Google Kids Space A Tool to Adapt Android Tablets to Children

Google Kids Space A Tool to Adapt Tablets to Children

Applications to learn to program, to learn to add, to learn to read. Technology at the service of education gives a lot of itself. And Google is not far behind because it has shown its interest in offering learning and fun platforms to children. Google Kids Space is the tool that today represents a recreational space dedicated to the smallest of the house. It not only serves as entertainment but also helps parents control everything their children watch. We tell you all its details.

Google Kids Space is available for both smartphones and tablets. In this versatile app, you can find applications, books, and videos that can awaken the creativity of your children. If you want your children to be part of this experience and get the most out of this tool, it will be very easy. Next, you will be able to know everything that Google Kids Space can offer you and your family.


What is Google Kids Space?

Google Kids Space is a tool developed for Android tablets, which offers children all kinds of content to exploit all their creativity. Through this, they can have access to a wide catalog of books, videos, applications, and others.

In a way, Google Kids Space tries to recommend quality content adapted for them to your child. In this way, by creating your own character, you can dramatically improve your experience as you use this tool.


How does Google Kids Space work?

Its operation is very simple. As an essential requirement, your child must have a Google account. However, it must be administered using Family Link in case your child is not 13 years of age or older. In this way, Google Kids Space investigates among the Family Link Android applications in order to include quality content for your children automatically.

Currently, there is the possibility to choose from more than 400 books, videos, applications, and much more. Among all that, you can also find offline content in case you are not connected to the Internet at a certain time. On the other hand, if parents so wish, they can access Google Play to download additional content.

The Google Kids Space interface is divided into five tabs, facilitating access to all available content quickly and easily:

Main page: from here you can access all the activities. In addition, suggestions will be shown to the user on this same screen.

Games: is the tab where all installed applications are organized. Some recommendations to install are also shown. Parental approval will be required to perform any installation. Although it is possible to change this setting.

Visual content: this tab provides access to YouTube Kids content. Video recommendations are displayed based on the region the user is in.

Readings: It has a wide catalog of books selected by experts. It is also possible to have access to children’s books from the family library.

Activities: Children will be able to enjoy all kinds of offline activities, recommended by YouTube Kids, allowing them to develop and explore their skills.


What Advantages Does Google Kids Space offer?

Once you start looking into all the content that Google Kids Space can offer your children, that’s when you really start to experience its benefits. Among these we can highlight:

  1. Develop children’s curiosity and creativity.
  2. It offers quality content designed for almost any stage of childhood.
  3. It is safe to use.
  4. Understand multiple categories in different learning areas.
  5. It offers healthy recreation for children while serving as a source of learning for them.


What are the devices compatible with Google Kids Space?

To this day, the devices that are compatible with Google Kids Space are still limited. For now, these are the tablets that accept its operation :



  • Lenovo Tab HD M10 (2nd Gen.)
  • Lenovo SmartTab M10 HD (2nd Gen.)
  • Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Tablet
  • Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet
  • Yoga Tab 11 and Yoga Tab 13


Google Kids Space has become part of the daily life of the smallest of the home, resulting in optimal learning and fun experiences. As a father or mother, it is a tool that you should always keep in mind if what you want is for your children to be stimulated at a creative and neurosensory level. If you still don’t have it at home, we invite you to take a look at it.