10 Best Fullbacks in Football History

Best Fullbacks in Football History

Best Fullbacks in Football History – 2021

Full-backs have a special role in football. Not only do they have to protect their sides, but their role is also to bring excess numbers into the offensive sector. The balance between attack and defense is very difficult to manage, but some players have been able to do it perfectly. Let’s discover these players, who have all marked their times with their talents and made the position of full-back evolve.


Here is our list of the 10 Best Fullbacks of all Time in Football History



  1. Bixente Lizarazu


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Bixente Lizarazu was one of the best-attacking fullbacks in the world in the 1990s and early 2000s. Serious and rigorous in his marking and placement, he also knew how to take advantage of the spaces in his lane.

Passed by several clubs in Europe, it is in Bordeaux and especially in Bayern Munich, one of the best European clubs in history, that the Basque will experience his best years. He won 6 Bundesliga, 5 national cups, and 1 Champions League with the Bavarians. In selection, Lizarazu also won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 with the France team.


  1. Javier Zanetti


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Zanetti was known as “El Tractor” for his tireless and energetic flank races. But it’s a defensive skill set and his incredible longevity that make him a legend. He has become one of Inter Milan’s greatest players and even the club’s most capped player.

Javier Zanetti joined the Lombard club in 1995 and spent almost 20 years there. He will also captain the team for most of the 2000s. With Inter, he won 5 Serie A titles, 4 Italian Cups, and 1 Champions League. With the Argentina national team, he made over 143 appearances winning 2 Copa America titles. Zanetti is also featured in our article on Argentina’s best players of all time.



  1. Berti Vogts


Berti Vogts was one of the greatest fullbacks of his time, a tenacious and catchy player. He has spent his entire career with Borussia Mönchengladbach, with whom he will win in the Bundesliga for several years and end the domination of Bayern Munich.

The legendary defender has played almost 100 national team games with West Germany. In 1974, he also helped his team to win in the World Cup final against the Holland of Johan Cruyff.


  1. Lilian Thuram


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Lilian Thuram is surely the best French side defender in history. Everyone remembers of course his saving double against Croatia in the semifinals of the 1998 World Cup. Yet his strong point was not his offensive contribution, but rather his sense of anticipation, his power, and his skills. defensive qualities.

Thuram holds the record for the number of selections for the French team with a total of 142 appearances. He is also part of our Top 10 of the best French players in history. In the club, he notably passed by AS Monaco, FC Barcelona, and Juventus, with whom he will be champion of Italy in 2002 and 2003.


  1. Cafu


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Cafu was one of the greatest Brazilian full-backs in history, alongside Roberto Carlos. The Brazilian had the speed to catch up with anyone who managed to get around him. His defensive qualities allowed him to always know what to do at the right time.

Cafu first played for São Paulo, with whom he won the Copa Libertadores twice. He will then leave for Italy for AS Roma, before joining AC Milan, where he will win a Champions League and a Serie A title. Cafu is also the most capped player in Brazil with his 143 caps in the Cup. World twice (1994 and 2002).


  1. Philipp Lahm


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Philipp Lahm is a legend at Bayern Munich where he has spent his entire career. He’s a smart player who can play anywhere in defense or the middle. Primarily used as a right-back or left-back, Lahm could also play as a winger or defensive midfielder.

With the Bavarian ogre, he won 8 Bundesliga titles, 6 national cups, and a Champions League. Philipp  Lahm was also part of a very strong German team in the 2000s. He eventually won the World Cup in 2014 after finishing third twice before.


  1. Roberto Carlos

If Cafu was already playing an attacking game on his right side, Roberto Carlos was even more forward. In selection, they formed a pair of very offensive side defenders, unparalleled in the world. In addition to his speed, he is also one of the best free kickers of all time.


After spending a season at Inter Milan, he will be sold to Real Madrid, where he will become one of the greatest left-backs of all time. His unique attacking style and overpowering ball strike have made him a mainstay of Real Madrid. With the Madrileños, he won three Champions League and four La Liga titles in 11 years.


  1. Giacinto Facchetti


Facchetti is widely regarded as one of the greatest fullbacks of all time. His style of play is one of a kind, with incredible pace, stamina, and physical power. With Inter Milan, he won 4 Serie A titles and twice the Champions League between 1963 and 1971.

Unlike other great defenders, he has scored important goals and his career stats show 59 official goals in 475 appearances. He also played 94 times for Italy, with whom he won the 1968 European Championship and lost in the 1970 World Cup final against Brazil by… Carlos Alberto.


  1. Carlos Alberto


Carlos Alberto is one of the most famous Brazilian defenders. He was captain of the Brazilian national team until 1970, scoring what is considered one of the greatest goals in World Cup history in the final. He is also part of our Top 10 of the best Brazilians of all time.

The Brazilian has spent most of his career at Santos alongside Pelé and won a host of trophies, including a World Cup. Known for his incredible endurance and work ethic, Carlos Alberto has redefined the role of defender. He not only defended but also contributed to attacks by assisting and scoring goals.


  1. Paolo Maldini – Best Fullbacks in Football History



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One of the greatest Italian players of all time. Paolo Maldini has had a professional career of around 25 years at the highest level. He spent his entire career with an AC Milan team where he became the only player to have won the Champions League 5 times.

His technique, his athleticism, his tackles, his composure, and his endurance allowed him to not only be an excellent left-back but also to play anywhere in the last four. He is also ranked second in our Top 10 best central defenders.

Unlike other high-profile defenders, Maldini is recognized by many as an icon. He has been nominated twice for the Ballon d’Or and won several individual awards. In 25 years of their career, he received only three red cards, which testifies to his calm and his personality, which are the pillars of his success.



Honorable Mentions

Dani Alves: International player, Dani Alves has had a successful career. Passed in particular by Barcelona, ​​Juventus, and PSG, the right-back is a fast and offensive player. In addition to being champion of Spain, Italy, and France, Alves has won the Champions League 3 times with Barca and the UEFA Cup twice with Sevilla.


