8 Cheapest Activity Wristbands

8 Cheapest Fitness Trackers & Activity Wristbands

Having the cheapest fitness trackers or activity wristbands you must be careful, many do not have enough quality and some functions will end up failing soon, others are not accurate in the measurements and do not fulfill what they promise, or even, they stop working after a short time.

Cheap smart bracelets are ideal if you start in this world and want to test if they really motivate you to be more active and practice more sports, also for children who lose them and do not take care of them. 

The truth is that with little use, for the money they cost, they will be a good investment thinking that they will help you move more, lose weight, and improve your physical shape, in short, take care of your health.

Cheapest Activity Wristbands (Fitness Trackers)

1. Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

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Fitbit Inspire HR, the cheapest activity wristband comes with a more attractive design due to its simplicity. Available in several colors you can interchange the straps, so you can use it in all circumstances and with any outfit when you are more dressed up or informal.

The main differences with the Fitbit Inspire model that I have analyzed before are the ones that I am going to explain here. In monitoring the quality of rest, it measures the hours you sleep in the phases of light, deep, and REM sleep. And if you go to bed with tension or stress, relax with a guided breathing session that will help you quickly fall asleep.

The Inspire HR smart band measures your exercise time in the Fat Burning Zone, Cardio, and Peak, which are the intensity zones for your heart rate set based on your maximum heart rate. This feature allows you to be more precise in planning sports activities and get in shape faster.

It does not have integrated GPS but it does have an accurate accelerometer and you can always use your mobile’s GPS when you want to see the route and measure the distance with maximum precision.

2. Huawei Band 4 Pro

Huawei Band 4 Pro

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The Huawei Band 4 Pro smart bracelet differs mainly from the Band 3 Pro model discussed earlier in the following: It measures your blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) to know your state of form and thus to be able to better plan your workouts and efforts.

The battery life is 9 days and has a fast charge of 15 minutes to use for 1 day. You will no longer have excuses not to practice sports, it will always be available.

3. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

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The Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most popular and is ranked at number 3 among the cheap activity bracelets. It is lightweight, one size fits all, and with interchangeable straps compatible with Mi Band 3 so that you can combine them with the color of your clothing.

Take basic measurements of your daily activity, the number of steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate for 24 hours. Analyze your sleep by indicating the hours of light and deep sleep. It does not have an altimeter to know the stairs you have climbed or the accumulated meters of unevenness you have traveled.

Indoor and outdoor programs for walking, running, cycling, or home exercises like Pilates. Submersible up to 50 meters and a very good option for swimming, it collects up to 12 types of data when swimming, highlighting the number of strokes and the rhythm.

It also recognizes 5 different swimming styles, yes, it does not measure heart rate. It also proposes goals to improve and alerts you by vibration when you have been inactive for a long time, which will make you exercise more.

It is synchronized with the Mi Fit app for iOS and Android and is compatible with other sports applications such as Strava, Notify & Fitness, or Mi Band Maps. It shows you the notifications of phone calls and messages from WhatsApp, mail, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can silence or reject the calls but you cannot answer the messages. And if you like to listen to music with Bluetooth headphones while you exercise, it allows you to control Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

The battery lasts up to 20 days, but only with the most basic functions, with the normal use of the rest of its functions, the duration is 10-12 days, which is enough. It has a 0.95-inch AMOLED color touch screen, is shock resistant, and with adjustable brightness, although with the sun’s rays hitting directly, it is not the best view.

It does not have NFC technology to make your payments, nor does it measure the level of oxygen in the blood, nor does it have an integrated GPS, although you can use the mobile one and it has an accelerometer to partially compensate for the absence of GPS.

4. Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

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The main feature of this smart bracelet is the quality of materials and design minimalist. It has a very simple appearance to use with any garment. You have several colors and you can interchange the straps. It is very comfortable to wear, it fits perfectly on any wrist.

