Highest Target by Teams in T20 World Cup History

Highest Target in T20 World Cup History

Twenty20 also known as T20 cricket is the shortest format which contains only 20 overs on each side. T20 cricket includes a high potential batting strategy as well as various variations in bowling. The first edition of the tournament was held in 2007 hosted by International Cricket Council (ICC), held every two years. Let’s have a look at the Highest Target posted by teams in the T20 World Cup History, some of which were successfully chased down as well.

The 2021 Edition of the tournament is on its way, and fans are waiting to see which previous record will be going to be broken in the T20 World Cup 2021 Live Telecast, as the tournament is scheduled to begin on 17th Oct 14th Nov 2021. Apart from that, let’s dive into the top 10 teams scoring the highest total in the T20 World Cup History.


Highest Total by Teams in the T20 World Cup History

Match Date Team Opposition Score Overs RR Venue
14 Sep 2007 Sri Lanka Kenya 260/6 20.0 13 Johannesburg
18 Mar 2016 England South Africa 230/8 19.4 11.69 Mumbai
18 Mar 2016 South Africa England 229/4 20.0 11.45 Mumbai
19 Sep 2007 India England 218/4 20.0 10.9 Durban
7 Jun 2009 South Africa Scotland 211/5 20.0 10.55 The Oval
20 Mar 2016 South Africa Afghanistan 209/5 20.0 10.45 Mumbai
11 Sep 2007 South Africa West Indies 208/2 17.4 11.77 Johannesburg
11 Sep 2007 West Indies South Africa 205/6 20.0 10.25 Johannesburg
5 Oct 2012 West Indies Australia 205/4 20.0 10.25 Colombo (RPS)
16 Mar 2016 Pakistan Bangladesh 201/5 20.0 10.05 Kolkata


  1. Sri Lanka – 260/6

Once, the most dangerous side in the t20 cricket, Sri Lanka was in great touch when their legend like Mahela Jayawardene, TM Dilshan, Kumar Sangakara, Malinga, Mathews, and many other players were in the squad. On September 14th, 2007 Sri Lanka Posted the Highest Target of 260-6 in the T20 World Cup history while batting first against Kenya.

While Chasing down the target, Kenya was all out on 88 runs and eventually Sri Lanka won that match by 172 runs.


  1. England – 230/8

One of the greatest sides of One Day and T20 internationals, the English team scored 230/8 against South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2016 which was the 18th Match of that tournament. Joe Root smashed 83 quick runs to chase down the mammoth target of 229 which was set by South Africa.


  1. South Africa – 229/4

England is the only team who successfully chased down the highest total in the T20 World Cup history. It’s the same match which we mentioned above, South Africa while batting first scored 229/4 with the help of Hashim Alma and Quinton De Cock who put their team in a strong position by posting the 2nd Highest Total of the T20 WC history. But, England remain dominant in the second innings and successfully chased down the target of 229.


  1. India – 218/4

India is the all-time favorite team when it comes to the T20 World Cup tournament. In the first edition of the tournament, India set the target of 218/4 while batting first against the English team. The record was set by the Indian team on September 19th, 2007 which was a Day-Night match between India and England.

Another amazing part of that game was Yuvraj Singh, who smashed 6 Sixes in a row to Stuart Broad making him the first-ever batsman to hit 6 Sixes in an over in T20 Cricket. India won that match by 18 runs as England fell short while chasing the target and were all out at 200 runs.


  1. South Africa – 211/5

South Africa also came back in the second edition of the tournament which was held in 2009 as they set the gigantic target of 211 runs against Scotland in the T20 World Cup. Team Africa won that match by 130 runs as Scotland was all out on 81 runs.


  1. South Africa – 209/5

You can’t keep South Africa out of the box when it comes to setting huge targets. In the 2016 edition, while batting against Afghanistan, Africa scored the target of 209 runs. They won the match by 37 runs as Afghanistan ended their innings at 172 runs.


  1. South Africa – 208/2

Look likes, South Africa loves to set the highest totals in the T20 world cup, but eventually, they never won the title which is quite sad. In the first edition of the tournament, Team Africa successfully chased down 208 runs against the Mighty West Indies who are known for their quality hitting over the ropes. While batting first West Indies scored 205 runs but Protease hit them with the marvelous hitting of Herschelle Gibbs who scored 90 runs and led their team to victory by 5 wickets.


  1. West Indies – 205/6

The same match which we described above, back on September 11th, 2007, when the first edition of the tournament was being held. West Indies smashed the 205 runs against South Africa but unluckily, Africa chased it down in the 17th overs with eight wickets to spare.


  1. West Indies – 205/4

In 2012, West Indies equalizes their record against Australia. In the 2012 Edition of the T20 tournament, West Indies smashed the huge target of 205 in the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2021. While chasing down the target, Australia was all out on 131 runs as West Indies make their way to the final by beating Australia by 74 runs.


  1. Pakistan – 201/5

In the 2016 edition of the T20 World Cup tournament, Pakistan while batting first scored their highest total in the t20 world cup history against Bangladesh. Setting the record of 201 runs Bangladesh fell short at 146 runs as Pakistan won the match by 55 runs.


Final Verdict

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