Ashley Cole: Legendary Arsenal and Chelsea player, Ashley Cole could also have been part of the ranking of the best full-backs in history. He is one of Arsenal’s invincibles who won the Premier League without losing a single match in 2004. He also won the Champions League in 2012, after 2 finals previously lost.


Paul Breitner: Breitner is a German left-back who has played for Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Considered one of the best players of his time, he won many titles. Among others, we can cite a victory in the Champions League with Bayern, as well as the title of European champion and world champion with the German team.


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10 Best European Clubs in the History in 2021

Best European Clubs in the History

Best European Clubs in the History | 2021

In the history of European football, certain clubs have marked the old continent forever. These clubs have been able to attract the greatest players in the world and build some of the most beautiful teams of all time.

Some clubs like Real or Bayern are still at the highest level today. While others like Benfica or AC Milan have had more difficulty finding European summits in recent years.

Ranking teams from different leagues is difficult to achieve. The only common criterion to decide between them being the European competitions, of which the Champions League is the most prestigious. The best European clubs will therefore be ranked in this ranking according to their participation and their success in this competition.


Here are the All-Time 10 Best European Clubs in the History



  1. Benfica
  • Champions League wins: 2
  • Champions League participations: 39
  • Championships won: 37


SL Benfica is a club established in Lisbon, which ranks among the best Portuguese clubs with FC Porto and Sporting. The club was founded in 1904 and participated in the creation of the national championship in 1934, which it won for the first time 2 years later. Since then, Benfica has been crowned champion 37 times, in addition to having won the Portuguese Cup 26 times.

The 60s will be the golden age of the Lisbon club, with 8 league titles, but above all 2 victories in the Champions League. The first against Barcelona in 1961 and the second against Real Madrid the following year. This competition will be marked in particular by the emergence of Eusébio, one of the best scorers of all time. Even today, he is considered the greatest player in the history of the club.

Benfica participated in 5 new UCL finals between 1963 and 1990 but won none. The situation is the same in the Europa League, where the club reached 3 finals between 1983 and 2014, but always lost in the last match. In recent years, Benfica has still enjoyed great success on the national scene but struggles to impose itself at the highest European level. SL Benfica remains one of the best European clubs in football history.



  1. Juventus Turin
  • Champions League wins: 2
  • Champions League participations: 34
  • Championships won: 36


Juventus FC is an Italian club that was founded in 1897 in Turin. The club took part in its first official competition during the 1900 championship. Five years later, he was crowned champion for the first time. In total, the Bianconeri have won 36 championships, which is as much as AC Milan and Inter Milan combined. The Old Lady also holds the record for the number of Italian Cups with 18 trophies.

Juventus have also often shone internationally. A 9-time Champions League finalist, the club will only win the big-eared cup twice. The first was against Liverpool in 1985 with a certain Michel Platini, one of the best French players in history. The second was in 1996 against Ajax Amsterdam, notably with Deschamps and Del Piero.

The Italian club also has 3 successes in the Europa League in 1977, 1990, and 1993. Juventus have attracted a large number of extremely talented players. Mention may in particular be made of Gaetano Scirea, Zidane, Buffon, Dino Zoff, Chiellini, or more recently Cristiano Ronaldo. Very domineering at the national level, the Turin club lacks success in the Champions League to appear higher in this ranking of the best European clubs in history.



  1. Inter Milan
  • Champions League wins: 3
  • Champions League participations: 21
  • Championships won: 18


FC Internazionale Milano is an Italian football club founded in 1908 by dissident leaders of AC Milan. From 1910, the club won the national championship, which it won 18 times in total. The Nerazzurri will grow in power until they reach the top of Europe during the 60s.

The Grande Inter, as it is called at that time, won the Champions League twice in 1964 and 1965. Helenio Herrera built a solid team, with which he perfected and popularized the catenaccio, a very defensive system. During the 90s, Inter is again very efficient and won the Europa League 3 times. However, the club failed to win a title on the national scene.

It will be necessary to wait for the new century to see Inter again succeeding everywhere. Between 2005 and 2011, the Lombard club won Serie A 5 times and 4 Italian Cups. All crowned with a victory in the Champions League in 2010. With legendary players such as Meazza, Facchetti, Matthäus, Zanetti, and Ronaldo, Inter Milan is one of the best European clubs in the history of football.



  1. Manchester United
  • Champions League wins: 3
  • Champions League participations: 28
  • Championships won: 20


Manchester United is an English football club founded in 1878, first under the name Newton Heath LYR FC. It was not until 1902 that the club changed to its modern name, and in 1908 that it won its first English league title. After a difficult period, Man U regained his glory during the 50s and 60s, in particular thanks to the arrival of Matt Busby as a coach.

With Busby, the Red Devils bet on youth and succeed in their bets. They won the championship 5 times and the FA Cup twice with players like Geroge Best or Bobby Charlton, one of the best English players in history. They are also the first English club to take part in the Champions League, then the first to win it in 1968. After another period without a title, Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United in 1986 and marked the beginning of a new era.

Ferguson won 38 trophies between 1986 and 2013, including a triumphant Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League in 1999. Manchester United has a total of 20 English league titles, 12 FA Cups, and 3 LDC among its long list of trophies. Many very talented players have played for this club, such as Dennis Law, Duncan Edwards, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Cantona, Ryan Giggs, or Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United is therefore certainly one of the best European clubs of all time.



  1. Ajax Amsterdam
  • Champions League wins: 4
  • Champions League participations: 36
  • Championships won: 34


Ajax Amsterdam is a Dutch club created in 1900. It is one of the best Dutch clubs with PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord Rotterdam. Ajax rose to the first division for the first time in 1911 and won its first championship in 1918. In all, the capital club won 34 championships and 19 national cups, making it the most successful club in the country.

During the 70s Ajax experienced its golden age. With Rinus Michels at the helm and Johan Cruyff on the pitch, Amsterdam shines thanks to its very attacking “total football”. The team won the Champions League 3 times in a row between 1971 and 1973. In the 90s, Ajax returned to its former form, and first won the Europa League in 1992. Three years later, they won their 4th LDC with players like Rijkaard or Kluivert.

