imoo Z6 Watch Phone A Children Smartwatch Price and Features

imoo Z6 Watch Phone A Children’s Smartwatch at a Reasonable Price 

Buying a smartwatch for children is not an easy task: Beyond comparing models, you must take into account the safety of children. This is what imoo has focused on with the Z6 Watch Phone, a children’s smartwatch that entertains children, but with security options so that parents are calm. Here is the review of Imoo Z6 Watch Phone here we tell you our opinion about this children’s gadget.

Is that in a world in which our children are surrounded by dangers, technology plays a very important role. This is how smartwatches for children are a good option if what you want is to have yours controlled. Or that it also helps you check notifications, make video calls, or simply wear it on your wrist.

The imoo Z6 Watch Phone is a clear example of what we have been saying. A watch that combines multiple functions, and will help parents to be calmer while the little ones are somewhat away. If you want to know more about him, do not stop reading. Here we review its five main keys.


imoo Z6 Watch Phone : A safe Children’s Watch

At first glance, the imoo Z6 Watch Phone is a watch that does not go unnoticed. It has a robust design, albeit with a futuristic aesthetic. It is a quality watch with German safety certification TüV SüD WT-Mark, which promises material safety, anti-fall safety, and water resistance (IP68). This is always appreciated in a smartwatch for children since they do not stop for a second.

The watch features a 1.41-inch touch AMOLED panel, which can be folded down for convenience. It is possible to place the screen at different angles and use it for example raised when making a video call. Its resolution is 320 x 360 pixels and is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass system.


Front and Rear Dual Camera

The imoo Z6 Watch Phone includes a 5MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera with f / 2.2 aperture and support for autofocus. The watch ensures sharp photos and video calls. In addition, the sensor is coated with sapphire crystal and an anti-fingerprint system, which makes it more durable even for the most active children.


Location with Google Maps and maximum security

If there is something that makes these watches fabulous, it is that we can have more vigilance over our children when we cannot be by their side. This particular model has satellite GPS, a base station (BS), acceleration sensors, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, and GLONASS. This means that we will know exactly where they are at all times, monitoring the status through the imoo app. Through this, we can find your location or know your state of movement.

Likewise, it is possible to configure predefined areas to receive messages when our child enters or leaves a place, such as a friend’s house or school. It should be noted that the connection is guaranteed at all times thanks to the integrated 16 frequency band 4G.


“Class mode” for distraction-free learning

Another key to this imoo Z6 Watch Phone is that it has the Class Mode function. By configuring it, we can define the time and duration of the class from the app so that the clock works like a normal clock with only urgent calls to and from the administrator. In this way, we will ensure that our child does not suffer interruptions or can be easily distracted. To all this, we must add a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor along with an 8 GB RAM, which will be responsible for making the watch work like silk.


Automatic Step Counter

Physical exercise is very important to ensure the good health of our children. In this case, the imoo Z6 Watch Phone includes a step counter with intelligent fitness tracking to monitor the level of activity. Plus, this counter goes the extra mile by allowing you to connect with friends to compare daily step ratings for increased motivation.

And if you are worried that so many functions can quickly drain the battery, nothing to see. The watch equips 680 mAh, which promises several days of use. In any case, the duration will depend a lot on the use that is given to it, so if your child uses video calls a lot or the camera will have to charge it almost daily.


imoo Z6 Watch Phone Price and Availability

Buying a children’s watch involves studying all the advantages it offers, and also its risks. The imoo Z6 Watch Phone is available to buy now at a price of 219 euros in purple or green colors.

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