Here is How OPPO New Smart Charging Technology Works

OPPO VOOC Flash Charge: this is how OPPO’s new smart charging technology works

OPPO has just presented its new smart charging technology, OPPO VOOC Flash Charge, let’s see what it consists of and how it works. Designed to keep the charging speed within the maximum safe level, OPPO VOOC Flash Charge adjusts the charging current based on the intelligent detection of different charging scenarios. This can also help reduce potential battery wear and aging, allowing users to enjoy optimal battery life for a longer period of time.

The battery lasts me anything! How many times have you heard, or said that phrase? Or you may have investigated which mobile has the highest battery, or which smartphone has the best battery when you were thinking of buying a mobile in 2021.

The truth is that there are two different questions: one focused on the capacity of the battery and the other on its shape. of charging and managing power. A topic that includes innovation and software enhancements, the latter. This is precisely what the future of mobile phones is about: to innovate where users require it. Until the inexhaustible batteries arrive, manufacturers strive to improve the energy efficiency of their mobiles. This is the case of


This smart charging technology from OPPO offers notable improvements in various aspects of battery performance, such as:

1. Longer Battery Life:

While ensuring 65W SuperVOOC speed and full battery charge/discharge, the technology can keep the battery capacity at 80% of its original capacity after up to 1,500 charge cycles.


2. Improved Charging Speed ​​in Specific Scenarios:

Charging speed can be further increased according to specific situations based on the maximum power that the battery can safely absorb at any given time. In the case of the 65W SuperVOOC, the charging speed can be increased by approximately 20%, allowing a 4500mAh battery to be fully charged in 30 minutes.


3. Balance between charging speed and phone temperature:

Smart charging technology finds the best balance between optimal charging current and possible temperature rise at different times of use. As a result, users can use their phones while charging without any problem. Nanodiamond batteries or how cell phone batteries could last for years.


How OPPO New Smart Charging Technology Works

OPPO has always placed efficiency and security at the forefront of Flash Charge technology development. In this sense, OPPO has incorporated a five-fold protection system to improve security in VOOC Flash Charge technology and has investigated how to use new materials, AI algorithms, charging architectures, and other factors to offer even more innovative solutions such as:


Lower Impedance Fuse:

The fuse included in the Flash Charge 5-fold protection system can blow immediately in the event of a power surge or other abnormality, isolating the battery from the power supply and thus protecting it. Improved fuse design results in lower internal resistance and better performance, helping to further improve the safety of the charging system.


Gallium nitride (GaN) switches:

OPPO has added GaN switches to its smartphones for the first time. Not only can these switches achieve the same functionality as traditional silicon MOSFET switches using a smaller area, reducing the space required, but their low-resistance, high-voltage operation helps reduce heat generation, improving efficiency. load and the quality and duration of the product.

Two-Cell Series Design – A two-cell series battery design allows the same power to be emitted while reducing electrical current and reducing heat generation. The two cells in series design take this concept one step further by combining these dual battery cells in the same frame, taking up less space and offering the same performance with maximum safety. The result of this new advance generates an increase of at least 5% in battery capacity.


Battery Safety Detection Chip:

OPPO’s proprietary battery safety detection chip, with built-in artificial intelligence algorithms, is able to detect whether batteries have suffered external damage by recognizing voltage drops in real-time in a variety of scenarios and act accordingly. If the voltage drop is considered to be due to battery damage, the phone will warn the user and put additional safety measures in place to prevent further problems.


Composite current collector:

OPPO has developed a composite structure backup battery with a new composite current collector. The battery uses a novel composite material sandwiched between two layers of aluminum instead of the typical aluminum-only design common in conventional batteries. This “sandwich” structure is further coated with an additional protective material to form the current collector structure composed of five layers, improving the safety of the battery by protecting it from short circuits caused by external situations. Tests carried out in OPPO labs show that the new battery passes puncture and collision tests with a 100% success rate, without compromising performance.


Stronger and Safer Batteries

And a very important aspect that cannot be overlooked when we talk about cell phones and batteries: Safety. We do not forget that a few years ago some mobiles exploded, right? Well, that. So in addition to making VOOC Flash Charge as safe and smart as possible, OPPO has also investigated ways how to optimize fast charging technology in the most extreme situations. For example, it might be difficult to charge a lithium-ion battery in very cold environments, where forcing the battery to charge could even cause a short circuit.

To avoid this, OPPO’s ultra-low temperature charging solution uses smart algorithms to determine the optimal battery charging temperature and increase the temperature before charging begins. Test results show that the battery is capable of increasing the temperature from -20 ℃ to 10 ℃ in just a few seconds, allowing the battery to charge normally and with greater safety.

Undoubtedly, good news for mobile phone users: Battery life is one of the main headaches, and that is why while this technology improves, nothing like remembering the tricks to increase the battery life of your smartphone.