Since then, the Dutch club has struggled to regain European heights but remains imposing on the national scene. Among the best players of the club, we can cite Cruyff of course, but also Bergkamp, ​​Seedorf, Van der Saar, or even Van Basten, one of the best strikers of all time. Thanks to total football, Ajax Amsterdam has become one of the best European clubs in history.



  1. FC Barcelona
  • Champions League wins: 5
  • Champions League participations: 30
  • Championships won: 26


Le FC Barcelone est un club de football espagnol fondé en 1899. Dès 1910 ils remportent leur premier trophée majeur avec une Coupe du Roi. En 1929, le championnat espagnol est créé, et c’est Barcelone qui remporte la première édition. Depuis, le club catalan a été sacré champion à 26 reprises et a remporté la coupe nationale 30 fois.

Despite good years and the passage of players like Johan Cruyff or Maradona, it was not until the 90s to see Barça at the top of Europe. In 1992, then coached by Cruyff, the Blaugrana won their first Champions League. But it was in the 21st century that Barcelona reached its peak. Since 2000, Barça has been the La Liga champion 10 times and won the Champions League 4 times, with world-class players like Iniesta, Xavi, or Messi, who is one of the best scorers in history.

FC Barcelona is quite simply one of the best European clubs in history. The club has known legendary players, such as Stoichkov, Romario, Koeman, Ronaldinho, Eto’o, and Puyol. Its philosophy inspired by attacking play has made it popular all over the world and its Catalan identity makes it a unique club in the world.


  1. Liverpool
  • Champions League wins: 6
  • Champions League participations: 24
  • Championships won: 19


Liverpool FC is an English football club that was created in 1892. The club joined the first division in 1893 and won its first league title in 1901. Since then the Reds have won the championship 19 times and the FA Cup 7 times. Liverpool is among the most popular and successful teams in England.

The first real golden age of the club comes in the 70s and 80s. First with the arrival of Bill Shankly, who is one of the best coaches in history, and who will bring the club from second division to champion of England in the space of a few years. Liverpool then won the Champions League 4 times between 1977 and 1984.

More recently still, the English club knew how to shine on the international scene. The Reds won a new LOC in 2005, including Steven Gerrard as captain. In 2019, they won their 6th Champions League and a year later the Premier League, a title awaited for 30 years at the club. Liverpool is one of the best European clubs in history and has known many talented players. Among others, we can cite Kenny Dalglish, Kevin Keegan, John Barnes, Robbie Fowler, or Graeme Souness.



  1. Bayern Munich
  • Champions League wins: 6
  • Champions League participations: 36
  • Championships won: 30



FC Bayern Munich is a German football club founded in 1900. The club won its first league title in 1932, before declining, due to the Nazi regime declaring it a Jewish club. In all, the Munich club has won the championship 30 times and the German Cup 20 times. Today it is largely the most successful German club in history.

From 1965, 2 years after the creation of the Bundesliga, Bayern joined the elite of German football. The club can count on players like Gerd Müller, Sepp Maier, or Beckenbauer, one of the best central defenders in history. It is with this team that Bayern Munich won several championships and national cups but above all 3 times the Champions League in a row between 1974 and 1976.

In the 21st century, the Munich club has already won 15 league titles and 3 LDCs. . In addition to being one of the best European clubs in history, it is still part of the European elite today. Among the great players who have played for Bayern, we can cite Oliver Kahn, Matthäus, Rumenigge, Lahm, or even more recently Robben or Ribéry.



  1. AC Milan
  • Champions League wins: 7
  • Champions League participations: 28
  • Championships won: 18


AC Milan is an Italian football club created in 1899. Barely 2 years later, the Lombard club already won its first scudetti. The first of 18 championships won by the club since, in addition to the 5 Italian Cups. However, AC Milan will remain initially for a long time in the shadow of its biggest rival, Inter Milan. It was only from the 1950s that the club experienced its first golden age.

It is with players such as the Swedish trio of Gren, Liedholm, and Nordahl that AC Milan finds the top. The 1950s saw Milan shine on the national scene, but during the following decade, the club won the Champions League twice. It will take 20 years to see the Rossoneri again on the roof of Europe with a new trio, Dutch this time. The Milanese won the Champion’s League again in 1989, 1990, and 1994.

Even during the 2000s, AC Milan still shines internationally. The club won again the C1 twice to bring the total to 7. Only Real Madrid has won the competition more times. So we can certainly say that AC Milan is among the best European clubs of all time. The club has known legendary players throughout its history. Among others, we can cite Gianni Rivera, Gullit, Van Basten, Paolo Maldini, Cesare Maldini, Pirlo, Nesta, or even Rijkaard, who is one of the best defensive midfielders in football history.



  1. Real Madrid – Best European Club in Football History
  • Champions League wins: 13
  • Champions League participations: 50
  • Championships won: 34


Real Madrid is a Spanish football club, founded in 1902 in Madrid. In 1905, the club won its first trophy with a victory in the King’s Cup. In 1929, he was one of 10 clubs to participate in the first Spanish championship, which he won for the first time in 1932. Since then, the club from the Spanish capital has won the Liga 34 times and the National Cup 19 times. With the arrival of Di Stéfano in 1953, Real Madrid will take on a whole new dimension.

During the 1950s, the Merengues dominated Europe. They won La Liga 4 times, but above all the first 5 editions of the Champions League between 1956 and 1960, thanks to players like Gento, Kopa, Santamaria, or Puskás. A few years later, the Madrilenians won their 6th C1, with a 100% Spanish team this time. It was not until the 90s to see Real again at the highest European level.


The Spanish club won again the Champions League 3 times in 1998, 2000, and 2002, with a certain Zidane, one of the best French players in history. It was finally in 2014 that Real won the “Decima”, their tenth victory in C1. They will then reign supreme over European football by winning the Champions League 3 times again between 2016 and 2018. With players like Figo, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Stéfano, or even Raùl, Real Madrid largely deserves its first place in our ranking of the best European clubs in history.


