Different Types of Dynamic Stretching and Their Benefits for Footballers

Role of Dynamic Stretching in Football and What Benefits Footballers Can Get From It

Football is a sport that requires a lot of physical effort. This is the reason why footballers perform different types of stretching during the warm-up, dynamic stretching is one of them and it has various benefits. It warms the muscles and prepares the nervous and muscular systems.


Dynamic stretching: what is it exactly?

Warming up is a step that should not be skipped before the workout. Dynamic stretching involves doing a full range of motion by first contracting the muscles for a few seconds before releasing them. Then we resume the stretch between 6 to 10 seconds. You can perform several exercises such as jumping in place, standing kicks, walking lunges, arm circles, arm swings or even knee climbs. The purpose of this is to evenly distribute the heat in the muscles and joints as well as to promote flexibility. This type of exercise is the best ally for preparing cold muscles.


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What are the benefits of doing dynamic stretching?

Dynamic stretching has many advantages. Not only does it relax muscles, but also burns calories efficiently. It is especially recommended before performing cardiovascular exercise. It helps, in fact, to improve your performance and especially to warm up your muscles. This type of exercise is also suitable for athletes such as basketball players as well as footballers.


Zoom on the different types of dynamic stretching

There is nothing more fun for footballers than playing with a soccer ball, whether during training or the game itself. Before entering the field, however, it is important to perform dynamic stretches that exist in several types:


1. The Adductors

The adductor stretch involves spreading the legs, then bending the left knee slightly and extending the right foot. Adopt this position for 5 seconds then go through the other side. Alternate movements by hopping in place in seconds.


2. The Hamstrings

This kind of stretching like, the name suggests, involves stretching the hamstrings, yes, but how? To do this, stand up and straighten your right leg by resting the heel on the floor, then slightly bend the left leg. All you have to do is put the heel of your right leg on the ground, and you’re done. Stay in this position for about 10 seconds then repeat with the other side. During the transition of the two legs, remember to make a slight jump.


3. Calves

The calf stretch involves flexing the right leg and stretching the left leg back for 10 seconds. In the meantime, you should jump with your tiptoes, making sure to join both feet. To exercise the calves, remember to put your feet up when you make the leaps.


4. The Quadriceps

Stretching the quadriceps is very simple. Stay upright then put the left heel on the left buttocks. Hold this position for 10 seconds then release. Then perform 10 heel movements, making sure to align the bust with the buttocks.