Huawei MateStation S Desktop Computer Price and Release Date

Huawei MateStation S: Huawei’s New desktop Computer Price and Release Date

Huawei expands its portfolio of computing products with the MateStation S, its new desktop computer. We review its most outstanding features and specifications, to see if it deserves to be among the best computers to buy in 2021. In the Huawei online store, there are very interesting offers for computers at the moment.

It is a new desktop computer that incorporates the intelligent characteristics that identify Huawei smartphones and computers, and that has all the necessary specifications to allow users to use it while working in a safe and efficient way.

Designed to intelligently improve productivity, and condensing all its elements into an ultra-compact size, HUAWEI MateStation S comes equipped with a 7nm AMD Ryzen ™ 5 4600G processor, which allows to improve performance and offer a quality experience, either during its use in the workplace or in leisure and entertainment settings. Its highly efficient thermal design keeps the system cool and ultra-quiet, even when charging or performing tasks that require high power and technical demand.

And, thanks to the brand’s distributed technology, Huawei’s new desktop computer is compatible with Huawei Share and Multi-screen Collaboration, offering new smart office experiences to consumers who use different devices while working. HUAWEI MateStation S has a powerful system framed in a minimalist and compact design. In addition, it comes with the HUAWEI Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard, an ultra-thin wired keyboard with a fingerprint that allows the computer to be turned on and started with a single touch, which favors user productivity within an aesthetically elegant exterior.

Wang Yinfeng, president of the PC and tablet product line of Huawei Consumer CBG, has assured that “we are committed to our Seamless AI Life strategy and to offering products where the improvement of productivity is the key for consumers around the world. . HUAWEI MateStation S shares many innovations in our MateBook products, notably the premium and smart experience. The arrival of the desktop computer further expands our portfolio of PC products and continues to expand our 1 + 8 + N ecosystem. ”

HUAWEI MateStation S: Key Features

The HUAWEI MateStation S evolves from the traditional oversized desktop computer design to a newer approach that is characterized by its elegance and compact body, in which you can see slanted openings in the front panel. In addition to improving aesthetics, these openings also serve another purpose, allowing fresh air to flow through them. The 8.6L body is smaller than traditional desktop PCs, making it a good alternative for small offices where space is limited.

For its part, HUAWEI’s ultra-thin fingerprint keyboard features a metallic design and scissor buttons that offer an improved typing experience and 2.5mm key travel. Thanks to the built-in Huawei Share functionality, users can touch their smartphones and connect wirelessly to the PC desktop for easy file transfer. In addition, in the upper right corner is a 2-in-1 fingerprint reader and power button, which transport users directly to the desktop securely with the push of the button.

HUAWEI MateStation S is powered by the 7nm 6-core AMD Ryzen ™ 5 4600G processor that delivers incredible multitasking performance. The processor is built-in with Radeon ™ graphics, enabling faster graphics performance than some of its counterparts, even during the most demanding multimedia jobs.

Space-Efficient cooling system with ultra-quiet fan adjusts wind speed as the temperature of computer components changes, making temperature control smarter and thus reducing potential noise. The design and configuration of the air duct ensure that hot air is exhausted through a dedicated duct, allowing the system to cool rapidly for greater long-term stability.

Thanks to Huawei’s distributed technology, HUAWEI MateStation S supports Huawei Share and Multi-screen Collaboration, allowing multiple devices to connect and complement each other. To do this, users can tap a smartphone with the right Shift key on the keyboard to connect it with the desktop computer for easy file transfer and document editing. Additionally, the enhanced Multi-Screen Collaboration feature allows up to three application windows to be opened simultaneously on the desktop, making it easy to multitask with different devices, but on a single screen.


Huawei MateStation S Price and Release Date

MateStation S is on sale in the official Huawei online store, with a price of € 649 which includes the HUAWEI Display, 23.8 monitors, as a gift, and from August 23 it will be incorporated into the rest of the usual sales channels.