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10 Best Belgian Players in Football History

Best Belgian Players in Football History

Best Belgian Players in Football History 

Despite not yet having won a major international title, Belgium is an important country in the history of football. Finalists of the Euro in 1980 and twice as semi-finalists of the World Cup in 1986 and 2018, the Belgians have come close to the feat on several occasions.

The country can also count on several big clubs, such as Anderlecht, Club Bruges, or Standard de Liège. These teams have given birth to many great players and have at times shone on the European scene.

This ranking includes players from different eras. From Paul Van Himst in the 60s and 70s to Eden Hazard which is still active today, via Ceulemans or even Gerets.

Here are the 10 Best Belgian Football Players in History [2021 Updated]

10. Enzo Scifo

Enzo Scifo is a Belgian midfielder who has visited many European clubs. A very creative player, he was a classic number 10 with a good vision of the game. Scifo was an excellent passer, but also a good dribbler and finisher, which makes him one of the best Belgians of all time.

The Italian-born player will make his debut with the Anderlecht club in 1983. He will be crowned national champion 3 times and even reach the final of the Europa League with the Belgian club. Enzo Scifo will then go through several different clubs, including Inter Milan, Monaco, and Torino. He won in particular the French championship with ASM and the Italian Cup with Torino.

Scifo has taken part in a total of 84 matches for the national team and scores 18 times. He participated in 4 World Cups, including that of 1986 where Belgium reached the semi-finals and finished 4th. The midfielder will be voted the best young player of the tournament. Enzo Scifo has also been selected several times for the Ballon d’Or, his best ranking being 6th in 1990.



9. Daniel Van Buyten

Daniel Van Buyten is a legendary player for Bayern Munich and the Belgium team. From the height of his 1m97, he is a very imposing and solid central defender. In addition to his undeniable defensive qualities, Van Buyten can also be dangerous in aerial play.

After his debut at Charleroi and Standard Liège, the central defender goes through OM and Hamburg. But it was not until 2006 and his transfer to Bayern Munich that he would start to win major titles. In 8 seasons at the Bavarian club, Van Buyten will be crowned 8 times German champion and win 4 National Cups. He will especially win the Champions League in 2013 after 2 finals lost in 2010 and 2012.

Van Buyten is part of the closed circle of Belgian players who have won the Champion’s League. The defender has been called up 83 times for the national team and has scored 10 goals in total. With one of the best records for a Belgian player, it is clear that Daniel Van Buyten is one of the best Belgian players of all time.

8. Eric Gerets

Éric Gerets is a Belgian international player playing at the right-back position. Very good defender, he is also known for his offensive qualities. Nicknamed the “Lion of Rekem”, from the name of his birthplace, he became a legend of Standard de Liège, then of PSV Eindhoven.


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Gerets makes his debut for Standard de Liège. He won the championship twice and the National Cup with the Belgian club. Gerets will also be a finalist in the Cup Winners’ Cup, where Liège lost to FC Barcelona. After short stints through AC Milan and Maastricht, Éric Gerets won in Eindhoven. In 7 seasons at the club, he was crowned 6 times national champion and won above all the Champions League in 1988, where he was a captain in the final.

The Lion of Rekem is also a national idol. Between 1975 and 1991, he was selected 87 times for the Belgian team. Gerets reached the final of Euro 1980 with the Red Devils but lost in the final against West Germany. Six years later, Gerets’ Belgium achieved another feat by reaching the semi-finals of the 1986 World Cup. Eric Gerets, therefore, remains without a doubt one of the best Belgian players in football history.

7. Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany is certainly one of the best central defenders of his generation. Iconic captain of Manchester City and the national team, he is a solid defender who is appreciated for his leadership abilities. Very good in the aerial field, Kompany is also a technical player who knows how to throw cleanly forward. He is without a doubt one of the best Belgian players of all time.

Kompany’s professional career began at RSC Anderlecht, where he spent 3 seasons and won the Belgian championship twice. After a short stint at Hamburg SV, he joined Manchester City. In the space of eleven seasons with the club, he participated in many successes including 4 Premier League titles and 2 FA Cups. Vincent Kompany will end his career with a season in his training club as a player coach.

Kompany has 86 caps and has scored 4 goals for the Red Devils. He will be called up from the age of 18 for the national team, which makes him one of the youngest Belgian players selected. Kompany has to give up participating in Euro 2016 because of an injury, but he is present 2 years later. During the 2018 World Cup, he reached the semi-finals of the competition with Belgium. With 3rd place, it is Belgium’s best performance in the World Cup.

6. Jan Ceulemans

Jan Ceulemans is a legendary Belgian striker, player of FC Bruges and the Red Devils. Very physical and enduring, he is nicknamed “Sterke Jan” (Jan the strong) by the supporters. He is a natural leader and a player with a strong character, which leads him to wear the captains’ armband on the various teams where he plays. He is certainly one of the best Belgian players in football history.

Ceulemans began his career at Lierse SK in Belgium. He spent 4 seasons there without winning a title before joining FC Bruges. In 14 seasons at the club, he won many titles and successes. We can notably mention 3 Belgian championship titles and 2 National Cups. Jan Ceulemans has scored a total of 240 goals in 501 games for Club Brugge.

With the national team, Ceulemans is the second most capped Belgian player in history. He has been selected 96 times and scored 23 goals for the Red Devils. The striker is also part of the team that reached the Euro final in 1980 and the World Cup semi-finals in 1986. In total, he will have participated in 2 European Championships and 3 Cups. World in his career.

5. Jean-Marie Pfaff

Jean-Marie Pfaff is a Belgian international who is one of the best goalkeepers of the 80s. As extravagant as he is unpredictable, he nevertheless knows how to be serious and focused when needed. He is a goalkeeper with good reflexes and good relaxation, capable of impressive saves.

His career began with 9 seasons at Belgian club KSK Beveren. Pfaff notably won the 1978 Belgian Cup, then the championship a year later before joining Bayern Munich, one of the best European clubs in history . He will succeed in fittingly succeeding legendary Bayern goalkeeper Sepp Maier. Jean-Marie Pfaff won 3 German championship titles, as well as 2 national cups with the Bavarian ogre. He even reached the final of the Champions League with Bayern but lost to FC Porto.

