Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headphone Test and Review

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headphone Test and Review

Logitech G533 the wireless gaming headset is equipped with DTS Headphones X technology and a Pro-G transducer provides surround sound that offers excellent audio quality. Let’s Test an immersive gaming experience using this Logitech G533 wireless gaming headphone supplied with all accessories and a user manual.

Thanks to the control buttons placed on its headset, the volume and mute can be changed quickly. The sound produced by the microphone is of low quality compared to that offered by the earbuds, so your playing experience may be quite uncomfortable. The robustness of the whole is also to be verified.


Sound Quality

Audio performance is one of the most sought-after criteria when it comes to a gaming headset. As for this model, it exploits 7.1 surround sound with DTS Headphone: X technology. Thanks to this module, this wireless headset is able to produce 3D positional audio that puts the player in the heart of the action.

To fully enjoy the universe you play in, the Pro-G transducer with hybrid mesh delivers quality bass and crystal-clear highs. Because of this, you can use it no matter what type of game you prefer: racing, action, music, etc.

When participating in online events, the presence of the microphone is an advantage that allows you to get in direct contact with other speakers. Once the headset is synced to the platform you are playing on, there is no further adjustment to be made. By integrating surround sound, you will be able to perceive the slightest noise for a truly immersive experience.

By being able to reproduce the sound effects of the environment identically, the headset makes it possible to listen to positional sounds in accordance with its design in the game, which is a real advantage to fully immerse yourself in a virtual world.



Logitech G533 wireless headphone is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS X 10.11, and later systems, this accessory is versatile. Moreover, the system has no effect on the sound quality produced by the headphones. Enjoy a great gaming experience staying on your PC with an audio accessory that rivals the best. You should know that this model is not compatible with use on other devices, such as the Smartphone or others.

If you’ve never used this type of gaming accessory before, be aware that this Logitech headset comes with instructional documentation. You will learn, among other things, how to synchronize the device with your computer depending on the system you have. The various control buttons will also be presented in this manual to avoid false manipulation. Also, inform yourself about the safety warnings regarding the use of this wireless headset.


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Comfort of use

To be able to follow a prolonged session, it is essential to find the best product among all gaming headsets to avoid muscle soreness. Both strong and comfortable, this model is equipped with a stainless steel headband that does not fear wear. The whole structure is designed to be light and Logitech G533 wireless headset weighs only 350g in total.

At the level of the microphone, this device embeds a foldable component and bypasses the audio parasite. For the atria, find a feeling of softness with its sport mesh structure. No longer suffer from muscle fatigue in your ears after a long session of video games.

To make the necessary adjustments, you no longer need to go through the configuration of the system or even the game. Thanks to the presence of the control buttons placed on the external structure of the headset, you can change the volume or mute if necessary. It is also possible to configure the equalizer, positional sound, and microphone with the brand’s video game assistant. There is also a programmable G key which remains very useful for different uses.



Comfort also depends on the reliability of the headphones and autonomy is not a point to be neglected for a wireless model. With this device, you will have an extended playing time of up to 15 hours of time which matches the durability of the accessory.

If you only have 2 hours a day to stay in front of your PC, the battery of the gaming headset will last a week before needing to be recharged. This feat is made possible with advanced power management which dramatically increases battery performance.

To have more freedom of movement, opting for a wireless headset like this model is an interesting choice to benefit from more comfort while gaining mobility. With good performance, digital-type audio transmission brings a plethora of advantages.

As a result, the headset synchronizes perfectly with your computer even if the distance between the 2 devices is 15 meters. If you are playing with a large screen, it allows you to stand further away for better visibility.



If the sound is more than correct and the device is comfortable to wear, it is also necessary to check the flexibility of use of the headset. Equipped with a USB port and the corresponding power cable, this device is easy to charge. Whether in the car, on the computer, with a power bank, or other, the battery recharges perfectly.

It also comes with a wireless USB adapter to make it more convenient. Moreover, this headset works correctly if you use it while the battery is recharging thanks to the length of the cable. To adapt to different cranial morphologies, the stainless steel band connected to the 2 atria has a joint.

So the headset can be adjusted to your head size and your gaming habits without any problem. The same goes for the foldable mic, allowing you to bring it closer or away from your mouth. Moreover, this accessory does not fear the fall from the desk or the chair thanks to a very resistant steel casing.


Price and Availability 

Logitech G533 review

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Concluding the Logitech G533 review, it is one of the best and affordable headsets to buy. Logitech G533 wireless headphone is available at a price of $ 149 US.