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KPL 2021 Schedule and Fixtures | Kashmir Premier League

Kashmir Premier League KPL 2021 Schedule and Fixtures

Kashmir Premier League: SRG KPL Schedule, Fixtures, and Time Table 

The first edition of Kashmir Premier League KPL 2021 is scheduled to start on 6th August 2021. SRG KPL 2021 Schedule fixture and timetable are released. A total of six teams taking part in the KPL 1st Edition, all the matches to be played in Muzaffarabad. KPL T20 League to feature 19 matches, Pakistani fans are eagerly waiting for the tournament to start. PTV Sports and BSports are the official KPL 2021 Live Telecast TV Channels.


KPL 2021 Teams
  • Muzaffarabad Tigers
  • Rawalkot Hawks
  • Bagh Stallions
  • Kotli Panthers
  • Mirpur Royals
  • Overseas Warriors


Kashmire Premier League Schedule, KPL 2021


Match # Date Day Match Team Day Match Time Match # Night Match Team Night Match Time
Opening August 6, Friday Opening Ceremony 6:00pm to 7:00pm 01 Mirpur Royals vs Rawalakot Hawks 8:30 pm
02 August 7, Saturday Bagh Stallions vs Kotli Lions 2:00pm 03 Overseas Warriors vs Muzaffarabad Tigers 7:30 pm
04 August 8, Sunday Mirpur Royals vs Bagh Stallions 2:00pm 05 Rawalakot Hawks vs Kotli Lions 7:30 pm
06 August 9, Monday Overseas Warriors vs Mirpur Royals 2:00pm 07 Rawalakot Hawks vs Muzaffarabad 7:30 pm
08 August 10, Tuesday Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Kotli Lions 2:00pm 09 Bagh Stallions vs Overseas Warriors 7:30 pm
10 August 11, Wednesday Rawalakot Hawks vs Bagh Stallions 2:00pm 11 Kotli Lions vs Mirpur Royals 7:30 pm
12 August 12, Thursday Bagh Stallions vs Muzaffarabad Stallions 11:00am 13 Rawalakot Hawks vs Overseas Warriors 04:00pm
14 August 13, Friday Overseas Warriors vs Kotli Lions 11:00am 15 Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Mirpur Royals 04:00pm
16 August 14, Saturday [Qualifier 1] 16 Team 1 vs Team 2 04:00pm
17 August 15, Sunday [Eliminator 1] 17 Team 3 vs Team 4 04:00pm
18 August 16, Monday [Eliminator 2] 18 Qualifier runners-up vs Winners of Eliminator 1 04:00pm
19 August 17, Tuesday [Final] 19 Winner of Qualifier 1 vs Winner of Eliminator 2 7:00pm



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