CLAM Elite Noise-Canceling Headphone Review

CLAM Elite by Fresh ‘n Rebel Review: One Of the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones 2021

CLAM Elite is the new high-end headphones by the firm Fresh n`Rebel, which has active noise cancellation and custom equalization, this last function allows users to level some audio parameters when listening to music. With a premium design in the shape of a headband, these next-generation headphones have excellent characteristics, which is why we tell you their main keys. Here are the details and a complete review of the CLAM Elite Headphone from Fresh n`Rebel.


Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound Mode

One of the most outstanding features of the CLAM Elite is active noise cancellation, a function that completely isolates outside noise. These digital headphones have a microphone on the inside and outside of each earbud, which together with the computer chip and its isolating design, results in noise cancellation of up to 34 dB.

In addition, they have an ambient mode or Ambient Sound Mode that allows you to be aware of what is happening in your environment. The microphones on the outside of the headphones amplify the surrounding sounds so that you can hear them, giving you greater safety when using them, especially in crowded or high-traffic places.


Optimized Sound with Personal Sound

Another key to the CLAM Elite is the personalized sound, through the Fresh ‘n Rebel – Personal Sound app, which you must download to use the headphones, you can perform a hearing test to customize the sounds, according to your ability to listen.

Everyone has different perceptions of the low, medium, and high frequencies, and thanks to Personal Sound, you can enjoy your favorite music to the fullest, with more detail and clarity by creating a personal profile in which the frequencies are increased or decreased.

Ergonomics and Premium Design

The CLAM Elite headphones have an innovative and elegant leather headband design and moisture-wicking ear cushions. They come in three colors: Steel Blue, Hard Gray, and Silky Sand.

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These devices are super comfortable to wear, have very low headband pressure and have an isolated over-ear fit. Its foldable shape allows you to fold them and store them in your bag, also, its rotating structure makes it easy to carry them around your neck.


Touch Controls and Superior Battery

The CLAM Elite does not have buttons, their controls are tactile. To activate the device, simply touch the logo on the right side of the earbud. There you can control music, volume, phone calls, and the voice assistant: Siri or Google Assistant. The CLAM Elite comes in three colors, blue, gray, and sand. The headphones also have automatic pauses, as soon as you take them off they will stop sounding. When you put them back on, the music will continue to play.

In the same way, the pairing with your mobile is done instantly via Bluetooth, without the need to press any additional button beyond the ignition. In terms of autonomy, they have a powerful battery that guarantees up to 40 hours of music playback without digital ANC and 30 hours when you use the ANC. The charging time of about 4 hours.

CLAM Elite Headphone Price and Availability 

The CLAM Elite is available on its official website at 199.99 euros, a quite considerable price for elegant, high-end headband headphones, with sound quality and very comfortable to transport. The plus of these devices without a doubt is their active noise cancellation functions and personal sound, which allows users to level the sounds according to their listening capacity.

The only “downside” of these headphones could be in the price, a bit high not because it does not justify it, but because the brand still has a long way to go to become known in Spain. However, the headphones of this brand are reliable, have a good design and excellent sound, so it will be a matter of “taking risks” and dare to try them to realize that they deserve every euro they cost.