10 Most Handsome Cricketers in the History in 2021

Most Handsome Cricketers in the History

Most Handsome Cricketers in the History

Sportsmen have always possessed a distinct personality, a dashing look that complements their attractiveness. Nothing beats a person dressed appropriately, whether it’s military uniform or sports attire. We’re going to reveal a list of the world’s top ten most handsome & hottest cricketers in history. These men are devoted, exhibit a good sportsman spirit, work tirelessly to ensure their team’s victory, and possess undeniable attractiveness and glamour.


10 Most Handsome & Attractive Cricketers of All Time


  1. Pat Cummins – Australia


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Patrick James Cummins is an Australian cricketer who currently serves as the national team’s vice-captain. On May 8, 1993, he was born. He is a quick bowler who bats right-handed. Pat Cummins is one of the world’s most handsome fast bowlers at the moment. His appearance is comparable to his bowling ability. He’s also participated in a slew of photoshoots and is, by all accounts, an ideal cast member for a Hollywood film.


  1. Faf Du Plessis – Australia


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Former South African national team captain Faf du Plessis ranks ninth on our list. Faf made his international Test debut in November 2012 and became the fourth South African to score a Test century on debut. Du Plessis captained the South African national team in each of the three formats. Apart from his performance, Faf is well-known for his dashing appearance. Faf is a very attractive cricketer, possibly the most attractive on the planet.


  1. Brett Lee – Australia


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Brett Lee, arguably the world’s best quick bowler, is a former cricketer who represented Australia in all three formats. Lee is also regarded as possibly the quickest bowler, with a top speed of 161.1 kilometers per hour. Lee finished his Test career with 310 wickets and 380 in ODIs. Apart from bowling, he is an athlete with above-average batting abilities. Apart from cricket, Bret Lee is one of the most handsome cricketers, and his unmatched looks have earned him a role in film, having appeared in an Indo-Australian production.


  1. Mitchell Johnson – Australia


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Mitchell Johnson is a left-arm quick bowler who has represented Australia in all three formats of the game. He made his international debut in November 2007 during a Test match. In 2009, he established himself as one of the greatest quick bowlers Australian cricket has ever seen. He was named the International Cricket Council’s Cricketer of the Year. Johnson is Australia’s fifth-highest wicket-taker in Test matches with 313 wickets and is the third-highest wicket-taker among left-arm quick bowlers in Tests worldwide. Johnson is incredibly stylish, his tattooed arms make him look unbelievably hot, and he has won many hearts with his endearing grin.


  1. Brendon McCullum – New Zealand


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Brendon McCullum is a mentor, analyst, and former New Zealand cricketer. He has played all three formats of international cricket and has captained the Kiwi team in all three formats. He is the only cricketer from New Zealand to have scored 1,000 test runs in a single year. While he is regarded as a T20 specialist, the New Zealand whiz also has an extremely well-built body covered in sharp tattoos, which makes him one of the most attractive cricketers in the world. If that wasn’t enough, his stunning eyes and sizzling haircut make him appear significantly more striking.


  1. James Anderson – England


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Anderson, England’s unmatched leading wicket-taker, is one of the hottest and most dashing cricketers on the planet. He made his international debut at the age of 20, during England’s 2002/03 tour of Australia. He holds the record for England’s most wickets in both ODI and Test cricket. He is the fourth most prolific wicket-taker in Test history and the leading wicket-taker among quick bowlers. He was ranked No. 2 in the ICC Test Bowling Rankings as of January 2019. Apart from his remarkable career, Anderson possesses an enticing personality, complete with hot haircuts and enticing eyes.


  1. Michael Clarke – Australia

Michael Clarke is a former Australian Cricket Team captain who is frequently regarded as a standout among batsmen his age. He led his team to their fifth Cricket World Cup victory in the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 at the MCG versus New Zealand. He is regarded as one of the world’s most handsome cricketers due to his alluring, sizzling, and enticing appearance. Clark earns the fourth spot on our list due to his extremely attractive, handsome, and good-looking appearance.


  1. Alastair Cook – England

The former English cricketer has captured the hearts of a large number of fans with his astounding batting abilities and stunning appearance. Cook has represented England in all three formats. He has captained England in ODIs and Tests. He is quite possibly the most productive batsman of the modern era and the fifth-highest Test run-scorer of all time. His stunning eyes and mesmerizing appearance have earned him an enormous amount of female admiration.