Like Gerets and Ceulemans, Pfaff is part of players who reached the final of Euro 1980, then the semi-finals of the 1986 World Cup. He has 64 caps with the Belgian team, and many legendary saves. . Jean-Marie Pfaff also won the first trophy for the best football goalkeeper of the year in 1987. This makes him one of the best Belgian players of all time.

4. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian midfielder who still works and plays at Manchester City. A very complete midfielder, he can play in several positions, whether in the center or on the wings. With a good vision of the game and a good passing game, De Bruyne also has an excellent ball strike, which makes him dangerous in any situation.


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A post shared by Kevin De Bruyne (@kevindebruyne)

De Bruyne made his debut with KRC Genk, where he stayed for 4 seasons and won a Belgian league title. After passing through Werder Bremen, Chelsea and Wolfsburg, he finally joined Manchester City. With the English club, he won many titles, including twice the Premier League, an FA Cup, and 4 English League Cup. In England, he was even the best assists in the Premier League for 2 years in a row.

In the national team, Kevin De Bruyne also demonstrated all his talent. He has already been called 76 times and scored 19 goals for Belgium. De Bruyne was also one of the major players on Belgium’s beautiful course at the 2018 World Cup, with one elimination in the semi-finals. He is already one of the best Belgians in history today, but could still climb in the rankings depending on the end of his career.

3. Paul Van Himst

Paul Van Himst is a Belgian attacking midfielder and a great legend of RSC Anderlecht. A great dribbler, he could pass almost any defense. But he also had a great ability to score goals, which made him unpredictable. Without a doubt, Paul Van Himst is one of the best Belgian players of all time.

From the age of 9, he joined the Anderlecht training center, a club where he spent almost his entire career. In the space of 16 seasons at the club, he was crowned 8 times Belgian champion and 4 times won the national cup. He participates several times in the Champions League and will even be the top scorer of the competition in 1967. Despite this, he does not manage to bring his team to the top of Europe.

With 30 goals in 81 caps, Van Himst is also one of the greatest players to have worn the Belgian team jersey. He participated in the 1970 World Cup and Euro 1972 where Belgium reached the semi-finals but lost to West Germany. Paul Van Himst will also be voted best Belgian player of the century in 1995 and 5th at the Ballon d’Or in 1964 and 4th in 1965.

2. Michel Preud’homme

Michel Preud’homme is one of the best Belgian goalkeepers in history with Jean-Marie Pfaff. His reflex stops and his relaxation have made him one of the key elements of the different teams he has been to. With more than 650 matches in the Belgian and Portuguese first division, he largely deserves his place among the best Belgian players of all time.

The young Belgian goalkeeper made his debut at Standard de Liège and quickly established himself there at the age of 18. Michel Preud’homme won the championship twice and the National Cup once, before leaving for KV Malines after a corruption case. With his new club, he won again the championship and the cup, but especially the Cup of Cups in 1988 against Ajax Amsterdam. Prudhomme will end his career with 5 seasons at SL Benfica and a Portuguese Cup won.

Michel Preud’homme also had a good career in selection. After reaching the round of 16 at the 1990 World Cup, he shines again 4 years later in the United States. Preud’homme was elected best goalkeeper in the competition, then also best goalkeeper of the year 1994. He has selected a total of 58 times with the Red Devils.


1. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is a Belgian international player, Chelsea legend and now playing for Real Madrid. Most often positioned on the left-wing, he is an extremely fast and agile player, able to pass any defender thanks to his dribbling. Hazard is good from 2 feet, which makes him a formidable finisher, in addition to being an excellent passer.


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His career began in Lille in France, a club in which he would stay for 5 seasons. He won the championship in 2011, then had an extraordinary last season at LOSC with 20 goals and 15 assists in Ligue 1 before heading to Chelsea. In his new club, Hazard very quickly becomes a key player. It allows his team to win the Premier League twice, an FA Cup and the Europa League twice. Since 2019, the Belgian winger has been a Real Madrid player and already has a La Liga to his name.

Hazard is also already a legend in the national team. With 32 goals in 105 games, he is the second best scorer and the third most capped player of the Belgian team. He took part in the 2014 World Cup, then in Euro 2016, and reached the quarter-finals in both competitions. But it is during the 2018 World Cup that he shines the most. Despite a defeat in the semi-final and a 3rd place, the Belgian will be elected 2nd best player of the tournament. With such performances, Eden Hazard can claim the title of best Belgian player in history.


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10 Best Midfielders in the World | 2021

Best Midfielders in the World

Best Midfielders in the World 2021

The midfielder is that player on whom an entire team pivots. That footballer manages to unite defense and attack, making the whole team play and bringing balance to the game.

For this, it is necessary to have a series of essential virtues: a vision of the game, management of game times, quality (reception and pass), ball handling … We come with a list that brings together the best midfielders in the world today.

How do we rank the best media in the world?

You have to make a balance between the different virtues of a midfielder to be able to classify the best players in this position. We are based on the following criteria to make the ranking of the owners of the medullary.

Statistics (% good passes per game, assists, goals, balls recovered): 50%.

Leadership: 50%.


Here are the 10 Best Midfielders in the Football World | 2021


  1. Daniel Parejo


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The former Valencia CF player and the recent signing of Villarreal is one of the footballers who best manages playing times on the green. Despite the irregular season of the Ché team, the Coslada midfielder is among the best in the world on his own merits, being the helm of a team that has reached the second round of the Champions League although he has not been able to get into European positions this season.

The departure with the Valencia letter of freedom says very little about Meriton’s management in the Turia capital. Getting rid of the team captain, after ten years defending the colors and overcoming initial criticism, is very unintelligent and diminishes the team’s sporting potential. Di Stéfano’s right eye will continue his career in Castellón, despite the Valencian fans.

Skills: Flawless free-kick and penalties. Top game vision.


