Fitbit Charge 5 the First Activity Bracelet with EKG App

Fitbit Charge 5 the First Activity Bracelet with EKG App

Fitbit Charge 5 is official: the most advanced health and activity bracelet, designed to help us take the pulse of our fitness, stress, heart health, sleep, and general well-being, all in a thinner design and with more pure lines than its predecessors. We go over the key features and specs of the new Fitbit Charge 5 bracelet.

With a brighter color touchscreen and up to seven days of battery life (varies by use), Charge 5 lets you delve into your inner strength and teaches you how to bring it out when you need it most. In addition, thanks to the six months of Fitbit Premium service included, you will get a deeper insight into your health and well-being, practical advice, and access to more than 100 workouts, nutritional content, and mindfulness so that you can put into practice what is best for your body every day.

Fitbit Charge 5: Specs and Features

The new feature daily level recovery, exclusively for users @ s Fitbit Premium and will soon be available to users of Charge 5 and Sense, Versa 3 Versa 2 Luxe and Inspire 2 lets you know if your body is ready for return to training or, on the contrary, you must prioritize recovery. Each morning you will receive a personalized score that takes into account your level of sports fatigue (activity), heart rate variability (HRV), and recent sleep.

It also offers an analysis of the parameters that have influenced the score and adds suggestions such as a personalized Goal of Minutes in Active Zone, or Premium content to make the best decisions for your body. Charge 5 has built-in GPS, offers 20 exercise modes, automatic exercise detection, and a VO2 max estimate. In addition, the Fitbit Premium service provides access to more than 200 workouts performed by professional trainers as well as the new high-intensity workouts from LES MILLS.


Cardiovascular health from your wrist

Plus, Fitbit Charge 5 helps you prioritize your cardiovascular health. In fact, atrial fibrillation (AF) is the world’s most common heart rhythm condition, and since the launch of the ECG app in Sense, users have taken more than four million measurements. The ECG app will be available soon in Fitbit Charge 5, bringing this essential tool to more people at an affordable price.

Fitbit Charge 5 also monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day and sends you notifications if you are above or below your personal range. And, although there are many factors that can influence it, a high or low heart rate can be an indication of a cardiovascular disease that requires medical attention.

In addition to managing your heart health, Charge 5 gives you a holistic view of your health with other key wellness metrics through the Health Metrics Dashboard in the Fitbit app, such as respiratory rate, skin temperature variation, and blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2). With Premium, you can also keep track of your long-term trends and the evolution of your personal ranks.

And since sleep is also essential for your well-being, you will continue to have the best Sleep Tools at your fingertips, such as the Daily Score, the Sleep Phases, and the Smart Alarm. Premium users also have a more in-depth analysis and advice to improve the quality of their rest.

Screen, design, and good autonomy

Charge 5 not only supports your health and well-being but also includes a multitude of practical functions. With just a swipe of your finger, you can see all your statistics, make contactless payments with Fitbit Pay, receive notifications from your mobile, and send quick responses (only with Android phones). In addition, you can choose from 20 colorful watch faces and customize the information that interests you most.

Charge 5 is 10% thinner than its predecessor and features an aerodynamic design optimized for increased performance and a perfect fit. It includes a new full-color AMOLED screen and is the first Fitbit bracelet with an always-on screen option, so it is more convenient for you to see your statistics, even while you train. Plus, the screen is twice as bright as the previous model, making it easy to view statistics in bright sunlight.

You can also change your look at any time by choosing from lightweight silicone infinity straps, breathable sports straps, plush hook-and-loop closure with velcro, and handcrafted premium Horween leather.


Fit Bit Charge 5 Price and Availability 

Fitbit Charge 5 is available for pre-orders at a price of € 179.95 EUR and includes a six-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service (for new and old customers).


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