Imoo Ear-Care Kids Wireless Headset Review

Imoo Ear-Care Kids Wireless Headset Review 

Looking for the best headphones for kids? Then keep reading because we have tested Imoo Ear-Care Kids Wireless Headset, and here we review their characteristics and comment on our experience.  Buying Bluetooth headphones is a challenge: You have to compare the multiple models on the market, which is not easy in 2021.

But if you are going to buy Bluetooth headphones for children it is even more complex, because you have to evaluate an additional aspect: security. Children are growing, and we have a responsibility to take care of their health and guide them to use technology safely and without damage to their hearing, for example.

Then we were struck by imoo’s proposal with its Ear-care Headset, which is designed for the little ones in the house. It is about BlueTooth headphones, manufactured to protect the ears of our children, in full development in childhood, and hence their important care.

Their main claim, in fact, is that they offer a design that keeps them away from the eardrum, so if your child decides to give a lot of volume to the music or video they are watching, it will not be a problem. As parents, we will stay calmer. Now, what exactly do these headphones have to offer? Next, we review its main keys.


imoo Ear-care Headset Comfortable and Secure Design

One of the reasons imoo Ear-care Headsets are worth purchasing is because of their design. It is not the typical true wireless earphone that Bluetooth uses, but they have an open shape that keeps them away from the eardrum. They are designed so that the sound is transmitted directionally to the ear through the sound beaming speaker. Although on the outside they look like plastic, the reality is that they are made of silicone with titanium alloy, a combination that gives them greater flexibility and durability.



The battery is one of the characteristics to consider when choosing headphones. The imoo Ear-care Headsets have a capacity of 185 mAh. Therefore, they are capable of reaching eight hours of continuous use, somewhat more than other devices on the market.

It is understood that it is not correct for the smallest of the house to use headphones for too long, but the greater the durability of the product, the better. They also include a notification system, which when they are at 5% or less power notify that the device will turn off soon. It should be noted that the charging time is 1 hour, they also use a micro USB input, quite common today.

The problem with giving headphones to the little ones in the house is that in the long term they can damage their ears, either because the volume level is too high or the headphone input is too large for the size of their ear. In fact, the WHO recommends that headphones should never exceed 85 dB, a safe level so that there is no type of hearing damage.

The Ear-care Headset more than meets this premise. These headphones have a system that keeps the earphone separate from the eardrum. As explained above, its open design directs sound into the ear, with a sound-beating speaker system. In other words, the helmet guarantees clarity and privacy with a volume output of no more than 85 decibels.



When you look at them closely, you will surely think that they are quite heavy, but the reality is that they do not exceed 30 grams, thus being lighter than other types of headphones that easily reach 100 grams. Its lightness will be a relief for the little ones since they will not notice any discomfort in the neck area as the hours go by. It should be noted that they are made with an antiallergic material for the delicate skin of children.


Are these headphones worth it?

Are these headphones worth it? If you are looking for comfortable and safe ones, of course. The fact that they are Bluetooth is a great plus for children. And that they do not enter the ear, but are placed superficially, making them comfortable and safe at the same time. Sound regulation to a maximum of decibels as well.

They are also resistant to water, they have ipx54: If you are not familiar with this terminology, you should not worry, the degree of IP protection is simply the level that a device has against external elements, mainly against dust or water. Imoo headphones have an IP54 rating.

This means that dust can enter the device, but as long as it is not excessive it will not interfere with the operation of the equipment. But in addition, it has a resistance to water above average, since a few drops or a low-pressure jet will not damage the helmet. Of course, they should not be submerged underwater.


Imoo Ear-Care Kids Wireless Headset Price and Availability 

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By the way, if you are interested in Imoo Ear-Care Kids Wireless headphones, you can find it on its official website for a price of 64.90 euros.