  1. Virat Kohli – India


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King Kohli is not only one of the Best Batsmen ever in the modern cricket era but also is one of the most handsome and attractive cricketers in history. Virat Kohli made his international debut against Sri Lanka in 2008 and has developed into a run-scoring machine since then. He is widely regarded as one of cricket’s greats, and with numerous records to his credit, we don’t believe anyone can argue. He was also the world’s top-ranked ODI batsman. One of the most popular characters, he is well-known for his vibrant appearance and attractive hairstyles. He is well-known for both his batting abilities and his fashion sense, which is admired by people the world over.


  1. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan

Most Handsome Cricketers in the History

Shahid Afridi who is also known as “Boom Boom Afridi” is certainly the Most Handsome and Hottest Cricketer of All-Time in cricket history. Many fans were taken aback by his alluring personality and mesmerizing smile. He is a renowned Pakistani hard-hitter and exceptional all-rounder was a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Throughout his career, he has represented Pakistan in all three formats.

He is well-known for his ferocious batting style and power-hitting ability. Afridi holds the world record for the quickest ODI century in 37 balls and has the most sixes in the ODI era. He has over 350 ODI wickets and 48 Test wickets to his name. Afridi was dubbed the ‘Ruler Of Hearts’ due to his lethal and dashing appearance.

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Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers in Cricket History in 2021

Best Spin Bowlers in Cricket History

Best Spin Bowlers in Cricket History

Spinners have a major role in the Bowling attack of any team as they can abruptly change the game scenario. These Best Spin bowlers are known for their amazing turn, flight, and various bowling techniques which makes them the most versatile bowlers of all time in cricket history. Master the ability to spin the ball is not an easy task as it takes years of practice, patience, dedication, and hard work. Let’s discuss the Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers of All Time in Cricket History that caused batsmen to struggle with their ball-spinning techniques and skills.


Top 10 All-Time Best Spin Bowlers in Cricket History


  1. Rangana Herath – Sri Lanka

Rangana Herath spent the majority of his career under the shadow of Muralitharan, but since Murali’s retirement, Herath has emerged as Sri Lanka’s undeniable spin leader. Herath achieved international recognition late in his career, but he persisted and bowled effectively with his left-arm spin. He is the world’s most prolific spinner in the post-Murali era.

Herath’s success was due to his drift and line control. His astute mind also aids in the preparation of the batsmen. The Sri Lankan spinner has 433 and 74 wickets in 93 Tests and 71 One-Day Internationals, respectively. Additionally, he appeared in 17 T20 internationals, taking five wickets for three runs against New Zealand in the 2014 World T20 quarter-final.


  1. Saeed Ajmal – Pakistan


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Ajmal is one of Pakistan’s most lethal off-spinners who has represented the country at the international level. He established himself as one of the world’s best bowlers as a result of his outstanding performance. Since his first test match at the age of 32, this player has established himself as one of the toughest nightmares for batsmen. Saeed Ajmal is Pakistan’s quickest cricketer to reach 100 Test wickets. His career statistics are remarkable and reflect his ability. He made only 35 Test appearances for Pakistan, but he amassed 178 dismissals. He has 184 wickets in 113 One-Day Internationals. Ajmal has also taken 85 wickets in 64 Twenty20 International matches, averaging 17.83.


  1. Harbhajan Singh – India

Harbhajan Singh is widely regarded as one of India’s all-time great bowlers. Harbhajan Singh made his international debut for India in 1998, dominating the field with his Doosra. He created one of the greatest series he has ever seen. Bhaji made test match history by becoming the first Indian player to score a hat-trick. He is also the tenth Indian to appear in one hundred test matches. He is India’s third-highest Test wicket-taker, trailing only Anil Kumble and Kapil Dev. Harbhajan Singh has 417 wickets for India in 103 Tests. He made 236 One-Day International appearances and claimed 269 wickets.


  1. Graeme Swann – England


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Retired Englishman with a right arm on break Graeme Peter Swann became the first English off-spinner in the modern era to take ten wickets in a match since Jim Laker. Additionally, he is credited with inventing the “flying saucer ball.” Between 2008 and 2013, he took 255 wickets in 109 innings in 60 test matches, including 6/65 in an innings and 10/132 in a single test match. His average in test bowling is 29.96, and he bowls at a 2.98 economy rate.