The Fitbit Inspire is among the cheap activity bracelet that takes accurate measurements of your daily activity, the number of steps, distance traveled, time in motion, and calories burned, but it does not measure your heart rate, how many floors you climb, or how many meters of elevation gain you have accumulated on your rides.

Sleep analysis function which measures the hours you have slept in light and deep sleep. One of the best things it has is that it automatically detects when you start a sport. It stands out for running, swimming, cycling, and elliptical. Allows you to set goals for calories, distance, and time in each of the activities.

It is submersible 50 meters so you can bathe and practice swimming. Count lengths, measure distance, time, calories, and pace. It does not record your heart rate while swimming and the distance and calories burned data are not very accurate.

The Fitbit application is one of the best, very practical, intuitive, and with a multitude of information to improve your performance, set goals, track and share your records. You also have access to the training videos guided by the Fitbit Coach and you can synchronize them with Strava.

Monochrome touch screen that adjusts lighting automatically according to the brightness of the environment. Visibility is good in all circumstances except when direct sunlight hits.

The battery lasts up to 5 days in basic mode. It does not have GPS nor can it connect with the mobile one, but it does have a fairly accurate accelerometer. It also does not have NFC technology to pay with Fitbit Pay, nor does it measure the oxygen level in the blood.

5. Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5

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It is a very complete smart band with a multitude of practical and useful functions. The straps are interchangeable and you have them in many colors.

Like the rest of the bracelets in this ranking of cheap fitness trackers, the Honor Band 5 registers the heart rate 24 hours a day, quantifies the number of steps, measures the distance traveled, and calculates the calories consumed. It will send you vibration alerts when it detects an anomaly in your pulse or you have been inactive for a long time.

A good mechanism for analyzing the quality of sleep, measuring the hours you sleep with a stable sleep and how many with an unstable one, and providing you with tips to improve your rest.

If you want to know how your physical condition is progressing, you have goal plans and you can measure the degree of oxygen saturation in the blood (SPO2), although it is not the most accurate, it does help to get an idea of ​​the evolution of your physical state.

It stands out in swimming, an activity in which it records speed, calories expended, distance traveled, and even the SWOLF index. Submersible 50 meters according to the manufacturer, but do not use it more than for swimming on the surface.

It also has 10 sports modes available for the training plans and information it provides in running, hiking, cycling, rowing, and elliptical.

It is a pity that n or incorporate GPS and have to use of mobile for accurate records and know the distance journey, to partly offset this deficiency has an accelerometer. You will also not be able to know the floors you climb or the accumulated meters of unevenness that you travel since it does not have an altimeter.

Compatible with iOS and Android mobiles, although with Apple there are some functions of the App and the bracelet that are not available, such as screen customization, camera shutter control, or music management.

It is a brand that belongs to Huawei and uses the Huawei Health app, which is not the best in terms of information-provided functionalities and handling, you cannot synchronize it with Strava or with other applications.

It has notifications by the vibration of notifications of messaging applications, social networks, mail, and calls, you can read the messages but not answer.

6. Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei Band 3 Pro

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This quantifying bracelet has a modern, sporty, comfortable, and stylish design to always wear. Available in various colors and with interchangeable straps to match your clothes and be able to use them in different situations.

It measures your heart rate 24/7 and sends you notifications if it registers values ​​that are not normal for the type of activity you are doing. Other data that it collects are the number of steps, the distance traveled, the average speed, and the calories consumed.

The Band 3 Pro bracelet has a vibration alert system when you have been without activity for a long time. Measure the quality of your rest, taking specific data from each of the 4 sleep phases and identify up to 6 sleep-related problems and propose solutions. It will help you sleep better and stay energized throughout the day.

It has integrated GPS so you don’t need a mobile to know the routes and measure distances with complete precision. It also has an accelerometer that is very practical for running on a treadmill where the GPS does not work. It is a pity that it does not have an altimeter to know the accumulated meters of unevenness and that it does not measure the oxygen saturation in the blood (SPO2) either.

