How To Print Custom Playing Card Boxes for Boosting Your Business

How To Print Custom Playing Card Boxes to Boost Your Business

Custom playing card boxes are becoming more and more popular in the playing card industry. They’re a great way to make your playing cards stand out from the rest, and it’s not just for playing cards anymore!

Custom packaging has become an essential part of any business that wants to be successful in marketing its products.

Print Custom Playing Card Boxes

You may not know that playing card boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging. The custom playing card box is often used for packaging playing cards for many different purposes, such as casino decks, poker sets, and other games. Playing Card Boxes come in a variety of sizes with their own unique style.

If you’re looking for new playing card boxes wholesale at competitive prices, then this blog post will be very helpful!

Playing cards are a product that is used again and again on various occasions. People like to play card games in their free time but often need a way of storing them neatly when not at playtime or for transport purposes.

Playing card boxes can be purchased from stores all over the world, so as they’re reusable, you’ll always know where your favorite deck will be safe!

Designing and Printing

Printing playing card boxes can be a challenge because the paper for playing cards needs to be stiff and thin enough to shuffle in but thick enough so that people cannot see through it.

The process of designing a custom playing card box starts with deciding on what design you want to be printed on your playing card box. You may choose from different shapes like rectangles or squares, depending on if you are looking for something simple or elaborate.

Then there’s the dimension which will depend on how many decks you’ll need as well as the style of playing cards inside such as poker size or bridge size.

Custom boxes are a great way to improve your packaging process. Get your custom box imprinted with different patterns and colors, like light/dark combinations or one of our other options – all at no extra cost!


Custom-printed boxes help attract and keep customers. Show off your brand in the best possible light when you invest in custom printing – it only costs more if you opt for multiple colors, but that can spark a rewarding new trend!

To make sure our custom-made card decks are printed correctly, comparing the cost of printing on these items versus buying them off-the-shelf from a box distributor and discussing color decisions, even if using unusual colors or contrasting shades matches your branding guidelines is important.

Quality Matters

Ever since the first playing cards were invented, it has been a vital component of every card packaging business. A successful card box is essential in any cohesive production of individualized items like playing cards or other collectibles that rely on those boxes for their display and protection during shipment.

Since you cannot put your product inside a custom printed cardboard without knowing what kind of quality they are made with, here’s some advice on how not only to sell more products but also create lasting impressions from buyers.

There are many playing card printed products that you can find in the market. But if you want to take your business a step up, custom playing card boxes are also an option for your playing card packaging needs.

With this bestselling playing card box design template and other customizable options as well, there’s no need to worry about not finding any appropriate product for your style or budget because these printing templates will help make sure all of those problems are solved.

In addition, with our low prices on wholesale playing card boxes, it’ll be much easier than you think when ordering such things as customized retail packaging cardboard sheets.

The higher the quality of your playing card packaging boxes, the more likely you are to accomplish success in retail stores around town.

Card Boxes Marketing Tool

There are a lot of ways to promote your product, and one way is with custom playing card boxes. You can use these boxes for many purposes; you could put them in the backroom as an advertisement or place them on top of products that need more promotion than others.

Customized playing card box packaging not only draws people’s attention but also shows what company or brand they represent!

You may have seen personalized gifts being given at weddings before-nowadays wedding planners are using customized cards instead because it preserves all information about who gave which gift where there might be confusion over similar-looking items from different stores, etcetera.

You’re competing in a market where it’s not enough just to be good. You need the best artwork and packaging available on earth, or at least everything you can find close by.

For custom-printed boxes that will make your product stand out from the competition with style and panache, have someone experienced create them for you.

Despite what some people say about color schemes being boring because they depend too much on CMYK colors instead of PMS ones (those are more vibrant), having an expert help you narrow down exactly which shades work together is always helpful when designing something as important as this for marketing purposes – so get one now before these become all used up like every other resource we’ve been working with today.

Customization as per Audience

Card playing is popular among different age groups, which means that card boxes can be customized to suit the needs of each group. For instance, middle-aged people like a more mature color and design while adults are drawn to bright colors.

Children prefer animated designs or characters on their cards; therefore, it’s also important for retailers to cater to this need with Custom Playing Card Boxes from companies such as Cartoon Factory Play cards which have a specialty in character-based custom-printed cardboard boxes for kid’s games.

Materials for Box Production

The playing card boxes can be made of cardboard, wood, or paper. Reverse tuck packaging boxes are the best packaging solutions for card boxes. The type of material used for the box depends on the preference and budget of each playing card business owner.

A company called Boxy Print has a wide variety to choose from when it comes to custom playing card boxes, such as high-quality UV-coated corrugated cardboard that is durable yet cost-effective.


In this blog, we have covered the basics of how to print your own custom playing card boxes. We hope that you will find these tips useful in boosting your business productivity.

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