Graeme took 17 five-wicket hauls and three ten-wicket hauls in test cricket. Between 2000 and 2013, he also took 104 wickets in 79 One-Day International matches, with a best of 5/28 in an ODI. Graeme Swann has a bowling average of 27.76 in one-day internationals, an economy rate of 4.54 and has taken five wickets once. Swann, widely regarded as one of the most prolific wicket-takers in One-Day International cricket, is deserving of a place among the Top Ten Best Spin Bowlers of All Time.


  1. Abdul Qadir – Pakistan

Abdul Qadir, a retired right-arm leg spinner from Pakistan, is widely regarded as the bowler who “mastered the googlies, flippers, leg-breaks, and topspins.” According to former English captain Graham Gooch, “Qadir was far superior to Shane Warne.” Between 1977 and 1990, he took 236 wickets in 111 tests, including 9/56 in an innings and 13/101 in a single test match. His test bowling average is 32.80, with an economy rate of 2.71. Additionally, Abdul Qadir took five wickets 15 times in test cricket and ten wickets five times.

He also took 132 wickets in 104 One-Day International matches between 1983 and 1993, with a best ODI finish of 5/44. Qadir has a bowling average of 26.16 in one-day internationals, an economy rate of 4.06 and has taken five wickets twice. That is why he is ranked among the Top Ten Best Spin Bowlers of All Time.


  1. Saqlain Mushtaq – Pakistan


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Retired right-arm off-break Saqlain Mushtaq, a Pakistani, is widely credited with inventing the “doosra.” He became the quickest bowler in One Day International history to reach 100 wickets. Between 1995 and 2004, he took 208 wickets in 86 innings in 49 test matches, with the best bowling figures of 8/164 in an innings and 10/155 in a single test match. Additionally, he has a 29.83 test-blowing average and a 2.64 economy average.

Mushtaq took five wickets 13 times and ten wickets three times in test cricket. Between 1995 and 2003, he also took 288 wickets in 169 One-Day International (ODI) matches, with a best ODI finish of 5/20. Saqlain has a bowling average of 21.78 and an economy rate of 4.29 in one-day internationals, and he has taken five wickets six times. Saqlain is deserving of being ranked among the Top Ten Greatest Spin Bowlers of All Time, as he consistently marks one of the game’s greatest bowling figures in tests.


  1. Anil Kumble – India

Anil Radhakrishna Kumble, a retired right-arm leg-break bowler and former captain of the Indian cricket team, is ranked fourth on the list of the Top Ten Greatest Spin Bowlers of All Time. In 1996, he was named one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year. He became the fourth Indian cricketer to be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame in February 2015. Between 1990 and 2008, Anil took 619 wickets in 236 innings in 132 test matches, with the best bowling performances being 10/74 in an innings and 14/149 in a single test match.

He has a 29.65 test bowling average and a 2.69 economy rate. Kumble took 35 wickets in test cricket and ten wickets eight times. He also took 337 wickets in 271 One-Day International matches between 1990 and 2007, with a best ODI score of 6/12. Kumble has a bowling average of 30.89 and an economy rate of 4.30 in one-day internationals, and he has taken five wickets twice.


  1. Shane Warne – Australia


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Shane Keith Warne, the iconic Australian right-arm leg-break bowler, was named one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year in the 1994 Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. Between 1992 and 2007, he took 708 wickets in 273 innings in 145 test matches, with the best bowling figures of 8/71 and 12/128 in a single test match. His blowing average is 25.41, and his economy rate is 2.65. Additionally, Warne took five wickets 37 times in test cricket and ten wickets ten times. Between 1993 and 2005, he also took 293 wickets in 194 One-Day International matches, with a best ODI result of 5/33. Warne has a bowling average of 25.73 in one-day internationals, an economy rate of 4.25, and has taken five wickets once. Without a doubt, Warne is one of the greatest spin bowlers of all time.


  1. Ravichandran Ashwin – India


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Ashwin is one of the most dangerous off-spinners in modern cricket. His remarkable turn has perplexed batsmen numerous times. Ashwin is the quickest Indian bowler to reach 100 wickets in test cricket, having played just 18 matches. Ravichandran Ashwin has appeared in just 71 Tests but has taken 365 wickets, including 27 five-wicket hauls and seven ten-wicket hauls. He has represented India in 111 One-Day Internationals and has taken 150 wickets. Ashwin has 52 wickets in 46 T20I appearances for India. He has earned the title of a bowling all-rounder, having amassed four Test hundreds and eleven half-centuries.


