How to Watch and Download Movies & Series on Telegram Step by Step

Tips and Tricks: How to Watch or Download Movies and Series on Telegram Step by Step Guide 

Watching movies on Telegram is more “fashionable” than ever. It is an alternative to watch movies online and offers many alternatives. Here we explain what you must do to watch and download movies or series on Telegram.

And it is that as you read it: you can watch movies in the instant messaging application in addition to the traditional platforms Netflix, HBO, Disney +, and Amazon. Here we tell you how to watch or download series on Telegram.

In the rival WhatsApp application, there are many channels where you can stream movies, as well as download them. The first thing you should do is find a channel dedicated to cinema and join it. Once you are inside the Telegram movie channels, you can access the list of movies and series available.


How to watch movies on Telegram: step by step

To join any of these movie and series channels on Telegram you will only have to look for them in the platform’s magnifying glass by placing an @ before their name and join them. Once inside these, they indicate the instructions to download series and movies, as well as to watch them live. So you can do it:

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Go to the magnifying glass and enter the name of the channel.
  3. Join the channel and view the list of movies and series it offers.
  4. The channel tells you if you can download or stream the audiovisual production you want, usually through a link to Google Drive or Mega.
  5. When you select the movie, it will be downloaded to your mobile in a Google Drive or Mega file. You can also see it from the same cell phone within the application.


Movie channels on Telegram

In Telegram, you can find a number of channels dedicated to movies and series. These are some of the most popular and rated the best.












If you are a fan of the cinema and watching movies online, you already know how to watch movies on Telegram in a simple way, without third-party applications, and from your device.


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