  1. Christian Eriksen


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The Danish midfielder was one of the soap operas of the last winter transfer market. His change of air from the Premier League to Serie A has slightly devalued Eriksen’s game although he is still a great footballer. Tottenham’s departure did not like a newcomer José Mourinho (one of the highest-paid coaches in the world ).

Under the orders of Antonio Conte, he has established himself as a fundamental pillar at Inter Milan. His influence on the game is total, perfectly understanding the idea of ​​the Italian coach and helping the team build from possession and attacking football.

Skills: Last pass with vision, good punch, and second-line arrival.


  1. David Silva


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The ‘Mago ​​de Arguineguín’ sneaks into this list of the best midfielders in the world after more than ten seasons performing at the best level. David Silva has once again been one of the best of his team, facilitating the attack game and channeling the connections towards the front. With an exquisite left foot, he nurtures his passing teammates in the form of assists, as well as providing danger from set-pieces.

In his last season as ‘sky blue, he has once again been amazed at brilliant goals and memorable matches. The ‘citizens’ will remember the canary as one of the most brilliant footballers who have passed through Manchester City in recent years. From now on, he will continue his career at Real Sociedad covering the loss of Martin Odegaard.

Skills: Direct free hits with square and bevel. Exquisite mid-range shooting. Movements between the lines like nobody else.


  1. Miralem Pjanić


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Miralem Pjanić has been one of the most controversial signings on this summer market. The FC Barcelona fichó to the Bosnian barter with Juventus by Arthur over 12 million euros. Even though the player is already a top midfielder, letting the Brazilian go has not finished convincing the culé fans.

Beyond the exchange of stickers, the footballer will contribute a lot of play immediately. He is a proven player who has performed at a very high level in recent seasons. The ability to create game and time management allows his teammates to be able to position themselves both in defense and in the attack. In addition, he has a good hit from set-pieces although he has Leo Messi as the main direct free kicker.

Skills: Millimeter free-kick. Short pass and between the lines very precise. He is a very regular player.


  1. Luka Modric


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Luka Modric is still one of the best. The 2018 Ballon d’Or is no longer a promising youngster, but it continues to distill top-level football. The Croatian has been one of the best of Real Madrid in this season in which they have been proclaimed champions of LaLiga. The duo with Toni Kroos is possibly one of the best on the planet, with an exceptional Casemiro behind.

Modric is synonymous with class. The handling of the ball, as well as the vision of the game that he offers so regularly, make him essential in Zidane’s scheme. Indeed, he is no longer at the level of two seasons ago, but that does not prevent him from being a benchmark in the white midfield and being among the best in Europe.

Skills: Ball handling, short dribbling, and shooting from a medium distance. A very arriving midfielder.


  1. Thiago Alcantara


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Thiago Alcántara is the Spanish midfielder who picks up the witness of the 2010 tiki-taka. The footballer is one of the most talented media in the Bundesliga, although his days could be numbered at Bayern Munich. The Spanish-Brazilian went to Liverpool to continue his career under Jürgen Klopp.

The canterano culé has a magnificent class when it comes to getting the ball out, with a short dribble at the height of very few. It also stands out for the capacity for association and the arrival from the second line.

Skills: The highest quality midfielder in the world. Although it can be called excessive driving, it is one of its great virtues.


  1. Paul Pogba


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Paul Pogba, the eternal intended by Florentino Pérez, is another of the footballers who perfectly dominates the times in the MC position. The Frenchman is the engine of Manchester United and achieving a creditable third place in the Premier League, ahead of Chelsea.

The class of the French midfielder cannot be doubted, although the lack of regularity prevents him from leaping to become the best in his position. On a physical level, he may be the most complete player, with strength, speed, quality, and vision, he is perfect to lead the core of any team.

Skills: It could be said that it is the definition of ‘box-to-box with the added quality that every team would like to have. If he can be more consistent, he could become the best in his position.


  1. Toni Kroos


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Toni Kroos is Real Madrid’s metronome. The German player is one of the most regular in his position, being a fixture for Zidane and always providing judgment both in defensive work and in the attack. Despite the elimination of the Champions League against City, the German season has been more than acceptable.

Although his game is not very showy, he is terribly effective, always getting his decisions right. His hit percentage is impressive, as is his mid-range shot. He has managed to score real goals by bringing out his right hand.

Skills: Regularity in his game, with a percentage of successful passes that can hardly be improved. Good hitting from outside the area.


  1. Frenkie De Jong


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The young Dutch footballer has fallen on his feet in Barcelona. De Jong has come to mark an era at Can Barça and he has all the qualities to do so. His youth makes him one of the players with the greatest projection in the world and FC Barcelona will seek to build its team on the former Ajax midfielder.

His position should be as close to that of Xavi Hernández, who created the game alongside the DCM. In the Catalan team’s game, he already provides a clean ball exit despite pressure from the rival, although the arrival of the second line allows him to see the door more easily.

Skills: Very elegant ball handling, a lot of quality on long trips. Clean ball out.


  1. Kevin De Bruyne


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Kevin De Bruyne has become the best Mid-fielder in the football world as of 2021 by growing and believing in his talent. The Belgian footballer is a tremendously complete player, even on a defensive level. Under the command of Pep Guardiola, he has managed to become the helm of his team, distributing the game, giving the last pass, and seeing the goal quite frequently.

The Manchester City has not been revalidated for the third consecutive year the Premier League, which has been conquered by an unstoppable Liverpool after 30 years of drought. Despite this, De Bruyne’s season has been very good, adding numbers of a true world star.

Skills: He has been the top assistant in the history of the Premier League, equaling Thierry Henry’s record. His medium-range shot is fearsome across Europe.


Final Words

Do you think we have left a midfielder off the list? Leave us your comment so we can include you among the best on the planet and don’t forget to vote in the poll on the best midfielders in the world.


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10 Best Right Backs in the Football World | 2021

Best Right-Backs in the World

Best Right-Backs in the World

The Right-backs are soccer players who have had to evolve to unsuspected limits in recent years. Its importance in defensive solidity, game creation, and participation in the offense has increased in this modern football. Therefore, it is essential to create a ranking of the best right-backs in the world.


How to make the ranking of the best right-backs in the world?

