ICC Bid to Include Cricket at the Olympics 2026 Los Angeles

ICC Bid to Include Cricket at the Olympics 2026 Los Angeles

International Cricket Council appealed to the Olympic Committee to include cricket in the Olympics and declare the event to be one of the most popular in Asia. As a result, the door to play cricket at the 2026 Los Angeles, California Olympics is about to open.

The Tokyo Olympics ended very successfully in the midst of the coronavirus. Cricket is not one of the biggest sporting events in the world, even though the Olympics have seen many events. This time the ICC took that initiative.


The demand for the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics is long overdue. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has so far not applied to the ICC to link cricket to the Olympics. However, the BCCI has changed its mind this time.

If cricket is added to the Olympics in the future, Indian men’s and women’s teams will participate in it, said Indian Board Secretary Joy Shah. The ICC has already applied to the Olympic Committee to link cricket because of India’s interest.

ICC Chairman George Greg Berkeley believes that the connection of cricket to the Olympics will benefit the organizers as well as the spread of cricket. “On behalf of the ICC, I would like to thank the Olympic Committee for organizing the Tokyo Olympics in such a beautiful environment,” he said.

“At the Olympics, we see a long future for cricket,” he said. 90% of our spectators are looking forward to watching cricket at the Olympics. The last cricket event at the Olympics was 120 years ago today. Great Britain won gold in cricket at that Olympics.

The last cricket match at the Olympics was in 1900. The service Olympics were held in Paris, France. Surprisingly, Great Britain and France fought in the final to win gold in cricket at the service event. There were also players who took two half-centuries and five wickets in that two-day match. Great Britain won the gold of service by defeating France.


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