Kena Bridge of Spirits is Set to Release on PS4

Kena Bridge of Spirits is Set to Release on PS4

The new fantasy single-player game will be arriving in our stores soon. Kena Bridge of Spirits arrives in the physical version on PS4 and that under a Deluxe edition. Here is the composition of the box but also the latest information on Kena’s releases.

The fabulous game Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrives in the physical version! Posted on August 24, 2021, on Epic Games and PlayStation 4, this single-player RPG shatters all records on Twitch. With its wonderful universe, this opus will soon be available for purchase in stores under the physical Deluxe edition. The opus that looks a lot like Ori will be distributed by Just For Games in next November. It was one of the most anticipated games on PS4 and PS5 and should make quite a few sales in physics.

This Deluxe version includes the soundtrack, digital items, and exclusive physical items. The whole world will be able to access it at the same time as us. The COO at Ember Lab commented on this:

“Our community has been very clear about their desire for a physical edition when the game was announced. It is an honor to create a game that people want to add to their collection, and we are delighted to partner with Maximum Games to let it happen so quickly after the initial launch. ”

But will the title appear on other media? So far, the developers haven’t really answered this question. Kena Bridge of Spirits is currently out as a physical Deluxe version on PS4, and should also see the light of day on PC.

The only thing we know right now is that Kena Bridge of Spirits will be coming to Xbox in a few months. Indeed, the studio announced that the Sony exclusivity was temporary, so Microsoft players will also be able to enjoy this little gem!


Kena Bride of Spirits Price 

Announced in 2020, the independent game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4 for the price of around € 40 depending on the platform (Epic Games, PS4 or Instant Gaming…). However, even if the port of Ember Lab is envious of other players, it is not (yet) published on Xbox, Stadia or Switch, mobile, etc.


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