5 ATM submersible and has smart feedback to improve swimming posture in both open water and pools. It also provides data such as calories burned, number of turns, types of strokes, distance, speed, and the SWOLF index, but it does not register the pulsations in the water.

The USB battery charging system built into the screen is somewhat uncomfortable. With a full charge, the battery lasts 7 days, and with the GPS running 5-7 hours.

You have the Huawei Health App available, which is not the one I like the most and the pity is that it does not synchronize with other external ones such as Google Fit, My Fitness Pal, or Strava. If you have an iPhone it would not be the best option to use the application.

0.96-inch AMOLED color touch screen with good resolution and adjustable brightness for good outdoor viewing. On the screen, you will receive message notifications from your favorite messaging, mail, calendar, and social media applications, although you will not be able to respond.

7. Willful SW 350 Smart Band

Willful SW350 Smart Band

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It is a smart and cheap band that has been on the market for a long time but is still one of the best sellers, which says a lot about its quality. Available in various colors and the strap is not interchangeable.

The Willful SW350 bracelet measures 24-hour heart rate, calories burned, the number of steps, and distance. It analyzes the quality of your sleep and indicates how many hours you have slept in deep sleep and how many in light, in this way you can demand more of yourself on those days that you are more rested.

And if you are one of those who find it difficult to start or are lazy to get going, the bracelet vibrates when you have been inactive for a long time, and to motivate you, you can set goals to follow up.

As it does not have an altimeter, you will not be able to know the accumulated unevenness meters. To determine distances and quantify steps, use a pedometer. You can swim on the surface, but it does not have swimming among its sports programs and it is better not to bathe in the sea.

It also has 14 sports modalities among which walking, running, and cycling are pre-configured. For the rest of the sports, you have to enter the VeryFitPro App to configure. Measurements are not the most accurate and it does not sync with Strava or other apps.

If you can not be a minute without knowing what happens in your group of friends’ WhatsApp or your job requires you to be permanently connected, you have no problem, r ecibirás at the moment all notifications on your phone but can not answer.

It does not have GPS, so to know the exact route and distance, you will have to connect the bracelet to the GPS of the mobile. You will also not be able to pay with the bracelet or measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

8. Yamay Wristband

Yamay Wristband

The Yamay bracelet would be good for measuring your daily activity and playing sports if you do not need a lot of precision in the records. Available in various colors the straps are not interchangeable.

It has 3 pre-configured activities that are walking, running, and cycling, as well as 11 other sports that you can configure from the VeryFitPro App, with which you will be able to analyze your records, set goals, and evaluate your progress. It is not compatible with Strava or other sports apps.

You can also use it to swim although it does not have a preset function for this sport. The manufacturer says that it is submersible at 50 meters, but certainly, better to use it only for swimming on the surface and in freshwater, do not use it in the sea.

And if you haven’t moved for a long time, it will vibrate to remind you to be more active. If you want the Yamay Bracelet to monitor your health it would be a very good option, it measures your heart rate 24 hours a day, blood pressure, steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, and how long you have been in motion.

Another necessary aspect to take care of your health is to rest well. You already know how important it is to be active as a good rest. To know how you have slept, record the hours in each of the sleep phases and thus, know how you have rested and be able to better plan your physical exercise.

To be aware of everything that happens while you exercise, the bracelet connects with your mobile (Android and iOS) to receive notifications of calls, SMS, social networks, mail, and other applications, although you will not be able to respond.

It does not have NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to make payments, nor does it have integrated GPS although it can connect with the mobile, nor does it measure the level of oxygen in the blood ( SPO2 ).

With this bracelet, you will not be able to know the meters of unevenness accumulated in your routes since it does not have an altimeter. It has a pedometer to quantify steps and calculate distances.

0.96-inch color screen with OLED technology, with 5 brightness levels for good viewing in sunlight. Unfortunately, not all of the screen is touch, only a small portion of it. The battery uses the basic functions of a clock, quantification of steps, calories burned, and distance, and lasts about 7 days.

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