  1. Muttiah Muralitharan – Sri Lanka

Muttiah Muralitharan is undoubtedly the Best Spin Bowler of All-Time in Cricket History. He holds the record for most ODI and Tests wickets as he took his 800th and final wicket on the final delivery of his final test match. Additionally, he has taken 534 wickets in ODIs at a strike rate of 23.08. He is the greatest spin bowler in cricket history.

 He is a well-known name among spinners and is regarded as the game’s most prolific and effective off-spinner. By spinning the ball with his wrist, this player popularized the technique of deceiving the opponent. He later added Doosara, the most lethal tool in his arsenal, to his opponents. Despite the fact that his bowling action was frequently questioned, testing cleared him of any wrongdoing.


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Top 10 Tallest Cricketers in the World in 2021

Tallest Cricketers in the World

Tallest Cricketers in the World

Cricket is one of those games that necessitates an enormous amount of mental fortitude and ability. As a player, it is always about staying ahead of the competition and making the best use of the circumstances. While a player’s stature is unlikely to have a significant effect on performance, being tall does have its advantages. When we examine the history of cricket, we discover that the majority of the tallest cricketers were bowlers. The bowlers gain extra bounce as a result of their increased height, which enables them to intimidate batsmen and dismiss them. The following is a list of the World’s Top Ten Tallest Cricketers of all Time.


Top 10 All-Time Tallest Cricketers in the World


  1. Shaheen Shah Afridi – 6’6″

Shaheen Shah Afridi was born on 6 April 2000. He is a Pakistani professional cricketer who represents his country as a left-arm quick bowler. He made his international debut for Pakistan in April 2018 and made his Test match debut in December 2018.

In 2017, Afridi was described as a 6-foot-6-inch 17-year-old Pakistani with quick bowling ability who can bowl at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and powerful hitting ability. He considers himself an all-rounder and strives to dominate in all three areas of the game: bowling, batting, and fielding. Due to his exceptional height of 6’6″, he is ranked 10th on the list of the World’s Top 10 Tallest Cricketers.


  1. Tom Moody – 6’7″


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The right arm moves at a moderate pace. Aussie Tom Moody was born in Australia on 2 October 1965. He stood tall in terms of both stature and playing structure. Moody overcame insecurity against short bowling in the early stages of his career to develop into a batsman who sees his prime while hitting faultlessly through the covers and down the track.

He is the Sri Lankan cricket team’s cricket director. He has played for the Australian national team in both tests and one-day internationals. Moody is also the Sunrisers Hyderabad’s director of cricket (Indian Premier League). He is dubbed “Long Tom Moody” due to his colossal 6’7″ height.


  1. Steven Finn – 6’7″


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Steven Finn was born in Watford on 4 April 1989. He is one of the tallest cricketers in the world and has represented England. He made his county debut for Middlesex at the age of sixteen, becoming the youngest player to do so. Finn has represented England in all three formats of the game. With an enormous height of 6’7″, he ranks eighth among the world’s tallest cricketers.


  1. Sulieman Benn – 6’7″

Sulieman Benn was born in Saint James, Barbados, on July 22, 1981. Benn is a capable left-arm orthodox spin bowler for the West Indies Cricket Team, standing at a towering 6’7″ in height. In 1999, one of the tallest cricketers in the world earned a place in the national team, and he has represented the West Indies in all three formats (Tests, ODIs, T20Is). The tall man takes over the seventh spot on the list of the world’s tallest cricketers.


  1. Curtly Ambrose – 6’7″


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A post shared by Sir Curtly Ambrose (@curtlyambrose_)

Curtly Ambrose, the former West Indian legend pacer, was born on September 21st, 1963. In 2000, the former legendary cricketer and one of the world’s tallest cricketers retired. His magnificent height of 6’7″ was extremely effective at the time and posed a challenge for batsmen when he used to hold the ball in the inning’s first over. Additionally, he was nominated for the ICC Hall Of Fame.


  1. Jason Holder – 6’7″

Jason Holder is a quick right-arm West Indian fast bowler born in Barbados on 5 November 1991. Holder’s height of 6’7″ benefits the West Indies Cricket Team because it makes him an unpredictable bowler due to his atypical body height. He has been outstanding since making his international debut in 2013. He became the youngest player to captain the team in both Tests and ODIs.


