertical mouse-based purely on mainstream popularity, you’ll want to get an Evolutive vertical mouse. Fortunately, their reputation is well deserved. While the VM4R costs close to a hundred dollars, it’s easily one of the best mice you can find today.

The larger size is perfectly molded for a grip, and all buttons are easily accessible with your fingertips. The mouse is equipped with a scroll wheel and can adjust sensitivity levels on the fly, up or down. Best of all, programmable buttons facilitate a more productive experience.


6. J-Tech Ergonomic Vertical USB Wired Digital Mouse

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The J-Tech digital mouse has the flamboyance of a gaming accessory, but its design is entirely in the service of ergonomics that suits you. The blue LED backlight can be pulled out completely if you want something a little more inconspicuous, and that goes for the wrist rest as well.

Optical tracking technology is built in to improve the sharpness of performance, and that’s a good thing since this mouse can reach a sensitivity level of 1600. This DPI can be adjusted at will with built-in buttons, and functionality. Similar is available for scrolling through sites.


7. Logitech MX Wireless Mouse

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Logitech produces some of the best conventional mice, but the MX is proof that their talents can be applied to the vertical mouse market just as well. Tilted at an angle of 57 degrees, this mouse features an ergonomic design that reduces the strain on your wrist from a full vertical or horizontal mouse.

It can connect wirelessly to your computer using a USB flash drive or the built-in Bluetooth connection, and the maximum sensitivity of 4000 DPI goes far beyond what a typical vertical mouse can offer. But perhaps the most interesting feature is Logitech Flow, which lets you browse multiple computers at once.


8. Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse

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Jelly Comb is a pretty apt name for this model, as this wireless vertical mouse looks like a more conventional mouse that has been deformed into a jelly shape. It’s lifted at a more subtle angle than many of its contemporaries, making it one of the best choices if you’re still used to the shape and feel of a mouse. And the price under 20 euros makes it a very attractive option for curious consumers who are not entirely convinced of the benefits offered on the wrist or fingers.


9. Ergonomic mouse Adesso iMouse E9

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Left-handed mice are still quite rare, so it’s nice to see a model specifically tailored to the needs of left-handed people. A DPI button is very accessible with your thumb, so you can change sensitivity anytime, anywhere, and the impressive optical sensor works on virtually any surface you can view. Back and forward buttons are included for easy navigation in your browser. The low-slope design strikes a balance between standard mice and more ergonomic upright models, resulting in a natural feel in all circumstances.


10. NPET VM10 Wireless Vertical Mouse

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NPET’s VM10 is kind of a monstrosity, but it’s an effective monstrosity. Its bulky and slightly heavier frame is designed to mold perfectly to your hand in the shaking position and leave your wrist comfortably positioned, and it offers full compatibility with any operating system you might find yourself using.

And thanks to the soft finish of the plastic coating, you won’t have to worry about your hand cramping, even if you find yourself squeezing too hard. Although it’s designed wirelessly, latency won’t be an issue, even if you’re gaming or doing other tasks that require a quick and precise response.


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