IQOO 8 Smartphone Series Release Date Confirmed

IQOO 8 Series Release Date: The New IQOO 8 Smartphone Series is Coming on August 17, 2021

Over the past month, the iQOO 8 series has been the subject of leaks, and hands-on images of the unreleased iQOO smartphone arrived during the recent ChinaJoy convention last week. Now, the Chinese phone maker has officially confirmed the release date on its Weibo page that it will launch the iQOO 8 Series on August 17 at 7:30 pm local time.

The poster roughly translates to “Full Control on the Verge of iQOO 8 Series Conference “, which we think got lost in translation, but may be a nod to the high performance of the iQOO 8.

The iQOO 8 series is expected to be the first to arrive with the slightly updated Snapdragon 888+ chipset. 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage are also expected. Although iQOO demoed the 120W charging at the ChinaJoy convention, an unconfirmed rumor suggests that the iQOO 8 will support charging speeds of up to 160W. According to DigitalChatStation, the iQOO 8 will supposedly have a Samsung E5 LPTO AMOLED display with 1400 x 3200 px.

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Photos from the convention that surfaced last week only showed part of the phone, as it was hidden in security enclosures. Only the front and part of the bottom of the phone were visible. The screen has two curved edges and the bottom edge of the phone is flat. We wonder if the whole frame will flatten out completely.