  1. Peter George – 6’8″

Peter George was born in Adelaide, Australia on October 16, 1986. He is the only Australian cricketer to stand at an incredible 6’8″. He bowled fast right-arm and was well-known for his outstanding bouncers. He played for Australia exclusively in Test matches. The tall cricketer was a superb quick bowler.


  1. Chris Tremlett – 6’8″


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A post shared by Chris Tremlett (@christremlett33)

Chris Tremlett, England’s tallest cricketer, stands at 6 feet 8 inches. He was born on September 2, 1981, in Southampton, England. He was not only an outstanding bowler, but also an outstanding batsman. Tremlett represented England in the 2011 ashes but was subsequently dropped from the national team due to his recurring injuries.


  1. Joel Garner – 6’8″

Joel Garner, alias Big Bird, was born on December 16, 1952 in Christ Church, Barbados. He was dubbed ‘Big Bird’ by the West Indian team due to his incredible height of 6’8″. Joel Garner was a former West Indies cricketer. He was a quick fast bowler who excelled for his national team in the early 1970s and 1980s. He was well-known for his lethal yorkers. Garner aided his team in lifting the 1979 World Cup championship trophy. Joel Garner was the Tallest Cricketer in the World until Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Irfan debuted for Pakistan in 2013.


  1. Mohammad Irfan – 7’1″

Pakistani Veteran Fast Bowler Mohammad Irfan stands at a height of 7’1″, making him the tallest cricketer ever in cricket history. Muhammad Irfan was born on June 6, 1982, in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a member of the national cricket team of Pakistan. He develops the ability to bowl at a consistent 140 km/h, and his incomprehensible height benefits him by imparting extra bounce to the ball. Muhammad Irfan came to prominence in 2013’s Pak-India series. Muhammad Irfan is the all-time tallest cricketer in history.


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10 Best Finishers in Cricket History in 2021

Best Finishers in Cricket History

Best Finishers in Cricket History

Finishing the match in style and claiming victory from the opponent’s mouth is not a piece of cake. These Top 10 Best Finishes in Cricket History made it look so easy with their pressure handling technique and quality hitting these batsmen snatched the victory from many cricket opponents’ teams. Cricket is a unique game in which batsmen face unique challenges at each batting position. These players are referred to as the most reliable batsmen by scoring runs quickly under pressure while maintaining their composure, a characteristic that has helped them stand out from the crowd.


The top Ten Greatest Finishers in Cricket are:


  1. Jos Buttler – England


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A post shared by Jos Buttler (@josbuttler)

Jos Buttler is one of those rare breeds of players who is equally adept at opening and closing the innings. The wicketkeeper has elevated his game to new heights and is now widely regarded as the world’s best finisher. In One-Day Internationals, Buttler averages 39.7 with a strike rate of 116.97. While his strike rate and average will be sufficient on their own to propel him to dominance.

The wicketkeeper possesses an uncanny ability to balance quality and extravagance, and he has never failed to deliver for his team. Buttler is currently the world’s undisputed best finisher, and if he maintains this form, he may also challenge MS Dhoni for the title of greatest finisher of all time.


  1. Javed Miandad – Pakistan

He embodied what one might refer to as a classic street fighter. Miandad was a reassuring presence in the midst of the hurricane, a lion-hearted batsman who thrived in adversity. Additionally, the figures corroborate this. During Miandad’s career, the right-hander led the majority of Pakistan’s 47 effective run chases, scoring 1403 runs at an average of 61.00, including 11 half-centuries and one ton.

The century came against India in the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup final in Sharjah, when he hit a last-ball six off Chetan Sharma to cement his place in the Indo-Pak rivalry’s upper echelons. His unmatched finishing abilities have elevated him to the status of one of the greatest finishers in cricket history.


  1. Viv Richards – West Indies

Without a doubt, Richards is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. In a nutshell, he was responsible for giving the term “swagger” a whole new meaning in cricket. Though several batsmen have more impressive records, Richards was the most destructive batsman of his generation. With his faultless batting abilities, he has the ability to change the game at any point. Few batters come close to his ability to threaten, intimidate, and shred bowling attacks. He is still one of the world’s greatest finishers.


  1. Michael Hussey – Australia


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A post shared by Mike Hussey (@mhussey393)

Hussey was in the midst of one of his career’s best white-ball innings. With 18 required off the final six balls, the lefthander smashed Ajmal for consecutive sixes, and when he repeated the feat on the fourth delivery, it stunned not only Pakistanis, but the entire cricketing world.

