How to Choose the Best Kingston Portable SSD Value For money

How to Choose the Best Kingston Portable SSD

Are you looking for the best Kingston Portable SSD value for money? Here we review the keys to choosing the best quality-price portable SSD.

And it is that Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, a division of Kingston Technology Company Inc., the independent world leader in memory products and technology solutions, points out the most important points to consider when choosing a portable SSD, the product that saves and solves the lives of many content generators and influencers.

A portable SSD has the same approach as an external hard drive: it is an external and portable drive where data can be stored to carry it from one place to another but with exponential improvements, both in speed, capacity, durability, etc. For this reason, it is an ideal tool for streamers, YouTubers, and influencers, since it allows them to dump all their content, quickly, on a device that they can easily move from one site to another.

“Content creators need devices more and more prepared for the demands they require, due to the new possibilities offered by new cameras, consoles, and applications, both in terms of storage, speed and durability and ease of transport of the device”, said AndrĂ©s Maldonado, Kingston’s business developer in Spain.

“The XS2000 unites all these demands and shapes them into a compact device that is durable and has high transmission speed and capacity.”

How to Choose the Best Kingston Portable SSD

In addition, it also serves as a backup when managing key information. But it is not always easy to know what type of SSD to choose, a task that Kingston simplifies by explaining the 4 most important keys to take into account when buying one:


A content creator generates many files throughout the day. Photos to illustrate, videos to share, as well as other high-value files.

That is why it is vital that you have as much storage as possible, so you never run out of space. With the increase in the quality of the files, they are both heavier, and more space is required to save them.


Hard drives sometimes take a long time to transfer files. The arrival of SSDs in this sector gives it a new boost, since the speeds are much higher (in some cases up to 10 or 12 times more), something that is noticeable, especially in 4K and 8K files, a quality that is a growing trend among content generators.

It is also very useful if you have to move heavy videos or a large number of photos, something totally normal in the life of an influencer or YouTuber.


The longer you hold the better, right? External HDDs have a finite life much less than SSDs, both in written terabytes, in hours of use without failure, etc.

It is also important that the SSD itself is resistant to external phenomena such as temperatures, water, dust, etc. All these factors determine to a greater or lesser extent the useful life of SSDs.


Since it is a device that is designed to be carried from one place to another, the idea is to be as small and light as possible.

The more storage you have, it is expected that it will be larger and weigh more, therefore, we must find a balance between the capacity we need and the size of the device.

Kingston has an external SSD that more than meets all these requirements; the new Kingston XS2000, has different capacities, being a maximum of 2 TB, speeds that reach 2000 Mb / s of writing and reading, and high durability, thanks to its IP55 classification that resists water and dust.

Kingston XS2000

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Plus, it’s small like a keychain, so it can be conveniently carried anywhere in a pocket. This unit combines perfect storage for storing a large number of files, and speeds (added to the USB-C connection it contains) that will allow transferring even 8K files in the blink of an eye.