How to Make a Video Call on WhatsApp Web PC or MAC Step by Step

How to Make a Video Call on WhatsApp Web PC

Making a video call on WhatsApp Web on PC or MAC is possible and here we tell you how to do it step by step. Here we explain how to make video calls on WhatsApp from your computer.

The coronavirus has pushed video calls to limits that we did not know, and now it is the turn of the most popular messaging app of all.

WhatsApp Web opened the possibility for users to make private and secure individual calls and video calls from the Desktop application.

To do this, it is only necessary to install the App on the computer and that’s it. To optimize these calls, the company made sure they worked smoothly with both portrait and landscape orientations.

These appear in a separate resizable window on your computer screen, and will always be displayed in the foreground.

Make WhatsApp Video Calls on PC

Step 1: Once you have the desktop app installed, open it. The first thing you have to do is configure it. A QR code will appear to link with WhatsApp Mobile.

Step 2: The process is the same as that of WhatsApp Web, you will have to have your mobile always close by.

Step 3: Enter the arrow that appears at the top, near your profile photo

Step 4: Open the option “create a room” and it will be linked with Messenger

Step 5: When you have done all the linking and are ready to make a video call on WhatsApp Web, click on the contact with whom you want to make the call.

Step 6: When entering the conversation, in the upper right you will see the icons to make calls and video calls. Click on the option you want to use.

Step 7: When you start the video call, you will be able to see your camera before the other person answers, as well as other controls, such as, for example, to activate or deactivate the camera or microphone.

Step 8: As we told you, previously, making a video call through WhatsApp Web is now possible individually, however, the company assures that they will soon expand this function to include group calls and video calls.

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