Hussey had pulled off an incredible heist, one that he repeated for Australia in white-ball cricket on a regular basis. Hussey scored 711 runs in 26 innings at an average of 71.10, including four half-centuries, in 50 effective run chases in ODI cricket during his career. His destructive batting abilities place him among the sport’s greatest finishers.


  1. Lance Klusener – South Africa

Klusener, also known as “Zulu” in South Africa, is one of the all-time great one-day international all-rounders. When his strength is combined with his desire to invent, he embodies pure power. He was a complete nightmare for opponents during his closing cameos. Klusener was a nightmare for bowlers when he used to come out with 8-10 overs remaining.


  1. Michael Bevan – Australia


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A post shared by Michael Bevan (@bevo_michaelbevan)

Bevan was the greatest finisher in one-day international cricket. He was an Australian middle-order batsman. We assert this because, in one-day internationals, a batsman who bats at number six in any team is considered the finisher, and Bevan has effectively filled that role for Australia for the majority of his career. He was a physically robust individual. He had a number of memorable innings in ODIs. It’s difficult to assign a ranking to Bevan, but statistics point to him finishing fifth on our list of cricket’s best finishers.


  1. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan


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A post shared by Shahid Afridi (@safridiofficial)

Shahid Afridi, dubbed Boom Boom, first gained prominence for Pakistan as a hard-hitting batsman and then as a finisher in one-day international cricket. He’d developed an aura and was capable of abruptly dispatching the bowler. Due to his strong finishing abilities, he had won numerous matches for Pakistan. Matches were frequently delayed until Afridi was shown the way back to the pavilion. Afridi’s innings against India in the Asia Cup, when he smashed Ashwin for two successive sixes to get Pakitan over the line, remains one of the greatest finishes in cricket history.


  1. Abdul Razzaq – Pakistan

Abdul Razzaq, a former Pakistani all-round bowler, was a regular at the bottom of Pakistan’s batting order. He possessed the ability to take long shots. He was capable of taking down any attack and grinding them for runs in death overs. The right-handed player demonstrated his abilities at the end of the inning. He is Pakistan’s most lethal batsman. Abdul Razzak scored 47 runs off 11 balls against England in 2005. Regrettably, he was unable to break the record for the fastest fifty.

In Sharjah, he scored a century against South Africa, one of the most memorable ODI innings ever. Razzaq, who is known for his calm demeanor and ability to absorb stress, is ranked third on the list of the top ten best finishers in cricket history.


  1. AB De Villiers – South Africa


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A post shared by AB de Villiers (@abdevilliers17)

Mr. 360, AB de Villiers, is one of the greatest finishers in cricket history. He has won numerous matches for his team by knocking the bowlers around the ground. AB de Villiers, a modern master, wowed with his 360-degree play across the field. The former South African captain was fortunate enough to make four separate touches on the same delivery. He was confident in his abilities, as evidenced by his approach to the bowler during each shot. Mr. 360, the lethal proteas, ranks second on the list of greatest finishers.


  1. MS Dhoni – India


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A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781)

Captain-cool, MS Dhoni, regarded as one of the greatest finishers ever in cricket history in 2021, was also a better match understander than Bevan. In one-day international cricket, his conviction in his ability to see the game through established him as a finisher. He would reserve his full arsenal against a bowling strike before charging in with all guns blazing. He would occasionally induce errors in the opposition, allowing him to lead his team to victory in difficult circumstances.

Dhoni had manipulated numerous impossible game situations in India’s favor. He is regarded as the greatest finisher in cricket history due to his lethal, bloodthirsty, and crushing batting abilities at the end of the game.


Final Words

Which of these cricket’s Best Finishers is your personal favorite? Kindly notify us in the comments section. Hope so you enjoyed the article, share it with your friends as well if you like it.


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10 Shortest Cricketers Of All Time

Shortest Cricketers Of All Time

Shortest Cricketers Of All Time

Cricketers are known for their destructive bowling or amazing batting skills, but some carved their names in history just because of their Heights. Here, we’re going to compile a list of the Top 10 Shortest Cricketers Ever in History.

Many people believe that the greatest cricketers are all towering and enormous in stature. However, keep in mind that some legendary cricketers were equally as successful as their taller colleagues. These small rockets have always been a surprise package for their adversaries since they were capable of considerably more than they appear to be capable of.