To make this ranking, it is necessary to base on three criteria that have a determining weight in this top. These criteria are the following:

Tactical: 40%.

Physical and technical: 30%.

Character: 30%.


10 Best Right Backs in the Football World | 2021


  1. Nelson Semedo (Wolves)

To begin with, we have one of the starting full-backs of the Portuguese team. Nelson Semedo is a young right-back who had a somewhat irregular step for FC Barcelona. After a disastrous end of the season for the culé team, the Portuguese opted for a change. In this way, Wolverhampton Wanderers took over the services of the side.

His great offensive projection tends to overshadow his defensive contribution. However, his speed and good vision will serve Wolves wonderfully in the Premier League.


  1. Joao Cancelo (Manchester City)


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A post shared by João Cancelo (@jpcancelo)

Joao Cancelo is a young winger who in recent years has been bumping into the best leagues in Europe. Finally, after a millionaire investment from Manchester City FC, the Portuguese arrived at the Mancunian club. In the Premier League, when he has been able to play, he has shown that he is still one of the great talents of world football.

Again we are faced with a player who prioritizes his offensive game. However, his defensive records are not all bad. For all this, coupled with his great speed, Cancelo is still waiting for his opportunity to settle in the starting eleven of Manchester City.


  1. Sergi Roberto (FC Barcelona)


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A post shared by Sergi Roberto (@sergiroberto)

Sergi Roberto is a player who is difficult to classify as a pure right back. His beginnings as a midfielder have allowed him to be a Swiss army knife for all the coaches who have passed through FC Barcelona. In this way, we find Sergi so high in this top thanks to his versatility and defensive sacrifice.

The Spanish player is the typical worker who does not get a 10 in anything but contributes a 7 in everything. For this reason, year after year, he has managed to add titles to one of the best teams in the world.


  1. Kieran Trippier (Atlético de Madrid)


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A post shared by Kieran Trippier (@ktrippier2)

The case of Kieran Trippier is a surprise to all Spanish soccer fans. English players generally have a bad reputation that has been difficult to clean up. It is popularly said that the English do not perform at a good level outside the islands. For this reason, the high level of Trippier has been a pleasant surprise for the mattress makers.

Being a starter in one of the three best teams in all of Spain, it is difficult not to mention Trippier in this ranking. A starter in practically all the games of last season, his defensive contribution has been key at Club Atlético de Madrid Cholo Simeone’s.


  1. César Azpilicueta (Chelsea FC)


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A post shared by César Azpilicueta (@cesarazpi)

César Azpilicueta is already a legendary player for Chelsea FC. Last season he played practically everything and was a key player in Chelsea’s first season under Frank Lampard. For this reason, winning the captaincy in a big-6 club and being a starter in one of the best leagues in the world is not available to everyone.

His offensive contribution tends to be overshadowed by his great defensive level. Being a traditional cut defender, his head is always focused on coming back to get the ball back.


  1. Jesús Navas (Sevilla FC)


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A post shared by Jesús Navas (@jnavas16)

Who does not remember that legendary Navas career in the 2010 World Cup final that ended with Iniesta’s legendary goal? At the time, Navas was in his best shape. However, he was far from being considered one of the best in the world.

For this reason, that 10 years later, Navas is considered the fifth best right-back in the world, it is a pleasure for the Sevillistas. After an incredible season that concluded with the achievement of the sixth Europa League in the history of Sevilla FC, Navas deserves to be here.


  1. Kyle Walker (Manchester City)


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A post shared by Kyle Walker (@kylewalker2)

The top 4 of the best right-backs in the world open with Manchester City FC’s starting right-back. Kyle Walker is a fairly complete English fullback who continues to count for Pep Guardiola. Such has been his impact on the English club that Guardiola has chosen to align Joao Cancelo on the left side.

His great offensive level does not leave behind the defensive contribution that the former Tottenham Hotspur winger brings to the Mancunian club. In addition to having great speed, his associative game has been key to earning Pep’s trust.


  1. Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City)


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A post shared by Ricardo Pereira (@ri_pereira)

Ricardo Pereira is one of the best full-backs in the world, and whoever denies it has not seen the Premier League enough. His contribution to Leicester City has been titanic, being a key player in the success of the Foxes to end up qualifying for the Europa League.

Thanks to his hard work with Ben Chilwell, Leicester City had the second-best full-back pair in the entire league. For all this, his great talent, his offensive projection, and great defensive strength, it is not crazy to say that the Brazilian full-back is in the top 3 in the world.


  1. Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid)


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One of the great talents to come out of Real Madrid CF in recent years is Dani Carvajal, making him one of the best right-backs players in the football world. He is a key player in the great successes of Real Madrid for several seasons and has carved his way based on hard work.

His great talent is not only measured in lethal centers and an excellent presence in three-quarters of the rival court. His defensive facet leaves nothing to envy on offense since he is one of the strongest full-backs in all of Europe.


  1. Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool FC)

Finally, we have one of the most promising talents in all of the football world. Trent Alexander-Arnold, the boy from Liverpool, aka Anfield Road, is the Best Right-Back Player in the Football World as of 2021.

His contribution to the great successes of Liverpool FC is not only on the side of what a right-back should do. Rather, the young English player always goes one step further and contributes to all facets of the game. For Klopp, Trent has been the linchpin of his scheme both offensively and defensively.

All this is due to his great vision of the game and mischief that, for example, no FC Barcelona fan will ever forget. His versatility has allowed him to create a game as if he were a midfielder and defend his shield with his soul as if he were a central defender. Therefore, it is impossible not to place you in the highest position in our ranking.


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10 Best Defensive Midfielders in the World | 2021

Best Defensive Midfielders in the World

Best Defensive Midfielders in the World

The defensive midfielder or pivot position is one of those that has evolved the most in recent years thanks to the approaches and styles of the best coaches in the world today. For this reason, it is common to see all kinds of pivots focused on one or another aspect of the game without letting them fulfill their main function: patrolling the defensive zone in the center of the field.

