Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison 2021

Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison Which One to Buy in 2021

Samsung has in its catalog two of the most valued wireless headphones today. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison. While the former we met last August, the latter broke in at the beginning of the year. The two models are among the best headphones of 2021 and are intended to offer good audio quality, with a comfortable and lightweight design.

However, many of the improvements introduced in the Buds Pro can be found in the Galaxy Buds 2. In any case, given that they are two different models, we are going to analyze their main differences so that you yourself can weigh which ones are best for you.

Galaxy Buds 2 Vs Galaxy Buds Pro

At first glance, the two headphones have a similar design. They are quite small and rounded, although the Galaxy Buds Pro has included an air outlet, which is responsible for releasing the pressure from the ear by allowing better airflow. This outlet also helps reduce the impact of the headphones on the ear canal.

We can say that the two models adapt quite well to the ear. Their design allows them to fit perfectly, avoiding unwanted movements while exercising or moving. Another thing they share is their two-way acoustic design. This means that inside them we find two speakers: a woofer, which is responsible for reproducing the mid frequencies and bass, as well as a tweeter to reproduce the treble. The quality in both is quite good, although we will talk more about it now.

In terms of dimensions, the Buds 2 measure exactly 17 x 20.9 x 21.1 mm and have a weight of 5 grams. For its part, the Buds Pro measure 19.5 x 20.5 x 20.8 mm and weigh 6.3 grams, so they are somewhat less light and a bit heavier.


Sound Quality and Active Noise Cancellation

Both the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro have active noise cancellation. This is a very interesting feature for those of us who like to isolate ourselves from the world from time to time. With it we can eliminate background noise almost entirely (up to 99% according to Samsung itself), being able to regulate it according to our needs. It is also possible to turn it off completely. In turn, this feature will improve the sound experience, which is exactly what we look for the most when we choose headphones of this type.

As we say, this cancellation is customizable, so we can choose how much noise we want to cancel, but the most striking thing is that it is also intelligent. This means that the headphones will detect when we are speaking, automatically switching to Ambient Sound mode. In this way, we can listen to our interlocutor without problems.

For its part, inside both headphones, there are two speakers included, something that is not normal to find in wireless headphones. As we explained a little above, we have a woofer (responsible for reproducing the mid and bass frequencies (up to 20 Hz). But we also have a 6.5-millimeter tweeter, which will reproduce the highest frequencies (up to 20 kHz).

It should be noted that the Buds Pro includes 360 ​​Audio technology, which will allow you to enjoy a more realistic sound. There is also no lack of Dolby Head Tracking technology. This provides them with an intelligent sensor, which allows them to detect the direction of the sound according to the position of the user’s head. Really the quality in the two headphones is spectacular. Both one and the other will give us a very satisfactory experience.



The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Pro arrive with a USB type C connection. They also boast the Auto Switch function. Thanks to it, when the headphones are linked with the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, they are ready to connect to one or another device depending on the context. In this way, if we are browsing on the tablet and a call comes in on the phone, we can answer it at that moment from the headphones without having to connect them to the mobile. It is done completely automatically.



Another aspect that headphones have in common is the battery. Both include a 61 mAh, more than ready to offer up to 5 hours of music playback. If they are in the case, they will stay charged for another 13 hours. If the noise cancellation system is off, then the playback time will increase, being able to enjoy 8 hours on a charge and 20 hours inside the case.

If for any reason you need to use the headphones and you have no battery, it is important that you know that they have fast-charged. Thus, in just five minutes you will enjoy an hour of autonomy. And with Wireless PowerShare it will be possible to charge the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro by placing them on the back of the device.


Buds Pro vs Buds Pro: Which one to buy?

As we have seen in this comparison, there are few differences between the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and The Buds Pro, except for the air outlet and the design. The audio quality and the most important features like noise cancellation, smart functions, or battery are the same in both.

The Buds 2 are slightly cheaper and you can find them on the official Samsung website at a price of 150 euros in four different colors. For its part, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is available on the Samsung website at a price of 189 euros in two colors to choose from.


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