Top 10 Shortest Cricketers Of All Time – Updated 2021

  1. Tatenda Taibu – Zimbabwe: 5 feet 5 inches

Tatenda Taibu

Tatenda Taibu, the Zimbabwean cricketer is ranked 10th in the list of shortest cricketers. Born on 14th May 1983, this cricketer stands at a height of just 5 feet 5 inches. Apart from being a wicketkeeper-batsman, he is also a right-arm off-spinner. On 6 May 2004, he became cricket’s youngest Test captain.

Taibu set the record that day while captaining his squad against Sri Lanka. Taibu, then 29, announced his retirement from cricket on 10 July 2012 to focus on his church work. He has a Test record of 1546 runs and a One Day International record of 3393 runs.

  1. David Williams – West Indies: 5 feet 4 inches

David Williams

Where West Indies is known for its tallest players, the West Indian wicket-keeper batsmen Williams was known as the shortest Indies cricketer who was born on 4 November 1963. Behind the stumps, he demonstrated his physical prowess. Additionally, David established himself as a capable lower-order batter. From 1988 through 1998, he appeared in 11 Tests and 36 One-Day Internationals. With a height of only 5.4 feet, this small man struggled to replace Jeff Dujon on the international team. Williams’ Test batting average was merely 13.44, compared to Dujon’s 31.94.

His most notable knock was 65 against England in 1998, which aided his side to a three-wicket victory in Trinidad. Three consecutive ducks followed, and he was dropped for the series’ final test. Between 1983 and 1999, Williams appeared in 71 first-class matches for Trinidad and Tobago. He averaged just 22.31 yards per catch with 151 catches and 39 stumpings. He earned the highest possible score of 112.

Williams was selected as the West Indies team’s assistant coach ahead of the 2007 World Twenty20 World Championships. He made a surprise return to the field in March 2009, on the final day of the fourth Test against England in Barbados, where he enthusiastically took up the role of substitute fielder.

  1. Alvin Kallicharran – West Indies: 5 feet 4 inches

Alvin Kallicharran

Alvin Isaac Kallicharran, yet another West Indies cricketer who is added to the list of the shortest cricketers of all time. Alvin was born on 21 March 1949 in Trinidad and Tobago. He is a former West Indian batsman of Indo-Guyanese ancestry. From 1972 through 1981, this 5.4-foot-tall batter played. Born in Georgetown, British Guiana (now Guyana), this left-handed batsman was also an occasional right-arm off-spinner.

He was renowned for his graceful and circumspect batting approach. In 1973, Wisden named him Cricketer of the Year. He was a member of the 1975 and 1979 ICC Cricket World Cup-winning squads. Alvin got 187 points during the 1978–79 tour of India. He achieved success in English County cricket with Warwickshire. He scored 206 and took six wickets for 32 runs against minor county Oxfordshire in the 1984 one-day Nat-west Trophy.

One of his most memorable international innings, a 158 against England, was marred by controversy when he was run out on the final ball of the first day by Tony Greig. He made an unsuccessful attempt to join World Series Cricket. He was later appointed West Indies captain in 1977–1978, following Clive Lloyd’s resignation over the Packer controversy.

  1. Mominul Haque – Bangladesh: 5 feet 3.5 inches

Mominul Haque

Mominul was born on 29 September 1991 and primarily plays for Dhaka Division. Additionally, he played in the Bangladesh Premier League with the Sylhet Royals. He made his test debut against Sri Lanka in Galle, Sri Lanka on 8 March 2013.

He made a half-century on debut and concluded his maiden test series with 156 runs in three innings at an amazing average of 52.00. He was named Man of the Match in the Bangladesh Premier League 2012 for scoring 53* off 28 balls for his team Barisal Burners against Khulna Royal Bengals, guiding his team to a 4-wicket victory.

Mominul scored 584 runs in five Test matches. He scored 205 runs in 12 One-Day Internationals. With a height of 5.3.5 feet, he is the world’s seventh shortest cricketer.

  1. Harry Pilling – England: 5 feet 3 inches

Harry Pilling

Harry Pilling was an English cricketer who was born on 23 February 1943. He was the shortest English professional cricketer in contemporary times with a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m). Additionally, he has established himself as one of the shortest cricketers of all time.

During his prime, he was regarded as one of the most gifted right-handed batsmen by fans. Pilling represented Sussex County Cricket Club from 1962 until 1982. And he scored almost 15,000 first-class runs for Lancashire over that time.

