Key Things to Know About DIY E-liquids in Canada

Key Things to Know About DIY E-liquids in Canada

If you are a regular vaper, you have probably heard about DIY e-liquid. It means creating your own custom-made e-juice to spice up your vaping experience. If done well, DIY vaping juicy is sweeter, but on the other hand, it can be harmful if proper precautions are not taken. Here is what you need to know about DIY E-liquids if you are residing in Canada.


Simplest DIY Way to Make Vape Juice

You can achieve this by mixing the ingredients needed to make the e-juice, such as nicotine, flavour concentrates, and the base liquids of (vegetable glycerin) VG and (propylene glycol) PG. If you wish your e-liquid to be nicotine-free, don’t add any nicotine concentrates. If you know how to mix a cocktail, then a DIY e-liquid should be a walk in the park.

First, you need to visit find some e-juice supplies in Canada for you to get your hands on the ingredients. Purchase at least 100 ml of VG and PG and add several plastic pipettes and 50 ml plastic bottles into your cart. Remember to include your favourite flavours too.

Once you have all the ingredients, start by adding a few drops of your chosen flavourings into the empty bottle using the plastic pipettes. From here, fill the bottle halfway with PG, then add VG to fill the bottle. Shake the bottle and allow the bubbles to settle. At this point, your vape juice is ready, and you can try it out. Simply tweak the mix of the next batches to suit your preference.


Mixing Method Used While Making e-juice


By Weight


This is achieved by using a scale where each ingredient is weighed, taking into account. For instance, a set ml of PG or flavouring is lighter than an ml of PG. When making your e-juice in Canada using this method, you need a vape calculator to give you the accurate values of your ingredients.


By Volume


Here you have to measure the volume of the ingredients using several syringes. It is the simplest way to mix the ingredients, especially if you are a beginner. On the flip side, this method is less accurate, and using vape calculators will play a vital role in making you more accurate.


Must-Have Ingredients


  • Flavour Concentrates – The flavour will determine how your vape juice will eventually taste. The DIY e-liquid in Canada from ePuffer has different tastes depending on the flavour used. Ensure you purchase popular or your favourite flavours.


  • Gloves – They are essential when handling the chemicals used in making e-juice. Ensure you purchase a box of disposable gloves when undertaking this process.


  • E-juice bottles – The bottles are of less quantity and come in handy when experimenting with the best method to use while making your e-juice. You can also use them to store different chemicals and flavours.


  • Labels – It is vital to label the contents of the e-juice bottles.


Ingredients to Shun Away From

  • Unknown flavours since they may be dangerous
  • Any oil type
  • High-strength nicotine
  • Any other household accessory which isn’t recommendable


Final Words

Making your vaping e-juice is fun and will create a thrilling experience. Ensure you use the recommended ingredients to avoid the final product being poisonous. For motivation purposes, ensure you use sweet flavours while making your e-juice.