In recent times, thanks to the great school of teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern München, or, currently, Manchester City, it is common for the pivot profile to adapt to a specific idea or style. In the lower ranks of the best teams in the world, the pivot position is one of the most valued and developed.

This, due to the great mental capacity that these players must have to be aware of their position on the field, their role, and their contribution both in recovery and in creation. For this reason, many agree that defensive midfielders are the great undervalued in football since their great work is not appreciated.

For this reason, in Modern Soccer, we have prepared another ranking of soccer players. This time, focused on the best defensive midfielders in the world today. In this way, you will be able to know which are the best in certain aspects that make them stand out from the rest and you will be able to value a little more the sacrifice of the pivots on the playing field.


10 Best Defensive Midfielders in the Football World | 2021


  1. Idrissa Gueye (Paris Saint-Germain)


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A post shared by Idrissa Gana Gueye (@iganagueye)

Idrissa Gueye was a very low-profile midfielder when he played for Everton FC. However, by leaping PSG, the Senegalese showed that he had the ability to stand out at the national and continental levels.

Despite his injury last season, he was a key player in the French club’s relative success. Currently, he is a fixture in the rosters and his recovery statistics are among the best in all of Ligue 1.


  1. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool FC)


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A post shared by Jordan Henderson (@jhenderson)

Jordan Henderson has been one of the players who has evolved the most since Klopp’s arrival on the net bench. The Liverpool FC captain was a linchpin in the scouser club’s recent successes and is currently one of the best in his position globally.

The Englishman, recently voted the best player in the Premier League by the PFA, is the very picture of the dedication and sacrifice of the modern midfielder. For this reason, at 30 years of age, the level he maintains makes him stand out in our ranking.


  1. Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City FC)


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A post shared by W I L F R E D N D I D I (@ndidi25)

Special mention deserves the best defensive midfielder in England outside the Big-Six. Wilfred Ndidi is a player who has taken over from Kanté at Leicester to become the best in his position. When in shape, Ndidi is not only the best on his team but the best in the entire league.

However, his recent injuries have somewhat weighed down the great projection of one of the great promises of the Premier League. If he were to join any team in the world, we are sure he would be the starter and the best in his position. Ndidi is a very physical player with an almost innate recovery and an enviable passing ability.


  1. Sergio Busquets (FC Barcelona)


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A post shared by Sergio Busquets (@5sergiob)

Sergio Busquets continues to be a regular in the core of FC Barcelona. Indeed, he is not currently going through his best moment, but if we can mention a perfect example of what the modern pivot is, it would be a crime not to mention the best defensive midfielder of the last decade.

Busquets is an elegant player with a privileged brain that has allowed him to be the undisputed starter at FC Barcelona. This, both in the best years of the culé team and in the complicated recent times. For this reason, when Busi retires, his contribution will be valued much more and he will be studied as one of the best in his position on a historical level.


  1. N’golo Kanté (Chelsea FC)


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A post shared by N’Golo Kanté (@nglkante)

N’golo Kanté is the player who takes sixth place in the list of Best Defensive Midfielders in the World. The Frenchman was one of the key players in Leicester City’s success in the 15/16 season and one of Chelsea FC’s best players since his arrival at the London club.

Since the arrival of Frank Lampard, Kanté went through practically every area of ​​the field until the Englishman chose to give him the title as a pivot. Currently, he is one of the players who recovers the most balls and who creates the most game from his position.


  1. Fabinho (Liverpool FC)


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A post shared by Fabinho (@fabinho)

If we talk recently about the successes of Liverpool it is impossible not to mention the great impact of Fabinho. The Brazilian, together with Alisson and Van Dijk, are largely responsible for the defensive improvement of the club network.

Thanks to his versatility, he is a player who can play both in a double pivot and in a scheme in which the weight of the game falls on him. Similarly, Fabinho is a key player in Tite’s Brazil and one of the best players in the world at his position.


  1. Rodri (Manchester City FC)

Rodri is a player who was paid a good deal two seasons ago. His role within Manchester City is fundamental, although a better version of the Spanish footballer is still expected. At the moment, the level of display is not bad but more is expected under the orders of Pep Guardiola. The former Atlético de Madrid went from being one of the best pivots in LaLiga to one of the best in the Premier League.

However, the Spanish team is where we have seen the true potential of Rodri. There his presence in the eleven is more consistent, providing fluidity in the game and presence in defense.


  1. Frenkie de Jong (FC Barcelona)


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A post shared by Frenkie de Jong (@frenkiedejong)

Dutchman Frenkie de Jong was one of the great bombs of last summer when he joined FC Barcelona for a fortune. In his time as culé, he has had a fairly long adaptation period. However, everything seems to indicate that he has finally found his ideal position.

Since the arrival of Ronald Koeman, de Jong has been an undisputed starter in the system with two pivots. In this position, we have seen the best version of Frenkie since he arrived at the culé team. Such has been his impact as a pivot that Koeman has chosen to place him as a center-back thanks to his good vision and ability to recover, as well as being a great starter of the game.


  1. Carlos Casemiro (Real Madrid CF)


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A post shared by Casemiro (@casemiro)

Another Brazilian footballer Carlos Casemiro ranked second in the list of Best Defensive Midfielders in the World. The Real Madrid pivot has been a key piece in the defensive solidity of the merengue team for years.

His great delivery, speed, and good head to make tactical fouls and cut the rival offensive game have allowed him to stand out at a very high level. Being, in addition, is one of the best in his position thanks to his good numbers, titles, and statistics.


  1. Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern München)


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A post shared by Joshua Kimmich (@jok_32)

Joshua Kimmich is the Best Defensive Midfielder in the Football World as of 2021. Kimmich is a player who has evolved masterfully in his position. From being a very solid right-back, he became a practically perfect defensive midfielder of the modern era.

The overwhelming success of FC Bayern München last season could not be explained without the great level of Kimmich to sustain his team in practically every aspect of the game.

For all this, Kimmich seems to be the player who will break the mold and give a global impact to the players of his position. Since, despite being a pivot, he is a born scorer, an impeccable assist, and a recuperator worthy of at least a Ballon d’Or in the not too distant future.


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