His undefeated 70 against Sussex in 1970 was one of his most memorable innings for Lancashire. This famous cricketer passed away on 22nd September 2012.

  1. Gundappa Viswanath – India: 5 feet 3 inches

Gundappa Viswanath

Gundappa Ranganath was born on 12 February 1949 and was the shortest Indian cricketer of his era. He represented India’s national squad as a player from Bhadravathi, Karnataka. He was, however, only 5 feet 3 inches tall. He was born into a Brahmin family and spent the 1970s as one of India’s top batsmen.

Vishwanath represented India in Test cricket from 1969 until 1983. He appeared in 91 games and amassed over 6000 runs. He also competed in One Day Internationals from 1974 to 1982, including the 1975 and 1979 ICC World Cups. Throughout his career, he represented Karnataka (previously Mysore) at the state level.

Viswanath, widely referred to as Vishy, batted with a beautiful and wristy approach that emphasized timing overpower. Though he possessed an extensive arsenal of strokes around the wicket. Viswanath’s preferred shot was the square cut, which he frequently employed to devastating effect against fast bowlers. Typically, he fielded from the slip position.

  1. Parthiv Patel – India: 5 feet 3 inches

Parthiv Patel - Shortest Indian Cricketer of all time

Parthiv Ajay Patel, who stands at barely 5 feet 3 inches, is another Indian Cricketer who is added to the list of shortest cricketers in Cricket History. Born on 9 March 1985, this gifted wicketkeeper represented India at the international level. Apart from being one of the greatest wicketkeepers of all time, Patel was one of the best left-handed batsmen India has ever fielded.

Patel made his One-Day International debut in January 2003 against New Zealand. Then, in 2002, he made his Test debut against England in the second Test at Nottingham. He also played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. Patel has appeared in 20 Tests for India, scoring 683 runs with a strike rate of 29.69.

He was also fairly effective 49 times behind the wickets. He hauled in 41 catches and eight Stumps. And Parthiv Patel scored 736 runs in his ODI career. Additionally, he took 30 catches and 9 stumps. He did, however, appear in just two T20 internationals for India.

  1. Mushfiqur Rahim – Bangladesh: 5 feet 3 inches

Mushfiqur Rahim - Shortest Bangladeshi Cricketer of all time

One of the Most Experienced Players in Bangladesh Cricket, Mushfiqur Rahim’s 5.3-foot height makes him the shortest cricketer representing Bangladesh as well as 3rd Shortest Cricketer in history. This exceptional wicketkeeper-batsman represented Bangladesh. Additionally, he captained the Bangladeshi national cricket team from May 2012 until May 2013.

At the age of 16, he made his Test debut against England on 26th May 2005. In January 2010, he scored his maiden Test century, a significant feat given the opposition. Additionally, it was the quickest century scored by a Bangladeshi player at the time.

On 11th March 2013, he recorded the first double century in Bangladeshi Test cricket history. He was dismissed on 200 after facing 321 balls and hitting 22 fours and a six.

  1. Tich Freeman – England: 5 feet 2 inches

Tich Freeman - Shortest Cricketer in History

Cornford is the second shortest cricketer who represented England in the 18’s. On 17th May 1888, Alfred Percy “Tich” Freeman was born. This leg-spin bowler spent the majority of his career with Kent and England.

He rose to attention as the only cricketer in English history to take 300 wickets in a single season. Additionally, he is the second most prolific wicket-taker in the history of first-class cricket.

Freeman’s popular moniker refers to his exceedingly little stature. Tich Cornford was only five feet two inches tall (158 centimeters). He claimed 66 Test wickets in 12 matches for England. Additionally, he claimed 3776 wickets in 592 Test matches.

  1. Tich Cornford – England: 5 Feet

Tich Cornford - Shortest Cricketer of all Time

Walter Latter Cornford, nicknamed as ” Tich alluded,” the 5 Feet tall Wicket-Keeper Batsmen is known as the shortest cricketer of all time in cricket history representing England. Born on 25 December 1900 in Hurst Green, he was an English wicket-keeper batsman who appeared in just four Tests for England in 1930.

Additionally, he represented Sussex County Cricket Club in county cricket. In the 1929 series against New Zealand, he caught five balls, including three off fast bowler Maurice Allom. His county career spanned the years 1921 through the onset of World War II.

He did, however, make one additional appearance in 1947, at the age of 46, in an emergency. He amassed 36 runs in four Test matches. And he scored 6554 runs in 496 First-Class matches.

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